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As a Canadian online casino player, an array of reliable national payment solutions is at your disposal, but you also have foreign methods you could consider, like BankID, for swift transactions. This is a solution originating from Sweden, but thanks to a partnership with a leading payment processor, it is offered globally. You will find it across many online casinos that accept players from Canada, so if interested in knowing more about it, make sure you continue reading. What is BankID and why choose to use it across Canadian online casinos?

About BankID

Launched back in 2003, meaning existing for over two decades, BankID is a Swedish solution for identification and verification that is offered by all leading Swedish banks. It started off as an identification tool at first, but later on, it proved so efficient that it turned out to be an excellent payment solution. First available in Sweden only, it served as a means for better digital communication between banks. Through it, banks were able to complete transfers instantly, and sign official documents, but most importantly, thanks to its secure pathway, confirm users’ identities easily and safely.

This is actually what inspired the leading Swedish banks to gain forces and turn it into an efficient payment method that could also be used by users across eCommerce platforms. Offering such an amazing service for easier and more swift online banking and verification, the solution proved very convenient to Swedish users as a payment method, providing them with safety and many other benefits. That’s why over 8 million users started using it for seamless online banking.

The Skandiabanken, Danske Bank, Nordea, Svenska Handelsbanken, Swedbank, SEB, ICA Banken, Sparbanken Syd, Ålandsbanken and Länsförsäkringar Bank promoted it heavily and word of its excellence got out, with many other countries showing interest in it. Eventually, these banks partnered with Trustly, an already renowned, popular solution, one of the fastest-growing European companies, and BankID became available to users from across the world.

Swedish players need to have a Swedish Social Security Number to use it, but as a Canadian user, you’d need to use it through Trustly. We’ll take you through the procedure soon, but for now, you should know that the solution is accepted by many online casinos that accept Canadian players. You could easily use it, of course, wherever BankID or Trustly are accepted. Since it went international, it got accepted across many online gambling sites, so you’ll certainly find it at your favourite Canadian casino. If ready to learn how to get started with it and use it, stay with us, as we’ll cover the procedure next.

Getting Started with the Solution

Even though the solution was launched by the consortium of the ten leading Swedish banks, compared to other similar methods, there’s actually an official website you could visit to discover more about the solution itself and how it got to exist. But, since our job is to guide you through and offer shortcuts to the getting started procedure, we’ll explain the steps you need to make to get started with it here.

We said that you, as a Canadian player, would need to use it through Trustly, so we’ll skip the registration procedure for Swedish players, to save you some time. Now, you should know that you can get started with the solution both via desktop and mobile devices. If you know something about Trustly or its convenient Pay N Play solution, you know that you don’t need to register an account with either to use them. What these two solutions do is connect you, your bank and your chosen Canadian casino, in a few simple steps.

All you’d need to do to get started with the solution through Trustly/Pay N Play is go to your chosen online casino and look for their logos. Choose any of them, and a list of Canadian banks and financial institutions will be displayed, from which you’d need to select yours. So, you still need to have an active bank account to use the solution. All of the banks Trustly collaborates with in Canada will be displayed; rest assured that these are all leading Canadian banks, so you probably have an account with at least one of them. If not, now would be the right time to open a bank account.

You’d need to then log into your online banking profile, to request a transaction as you normally do. Trustly will take it from there and ensure your transaction is completed instantly. So, you must be asking yourself, why bother after all, if the procedure is very much the same as making a transaction through your online banking profile? Well, with Trustly, ergo BankID, you get a secure pathway and you’re never sharing any banking details with your online casino operator, but you’re redirected to complete the transaction. That way you’re getting the security and anonymity you’ve been looking for. So, let’s see how you could use the solution to make actual deposits and withdrawals across Canadian online casinos with it.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We mentioned that the solution itself and Trustly/Pay N Play are offered across some of the top Canadian online casinos. You will certainly find several to consider joining, like Lyra Casino and Guts Casino, to mention a few. Explore several sites that accept either solution, and register an account with the one that suits you most, for a seamless online banking experience.

To make a deposit with BankID, you’d need to do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Cashier/Banking Methods/Deposits section.
  2. On the list of accepted methods, look for BankID/Trustly/Pay N Play’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, look for your bank from the ones offered by Trustly in Canada.
  4. Log into your online banking account using your credentials.
  5. Specify how much you’d want to withdraw from your checking or savings account and deposit to your casino balance.
  6. Confirm the transaction and the money will arrive on your online casino balance in an instant.

As far as withdrawals with the solution go, they are requested pretty much in the same way. You’d need to go through the first three steps again, only this time on step four, you’d need to specify how much you’d like to withdraw from your online casino account and receive on your bank account. The casino will review your request and the minute it confirms it, Trustly/Pay N Play will take it from there and ensure your transaction is safely processed and arrives in your bank account in two to three business days.

Applicable Fees

Trustly/Pay N Play, and consequently, BankID will come will with no fees for you as the end user. The solution will charge nothing for the marvellous package it offers: convenience, no hidden fees and speed.

Of course, in case you wish to use a different currency than your native one, conversion fees would apply. Keep in mind that your bank might charge you some fees, so before you request a transaction via the solution, make sure you pay your bank a quick visit to figure out whether any fees are charged for using it.

Accepted Currencies

While the Swedish krona is, of course, the default currency with the solution, plenty of other currencies are at your disposal to use as a Canadian player using it through Trustly, Canadian dollars included.

You can, naturally, also use euros, US dollars, Australian dollars, Russian rubles, Danish krone, South African rand and many other currencies, but your transactions with these would be subject to a conversion fee.


The solution might have Sweden as its primary market still, but as said, it is also offered in many other countries, mainly thanks to its partnership deal with Trustly.

Since Trustly is offered in Canada, in Canadian dollars, you can rest assured that as a Canadian player, you’re free to use it as it pleases you, across all of the Canadian casinos that accept either of the two.

Customer Support

You have several ways to get Customer Support when using the solution. First, of course, you can get Trustly’s Support team via its official website, available via an on-site contact form. Second, you can get in touch with your bank to figure out what happened if any issues accrued.

And finally, of course, you can always get in contact with your chosen casino’s Support agents. They should respond swiftly and give you answers to any questions you might have about the solution. Casino Support teams are usually available not only via on-site contact forms but also via phone, Live Chat and email, among other options. So, do not hesitate to get in touch with them, too, especially if you’re experiencing some deposit/withdrawal issues.


BankID would be a suitable payment method for you if you’re looking for a solution that will provide you with quick, convenient and cost-efficient transactions in Canadian dollars, without having to reveal any banking details with your online casino operator. In the lack of national methods at an international online casino that accepts it or Trustly, you will get the most seamless online banking with it. Therefore, make sure you consider using it now that you’ve learned all about it, to experience no issues with your deposits and withdrawals across Canadian online casinos.


Which are the language options to explore BankID and Trustly’s websites?

You can explore BankID’s website in Swedish and standard English, but Trustly’s website is available in Canadian English and Canadian French, therefore, you could explore it in your own language.

Are transactions with the solution reversible?

Sure. Considering this is a solution that works closely with banks and basically served as an identification and verification means first, it is easy to reverse a transaction you made through it. You’d need to contact your bank or Trustly’s Support team to find out about the steps you need to make to cancel and reverse a transaction.

Will I find BankID across many Canadian online casinos?

As explained, the solution is offered across an array of online casinos accepting Canadian players, but even if you cannot find it as it is, look for Trustly’s logo on your chosen site and you’ll still be able to use its services.

Is there an app I could download to get quicker access to its services?

No, not really. Although available on mobile devices, there’s no app that comes with this solution, since it is a service offered by banks. On that note, if your bank offers an app, you can freely download it, to get quicker access to BankID’s service.

Will I find the solution on social media?

You can visit Trustly’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter, and be on the lookout to check whether any new information will be shared about the solution. The solution itself is not available on social media, due to its nature as a service, not a product.