Slots Strategies – How to Win on Slots

Whether it is a land-based casino we are talking about or its online alternatives, there is no doubt that one of the most popular categories of games is the slot. There is something very enticing about the simplicity of the game and the chance of landing a winning combination without relying on anything else except your luck.

Anyone can play on slots as it does not require any special skill to pull the lever or push the button and wait for the winning symbols to align on a single payline. Even though there is nothing complex about this type of casino game, there have been many players who have come up with strategies and even cheating schemes in order to try and sweep a massive payout. Throughout the years, land-based slot machines have changed quite a lot in order to prevent any fraudulent attempts to cheat the system.

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Even though online slots are just a virtual variant of the casino classic, there have been quite a lot of strategies and tips about what type of slots should be played, when it is the best time to play them and how to place the best wagers. Even though there is no guarantee that these strategies will help you, there are many gambling enthusiasts who believe that their betting adventure will be more fruitful if they follow a certain pattern.

Types of Slots

Before you choose the strategy that you will follow while playing online slots, you should be well aware of the different types of slots. Since not every slot follows the same payout rules, players should know what are the winning combinations that can bring them the best payout. If you dive in your slot adventures well-prepared, you will know what to expect from the game and will be able to make a strategy about how to place your money in the best way possible.

Classic 3-Reel Slots

classic 3-reel slotsBack in the day, all slot machines at brick-and-mortar casinos were with 3 reels. They were considered as a way to entertain players, rather than reward them with massive sums of money. In the US they were even called Amusements with Prizes since the winning combination would bring the lucky players some type of a prize instead of real money.

Nowadays, online casinos also offer the fans of classic slots many 3-reel versions of the game. This way they can enjoy the nostalgic charm of this type of slots. The distinctive feature of 3-reel slots is the single payline which can award players with a payout. Landing three symbols of the same kind on the middle line of the slot is the way to get paid. The payouts on classic 3-reel slots are not that impressive but players do have the chance of hitting a pretty generous jackpot.

Despite being quite simple, especially compared to 5-reel slots, classic 3-reel slots have a lot of fans who prefer to play a simple game without any wilds, scatters and multiple paylines which only mean that the size of the bet is going to be even bigger. The symbols used for 3-reel slots are usually fruits and BAR logos which are very common for classic slot machines at land-based casinos.

5-Reel Slots

classic slotsAs the interactive gaming scene keeps expanding, it is only natural that the games that online casinos provide will have more advanced features than what classic slot machines can offer to players. This is why many virtual gamblers prefer to bet on 5-reel slots. This type of online slots is both exciting and can reward players with quite impressive payouts.

Since 5-reel slots have multiple paylines, this means that there are plenty of winning combinations which can ultimately make the experience of every player more fruitful. There are definitely a lot of opportunities to sweep more serious sums of money while playing a slot with multiple paylines.

In addition to the various winning combinations that can be hit on this type of slots, there are also special symbols called Wilds and Scatters. They can bring players quite the rewarding payouts and they usually unlock different bonus rounds which can further boost the winning amount gathered during a single spin.

Those who are trying to sweep bigger sums, definitely prefer to bet online on 5-reel slots. Game developers are working hard to provide slots which are both entertaining but can also offer plenty of advanced features which can improve their chances of generous payouts.

Progressive Jackpot Slots

slots progressive jackpotsSince progressive jackpots have always been a factor that attracts many gambling enthusiasts, it is no wonder that numerous 5-reel slots are also offering this feature in addition to their various advanced options. If you visit some of the best interactive casinos in the iGaming industry right now, you will notice that they all offer their members the chance to become millionaires while playing a progressive slot.

This type of slots has a jackpot which is constantly increasing thanks to the bets that other players make on the same game. There is a meter that shows the status of the jackpot and you can often see that it is increasing with every second. This is due to the fact that other players have tried their luck on the progressive slot but they did not succeed in sweeping the massive payout. The good news is that their wager has partially contributed to the increase of the progressive jackpot.

There is one simple rule that should be taken into consideration if you are going to try and win the jackpot on a progressive slot. You should make a maximum bet in order to be qualified for the massive sum of money.

How To Pick a Winning Slot

winning slotIf you are planning to get a little richer while playing online slots, it is good to know which games are worth playing and which will be a simple waste of time. There are several things that you should keep in mind when you are on the lookout for the most fruitful slot games online.

As it was mentioned earlier, 3-reel slots are offering payouts which have a pretty low volatility. This is why it is good to choose a slot with more reels that can provide more advanced features that can improve the outcome of every spin.

Slots with 5 reels usually have multiple paylines and this is a criterion that many virtual players are looking for while choosing a slot game. The more paylines are offered the more bets can be made on a single spin. This way players can improve their chances of getting paid for a winning combination.

Thanks to the fact that online slots run on software platforms there are no limits when it comes to paylines and reels. There might be games that have been developed with hundreds of paylines which means that players can bet on multiple winning possibilities. This is not that great of a feature, however, for high rollers who would wager way too much on slots with so many paylines. This is why you should pick a slot with as many paylines as your budget will allow it. After all, the main goal is to be able to play at least several rounds, instead of wasting all of your funds on a single spin.

If there are a few games that have caught your eye, you should make the effort to fully understand the gameplay and specific features of the slot. Read several reviews about the game and check the betting limits, the special symbols as well as bonus rounds included in the slot. This way you will be fully aware of every aspect of the game and you will have no issue playing with your real money. Some virtual casinos offer the function to play for fun which can be helpful for players who want to get familiar with a certain slot before they start making real-money bets.

It is also a great idea to check the paytables before you start gambling with your real money. Each online slot has its own paytable and there are sometimes variations which can be quite surprising. Even if there is a slight difference in the payouts of a few slots, picking the right one can boost your gaming balance significantly in the long run.

Are Slot Strategies a Real Thing

slot strategiesAs slots are the most popular casino entertainment in many countries and in others they are a true rival of table games, there is nothing surprising about the fact that many players try their luck on online slots as well. The hopes of hitting a progressive jackpot with a single spin and changing their lives forever have motivated plenty of gambling enthusiasts to look for ways to improve their chances of landing the winning combination on the slot of their choice.

If your only motivation for playing slots is to win millions and become instantly richer overnight, then you need to set your priorities straight. The truth is that the odds of hitting the jackpot on a progressive slot are not in your favour. In fact, you have double the chance of winning the lottery than hitting the millions on a slot game.

Even though the fact that chances of hitting the jackpot may not be that high, there is nothing wrong with testing your luck and try becoming a mega-millionaire. Although nothing is fully guaranteed when you are simply relying on luck, there are some tips that slot enthusiasts follow and they suggest newbies stick to a few strategies that can improve their chances of sweeping generous payouts.

Even though there is not a certain strategy that can ensure you the big win, it is always good to have a general knowledge about how to minimize your losses and improve your chances of hitting great payouts. If you are playing with the right mindset and you have decided to have fun while betting online and learn how to make the smartest wagers in the process of spinning, then you can definitely rely on several tips.

The tricks that you can stick to while playing on a video slot, can hardly be called a strategy but they can definitely improve the outcome of your online gaming. Instead of simply wasting your money, you can take into consideration a few tips that will definitely help you enjoy your slot adventures to the fullest and even win some pretty impressive sums while doing it.

How Do Random Number Generators Work

video slots random number generatorOnline slots utilize the technology of Random Number Generation and usually independent third-party companies should run tests regularly to make sure that the generator of a certain online casino is free of bias and the outcome of every game is always arbitrary.

If a Random Number Generator works properly, this means that it does not follow a certain pattern and it is not affected by previous results or numbers that have been generated earlier. This way every spin is unique, the numbers are always picked in a random manner and every virtual player has the same chance of landing a winning combination when he/she plays.

The arbitrary nature of Random Number Generators debunks the myths that players can predict the outcome of the following rounds if they take a look at the way the reels lie after a spin. There are people who claim that if the reels lie in a zigzag formation the upcoming spin is going to pay very high. This, however, is not true since every hit of the โ€˜Spinโ€™ button will trigger the Random Number Generator which is going to pick new numbers that are not related to the ones generated during the previous rounds. This is because the RNG does not have a memory and it does not remember the outcome of the spins prior to the one you are currently playing.

The Best Time to Play Online Slots

playing online slotsYou may have heard some theories about how there is a certain time of the day when the online slots are more likely to pay out players. Some people claim that the more casino members are playing on a certain slot, the better are the chances of landing a massive win if you try your luck on it, too. This, of course, is not even one bit true. As it was mentioned earlier, the outcome of every game is always random and it simply depends on luck.

Despite the fact that the theoretical return to player percentage remains the same throughout the entire day and it does not change depending on how many players are online, there are still periods when it is more fruitful to play on online slots.

Since many virtual casinos offer their patrons bountiful bonuses and promotions which can be valid only for a certain period of time, there are times when slot fans can have a great time while playing. Make sure to follow the deals that your interactive casino is offering and you can spin on the slot of the week or enjoy perks like free spins. There are also slot tournaments which last only a few hours and you can benefit a lot if you decide to join them.

Tips You Can Use While Playing on Slots

When you have finally picked the virtual casino where you will play and you have made sure that the slot of your choice utilizes a Random Number Generator which is constantly audited, you can begin your spinning journey. If you have decided that you want to follow a certain strategy while playing on slots online, there are several key points that can really improve your betting experience and reward you with a more lucrative outcome.

Follow the Budget You Have Set

slots budgetThere might be different sources online that offer different tips and strategies that players should follow while playing on slots. The one suggestion that you will see everywhere and you will hear all slot experts preaching about is to manage your bankroll responsibly. Whether you play at a brick-and-mortar casino or a web-based one, gambling should always be fun. If you are simply chasing millions, you will not be able to enjoy playing on the slots of your choice.

Having a plan about how much you are willing to spend while gambling online is essential in order to be able to enjoy your time at the interactive casino. What is even more important is to stick to the budget you have set for yourself. This way you will know when you have to stop and step away from the gambling before it starts losing the entertainment factor and turns into an addiction.

There is also another thing that can affect the budget you have set for betting on online slots. Even if you have made a decision to gamble with a certain amount of money, you may be unfortunate enough to be able to play only a few spins. This is why it is important to check the betting limit for a single spin on the slot you have chosen. By doing this, you will be able to set the right amount of money and see how many spins you will be able to play.

You can always opt for a slot that fits your budget and still be able to enjoy your time at the virtual casino. By playing a game you cannot afford you will ruin your virtual gambling experience and you will have to end it sooner than you have thought.

There are quite a few interactive casinos that will allow their members to set a daily, weekly or monthly deposit limit which can help you restrict yourself and avoid overspending.

Do Not Try to Recover from Your Losses

slots lossesThis is a common trap that many gamblers fall into and it is a tip that a lot of players find difficult to follow. If you are on a losing streak, do not continue to gamble just because you think that you will win and restore everything you have lost in the previous spins. Since slots are unpredictable, there is no way you can be sure that the next spin will indeed be rewarding and the payout will be so generous that it will compensate for your losses.

This tip is connected to the first one, as one should stop gambling once they have reached their budget limit. Even though it would be great if you hit a high-paying winning combination, it is important to accept that the luck may not be on your side and you should not chase the money you have lost.

Take Advantage of Free Spins Offers

free spins bonus slotOne of the best things about playing online is the fact that virtual casinos often offer their patrons bountiful bonuses and promotional deals. It is very common for members of the web-based casino to enjoy free spins which can be used on various slots. This way interactive players have a better chance of landing winning combinations while playing on their favourite video slots.

In some cases, virtual casinos offer no deposit free spins offers which are definitely worth your attention. Thanks to such promotions you can enjoy more spinning chances for less money. Be sure to follow the bonuses and deals that your virtual casino is offering to its members.

Check the Other Bonuses of the Online Casino

slots bonusesIn addition to the free spins, the majority of the virtual casinos offer other bonuses which can top up the balance of players and give them more opportunities to enjoy their favourite slots. New players can often take advantage of generous match bonuses on their initial deposits. Such promotional offers can often be seen as a great way to bet more than you have uploaded to your gaming account.

Even though such deals sound tempting, casino members should always be aware of the wagering requirements they come with. You should learn the terms of use of every offer and claim it only if you are sure that you will be able to fulfill the wagering.

Throw the Idea of Hot and Cold Slots Out of the Window

hot and cold slotsThere have always been these speculations among the gambling enthusiasts for the so-called โ€œhotโ€ and โ€œcoldโ€ slot machines. The first one represents the slots which have not paid for a long time and the second type are the ones that have recently awarded the big prize to one lucky player. This concept can also be seen in some virtual casinos where they have a list with the games that fall under either one of the two categories.

According to some players, the hot slots are more promising, as they have a progressive jackpot which is constantly growing and since it hasnโ€™t been hit in a long time, the chances for you to be the lucky winner of the massive prize are higher. This, however, does not make sense since slots are so random that they can reward two huge payouts in just a matter of a few spins or they can remain โ€œhotโ€ for a very long time. This is why there is no point in playing exclusively on slot games that have not paid in a while.

Make Maximum Bets

slots maximum betsWhen you load a certain slot game, you will be presented with the choice to pick the value of the coins you would like to wager as well as their amount. Many new players make the rookie mistake to assume that betting four $0.50 coins is the same as wagering one $2 coin. Although the amount of your stake will be the same in both of the cases, the outcome can be very different.

Generally speaking, the payouts are pretty much the same if you wager 1, 2 or more coins. The multiplier feature of online slots will allow players to multiply their winnings by the number of coins they have wagered. If you bet one coin your winnings will be multiplied by 1x, two coins will award a multiplier 2x and so on. However, if they bet the maximum coins allowed by the slot, the multiplier becomes higher than the amount they have wagered.

There is also another reason why you should make maximum bets and that is to be able to qualify for the jackpot that the slot is offering. Only players who wager the maximum amount allowed by the game will have the chance to win the progressive jackpot and become instant millionaires.


Just as any other form of casino entertainment, slots should always provide first and foremost exciting adventures. If you are considering playing on slots as a way of becoming richer, this can definitely ruin your entire virtual gambling experience.

Although there are no guarantees when playing on a slot variation and you cannot be sure that following a certain strategy will bring you a massive jackpot, you can still stick to a few tips. This way you will be able to have a lot of fun and still boost your gaming balance.

Keep in mind that the outcome of every spin is always random and there is no way to predict when the big jackpot will be won. However, you can set yourself a budget and stick to it. This way you will be able to play on slots until they are entertaining, rather than continue losing money and consider the game as a source of stress and other negative emotions.