E-bingo is a Breath of Fresh Air for Traditions

Some traditional games have a way of changing people’s lives and leaving a lasting impression for years. Bingo has been one of the traditional games offering players the chance to participate in a group activity while also having the chance of winning big. Times have changed, however, and an upgrade of this traditional offering had to take place.

Electronic bingo has gained popularity over the past decade with more people expressing their interest in giving it a try. Many of them quickly learn that this is the thing they were born to play, as each individual has a particular style of gaming that suits them best. It is safe to say that electronic bingo is one of the flexible gaming solutions giving a second life to an already beloved classic.

Electronic Bingo Origins

Electronic bingo ships the gaming offering closer to the individuals and makes for a more wholesome experience. It should also be taken into account that the player does not need paper cards or the renowned dauber, making it a rather environmental-friendly alternative to the traditional bingo action. The game could also be launched whenever the player feels like it.

There is no need for waiting for a crowd to gather, or a particular hour to greenlight the bingo action. It all happens thanks to a touchscreen, as the player has to tap the same numbers that are being called. If they have all the numbers needed on their personal electronic card this would spell success. The numbers matching should also be highlighted in a certain pattern.

In this day and age, electronic devices appear to be taking over our lives and transforming them beyond recognition. Such is the case with the bingo offering that is now fully digitalized. Players have the freedom to participate in it whenever they feel like it and even from the comfort of their own home, as there are online platforms bringing it closer to them.

Benefits of Electronic Bingo

Canadians have had their bingo venues for quite a while and many of them are still popular among many senior players. Electronic bingo has been introduced both in brick-and-mortar venues and online by the Crown corporations overseeing lottery gaming across the provinces. This has increased its popularity but there is still something left to be desired.

Electronic bingo players have the opportunity to have an eye on several cards at once while gaming, a feature that enhances the experience and makes it a rather immersive one. With the help of electronic bingo devices that could be handheld or stationary, players could double or triple the number of cards they keep an eye on. The controversial nature of the innovative game is linked to the edge a player has.

The electronic device means more cards in possession but when such is the case with most players in the gaming hall, they end up with equal chances of winning big after yelling Bingo! One of the main benefits of electronic bingo is the fact that there is no human error factor involved. The handheld device is programmed in a way that allows it to notify the player when there is bingo.

How Electronic Bingo Is Played

In this day and age, electronic bingo is one of the innovational ways in which patrons could experience something new. Players engage in gaming activity with simple gestures on the touch screen in response to the numbers called by the caller. The next step that happens automatically is the computer scan taking all cards in and notifying the player whether they have that number or not.

If there is bingo, a notification is displayed on the electronic device and at that point, it is up to the player to alert the caller that they have bingo. Just like with every other casino game, electronic bingo has its intriguing nuances thanks to the various systems employed. Power Player is one of the common systems coming with an HD colorful screen displaying up to 12 bingo cards at a time. This allows players to scan them all in a single glance.

In order to make the experience even more special and memorable, there is an animated character called Lil’ Champ that supports the player and has a solution to any situation. The bigger the number of cards displayed, the better the chances of winning big, however, there are some limitations to that. Eyeing fair gaming conditions, some bingo owners like to set a limit of cards used in a single game.

Difference Between Keno and Bingo

Some gaming offerings tend to resemble others but they should not be mistaken, as this could lead to unpleasant situations directly affected by the different rules. There are some similarities between the traditional keno game and bingo, mainly due to the grid design of the gaming layout. Both offerings are available in electronic form, making them more accessible than ever.

The Chinese keno game implements a rather different set of rules, beginning with the numbers choice. Players have the freedom to highlight the 10 numbers they prefer on their keno cards. They should choose among the numbers from 1 to 80. Then a computer is able to scan the ticket and select its own numbers. If there is a match between the player’s numbers and the computer’s ones, the player wins.

The bigger the number of matches, the higher the prize. This gaming offering is commonly spread across family-friendly locations such as restaurants and bars, as well as available at casino venues. It fuses all the intriguing elements of poker, and roulette, as the game of chance is able to attract a crowd. However, its basic principle is rather different from the one traditional and electronic bingo employs.

In Canada, IGT has been aiming to bring Ontario individuals premium electronic bingo in collaboration with Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation. The alternative gaming product strives to draw people back to the old-school gaming experience and bring a wave of nostalgia. Senior players with certain disabilities also find the electronic game more convenient.