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Bingo Fever in Manitoba ahead of Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo Draw

Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo is here to change people’s lives with its hefty cash prizes and all the benefits coming with them. This weekend is about to bring a record jackpot amounting to CA$640,000 and Manitobans are already excited to lay their hands on a bingo ticket ahead of the Saturday draw. The popular TV bingo game is counts the hours ahead of the draw that could change somebody’s life for good.

When it comes to the cash prize, the bigger the better seems to be a fitting principle. Manitoba has been taken over the bingo fever, as more and more individuals strive to lay their hands on a ticket for the upcoming Kinsmen Jackpot Bingo draw. It is about to take place on February 1, kicking off the new month with cash.

Bingo Draw this Saturday

The thrill of anticipation ahead of an important draw could not be compared to anything else. Many individuals interested in draw-based lottery, as well as the televised bingo game, could confirm this. This week has been a special one, as all eyes in Manitoba are set on the CA$640,000 jackpot coming with the Saturday draw.

This is the highest jackpot the bingo has witnessed in its history, automatically making the eventual winner a special individual whose name would go down in history. Players want to purchase as many bingo tickets as possible and increase their chances of grabbing the grand prize. The bingo tickets are printed south of the border and then imported in Manitoba. This process makes it hard for some retailers to stay on top of sales.

The increased demand has left many locations without the coveted tickets, subsequently creating situations one could see on a Black Friday sale. Couriers delivering new batches of the tickets have been chased in Winnipeg, as players were in need of a ticket before their bingo peers. Retailers have reported flocks of players willing to reserve their spot in the next draw.

Security Measures Taken

The bingo bonanza is organized by the Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg in order to support various charitable organizations across Winnipeg and the entire Manitoba. Since the popularity of those tickets has increased, deliveries are now happening in secret. The stores receiving bingo tickets are no longer listed online, as to prevent conundrum in their vicinity.

The rural areas of Manitoba rely on Canada Post for the delivery of the tickets. The list of locations receiving the bingo tickets would also no longer be publicly issued. The extent of this bingo craze might be hard to grasp for the people unaffected by it. The Kinsmen Club of Winnipeg issued information that individuals have been calling their phone and accusing them of favoritism.

Due to the increased interest, the official site of this organization had to relocate to a faster server. Once the webpage is up and running, a 5-month card pack is about to be issued, one covering February to June. Players would have the chance to order the special pack once everything is running smoothly. Ticket sales have increased to 50,000 tickets per week, nearly seven times more than a regular bingo draw.