Everything You Need to Know about Single-Roll Bets: Part 2

Craps players eager to explore the gaming offering in its entirety have a wide array of wagering opportunities to study and get to know as time progresses. In the ideal case, they will take their time and learn each and every betting possibility, as this will guarantee them the flexibility they need when the real game starts.

They will have to come up with the right decision as they go, which could be quite unnerving when all is said and done. Today we are going to look into some of the remaining single-roll wagers this riveting game has in store. Individuals making their first steps into the craps gaming world will have to learn everything there is to know about them.

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Single-roll Bets

The pros and cons of every wager available are what could make or break the craps session in question. When it comes to the single-roll wagers, there are certain specifics that should be kept in mind at all times. They are also commonly referred to as Proposition bets and knowing the craps lingo will always be important for the craps fans.

This type of bet is resolved within a single roll of the dice and individuals that have placed them get the chance to learn whether they win or not as quickly as possible. It is all in the hands of the shooter and the pace of the game is quicker than ever. Such wagers make this particular casino offering so riveting, as they provide instant clarity as to whether or not the player wins big.

No need to wait for the answer and test one’s patience over several rolls of the dice. These Proposition wagers are located in the central part of the traditional craps table layout, making it harder for players to place them themselves. The stickman or a dealer have the right to place these single-roll wagers and that should be indicated ahead of their placing.

Boxcars Bet

This is the first wager we are about to look into today and it is a rather special one. It places all the player’s hopes on a single number to be rolled in the upcoming dice roll. That number in question is the number 12 and in this case, individuals bet that the shooter is about to roll 12 with their next roll.

Just like the boxcar carrying a wide range of products, the dice carry two sixes and appear to be heavily loaded due to the large number of dots appearing on them. There is only one dice combination resulting in the number 12 being rolled, making the possibility of a successful bet a rather small one.

This makes the wager a rather risky move on the craps table. What should be pointed out is that this bet comes with a house advantage amounting to some 16.67 percent. This ranks it among the bets with a rather high house edge. As for the payout odds, those amount to 30 to 1.

High-Low Bet

Once again we talk about the specific lingo every craps game comes with, in this case, this wager is a combination of two single-roll bets we have already discussed. It fuses the Boxcars bet with the Aces bet, the former one being the High one, whereas the latter one is the Low one.

What makes this bet combination is that it involves the numbers 2 and 12, as the player bets that both of them would be rolled in the next dice roll. Both of them have only one dice combination that could make them appear on the craps table. Craps enthusiasts should keep in mind that this wager is not available everywhere and they will have to ask in advance if they are allowed to place the wager.

Individuals interested in placing this bet should strive to memorize the house edge coming with it ahead of their in-person craps gaming session. The High-Low bet brings a house advantage of 11.11 percent, also one of the higher edges available on the craps table. In this sense, this wager corresponds to the Ace-Deuce bet we covered last week in the first extensive Proposition bet guide.

Craps & Eleven Bet

Craps gaming is a diverse gambling activity testing the limits of both the imagination and the bankroll of any player. Now we are going to review yet another combination bet, fusing two perspectives and possibly changing a player’s life for good. The Craps & Eleven wager is also commonly referred to as the C&E bet.

The individuals interested in placing this bet are ready to risk it all. It could be made both online and in-person and it is up to the individual to pinpoint the particular size of this wager. This bet enhances the existing Any Craps wager we have discussed already, adding another number to it. As a result, players could place a bet on the craps numbers 2, 3, or 12, as well as the added number 11.

This gives them more freedom and more chances of winning big at the end of the dice roll. If any of these numbers rolls, the wager is considered a winning one and the player becomes eligible for a cash payout matching their wager. Since it is a double one, one of the bets will always end up losing even if the other one is winning. There is a chance that both will end up being losing ones and this is what makes this bet far from suitable for many craps enthusiasts.

When it comes to the Craps & Eleven bet, it brings a house advantage amounting to some 11.11 percent. When comparing it to other bets available on the table, this is a rather high house edge, meaning that the casino will end up winning more if you end up losing. When it comes to the single-roll wagers, players should ask themselves whether they have the bankroll to cover their risky move.