Be on Track with Craps Don’t Pass Bet Patterns

Craps gaming has its unique features and special nature, making it one of the highly preferred table games for many casino patrons. Exploring its true nature is a journey one should embark on well-prepared and as flexible as possible. Today we are going to talk about the unique nature of the Don’t Pass bet, as well as the patterns associated with it.

Understanding well the game itself is about to make it possible for the craps enthusiasts to gauge every situation and make the right choice when the time comes for that. Bet patterns are an essential part of the regular gaming session, as they allow the player to cover as many dice outcomes as possible, eventually reducing any negative impact on one’s savings.

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Don’t Pass Bet Pattern Basics

Don’t Pass is one of the bets that could easily be distinguished among several possibilities. This betting offering makes it possible for the patron betting on it to win when everyone else is losing at the role of the dice. The individuals who prefer to wager on this type of bet are commonly referred to as “wrong” players.

They are able to win big while other people on the table are probably losing their money. It should be taken into account that this betting pattern does not come with the instant gratification factor some gambling offerings come with. Winnings associated with this Don’t Pass bet pattern tend to come gradually, at a slower pace throughout the game. Players should know that this approach is a reliable one and they should be patient.

Don’t Pass Bet + One Don’t Come Bet

Now we are going to review several craps gaming patterns that could result in a delicious payout at the end of the dice roll. Both of the wagers placed in this pattern are renowned for being simplified, optimized, as well as rewarding. Players often prefer them on their own, but in this case, they are combining forces for something better to come.

Both of the bets part of this pattern are considered “wrong” because they wager on the not happening of a certain thing. Players preferring this approach to the craps action around the table are advised to keep a low profile since they would most likely be cheerful when everyone else is rather disappointed by the dice roll.

Once they have made up their mind and it is time for action, the magic can commence. First, the craps enthusiast has to place a Don’t Pass wager on the traditional craps gaming layout. The next step would be laying of the Full Double Odds against the point. This is a side bet which is quite beneficial for the player, as it reduces the house advantage. It amounts to 0.431 percent when all is said and done.

Players then have to make it clear they would like to place a Don’t Come bet essentially aiming to win in any situation. For example, if the dice roll a 7, the Don’t Pass and Free Odds bets end up winning while the Don’t Come bet loses. In case the Don’t Come point appears, another Don’t Come bet could be added, along with an Odds.

Don’t Pass Bet + Two Don’t Come Bets

The next pattern we are going to talk about comes with as many as three different bets placed in a specific order. Each of those wagers has to be joined by a Free Odds bet. Craps enthusiasts should be prepared to wager more money if they want to make this betting pattern work.

What makes this approach noticeably lucrative is the scenario involving the roll of 7 before any of the point numbers. In this case, the winner wins big despite the higher risk involved. Experienced players could make it work at the end of the day once they have evaluated the risk they are taking with it.

Don’t Pass Bet + Two Don’t Come Bets + Field and Lay Bets

Learning these patterns in-depth and knowing how to apply them is key during the high-speed game of craps a brick-and-mortar casino could offer. Players could also employ this principle when online gaming. Don’t Pass bet along with a Field bet come first in this craps pattern. The numbers could include numbers to the likes of 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, and 12. The house edge coming with this wager amounts to 5.56 percent. The next step of this pattern is going to be the placement of a couple of Don’t Come bets.

Odds should also come with those two bets and players should also add Lay bets on 4 and 10. This fortification paves the way for amazing things to happen if the dice roll 7. Its functionality and flexibility is something to be reckoned with, as the Lay bet could be placed and removed in accordance with the constantly changing situation around the craps table. Craps fans making their first steps in the gaming world should be well-acquainted with the Lay bet nature.

It is being placed only by the dealers on the table, keeping in mind that you can bet on as many numbers as deemed appropriate. As mentioned before, flexibility is key and the player could learn to implement it through tons of practice. In the case of this betting pattern, the Don’t Pass and Don’ Come bets should be kept at their minimum bet amounts if the players are conscious about their bankroll.

On the other hand, the Field bet and the Don’t Pass bet should also be placed with a similar amount, making the situation optimal for the craps enthusiast. When it comes to craps gaming, players should evaluate the chances of winning against the chances of losing and keep in mind that the house edge is always there. They should not place bets is the house advantage surpasses the three-percent mark, if they want to remain successful during a regular game of craps.