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Set in Stone: Flamingo Bingo Events Will Nest in White Rock from Now on

Flamingo Bingo organized gaming events would have the chance to launch at a different venue than initially planned and March 6 is scheduled to welcome its first edition at Star of the Sea church hall in White Rock.

Now that The Flamingo located in Surrey was officially closed for good on February 23, the planned bingo events have been successfully relocated to a new location, bringing gaming joy this week.

Surrey’s area and players willing to explore bingo opportunities in the region were happy to find out that a brand new organized event with cash prizes was on its way to the Flamingo. The weekly event was supposed to transform their Wednesday evenings with heated gaming action that also has the potential to make them richer and happier.

Bingo Action Finally Finds a Place

The plan for action was proposed by Darlene Luniw, permanent resident of Fleetwood who brought the idea of regular bingo nights to the casino management’s attention towards the end of 2018.

The bingo event was originally part of the exciting offerings of Newton Community Gaming Center, but April 21, 2018 saw the official closure of the location, leaving the bingo event without a host venue. Gateway Casino and Entertainment was preparing to make its exit from that particular location, as its lease expiration was set to happen later that year.

Casino action was relocated to Cascades Casino Langley. Once the last day of operation was over Mrs. Luniw began looking for a new casino venue and making proposals to locations in the area. Casino management was willing to bring two types of bingo events, one during daytime and another evening one. However, the local trademark Flamingo Hotel announced it was closing permanently on February 23, citing a significant surge in property taxes joined by insurance premiums.

Change of Plans Due to Two Closures

Charan Sethi, President of Richmond-based Tien Sher Group, stated at the beginning of this year that the live performances happening on site of the Flamingo have not been able to cover the expenses and the mandatory taxes the management had to pay. This eventually caused the need for yet another location that could be a good host to the bingo event.

Mrs. Luniw in close collaboration with the Penmar Community Arts Society made this relocation possible and March 6 is expected to bring the results of their joint efforts. The event is going to welcome its first guests at 5 p.m., preparing them for live action at 6 and 7 p.m. Everyone interested would have the opportunity to boost the live concerts scene on the Peninsula, as well as future cash prizes offered at the weekly bingo congregation.

Gaming enthusiasts will be able to enjoy snacks, drinks as well as free-of-charge parking spots in the venue’s vicinity. The White Rock community has indicated interest in bingo events and projections are that this Wednesday would attract many individuals the church hall. It could be recalled that Mr. Sethi teamed up with David Geertz, part of concert promotions non-profit organization last year.

The focus was on live events that could attract more people to the location and increase the family-friendly entertainment factor. Unfortunately, this did not help the Flamingo which is bracing for demolition at the moment.