JCB Casinos

When it comes to global payment methods offered across Canadian online casinos, JCB is definitely one that stands out from the rest of the card providers available. This is a brand that offers all kinds of prepaid, debit and credit cards and is based in Japan, with a long history of processing payments all across the globe. In a pool of card processors, you must be wondering, why is this brand so special? Well, because, among other things, it offers swift and incredibly secure transactions. Why use JCB as your payment solution across Canadian casinos?

About JCB

If you’ve ever been to Japan, you know JCB (Japanese Credit Bureau) is one of the most popular payment methods available in the country. Partly, that’s due to its long history, since it has been around since 1961, but mainly because it offers a wide variety of prepaid, debit and credit cards that would suit anyone and has partnered with leaders in the financial scene, to perfect its offering.

First things first, we should cut to the chase and state that, even though it was launched to cater to Japanese users only, today, it is offered all across the globe, Canada included. Its first international office, opened in Hong Kong, was back in 1981, so it took it two decades to initiate the globalization procedure. But once it started, it never stopped.

It all went down like this. Since it became one of the best Japanese payment processors, offering fee-free cards, promotions and fair policies, it managed to acquire its main rival, OCB, which even further cemented its position as the absolute leader in the country. It had to improve its security measures, and that’s why it started implementing IC (Integrated Circuit). Wireless POS processors were also introduced, but its biggest and smartest move was partnering with top global brands like UnionPay, Diners Club, Discover, and American Express. Naturally, this meant an expansion to the US, Australia and New Zealand. The European expansion followed, and by 2018, it had processed over $290 billion and had over 130 million cardholders.

The feedback from users across the world was splendid, and this motivated the solution to further improve its services. It launched the JCB Plaza solution, introduced accommodation, booking and flight benefits, the call centre and improved its ATM location availability. To even further strengthen security, it introduced J/Smart and J/Secure measures and received its ISO certification and EMV specifications.

Its cards are now accepted across ATMs globally, and banks in more than 20 countries are issuing cards on its behalf. For instance, there are over 35 banks in Europe, 3 in Africa, 20 in Asia and 6 in America. Therefore, you should not be surprised to learn that the solution is accepted across some of the best international online casinos, most of which cater to Canadian players. Some Canadian casinos offer it even, such as VIP Club Player Casino, reviewed here at So, stay with us to learn how to get started with it next.

Getting Started with the Solution

Even though known for its cards, the solution offers multiple services. We mentioned some of them already, like the different booking, accommodation and flight perks and the JCB Plaza solution, but it is popular across Canadian casinos for its cards, so we’ll focus on them here. As an online casino player, you should know that there are additional perks offered, such as cashback from 1% to 3% on each transaction, including deposits to casino sites.

So, to get started with it, you’d need to visit its official website. Once there, make sure you visit the page where all the card options are presented, along with the perks they come with, to decide on the one you’d want to go with. Then, you’d need to go to a bank to start the card application procedure. Since many banks across the world, Canada included, are issuing its cards, you’d need to use the Locator tool on its website, to find a bank that’s in your vicinity.

Once in the bank, specify the card type you’re applying for, and enter your personal and banking details. Provide the needed ID documents, and wait for the bank to approve your card. Once approved, you can either have the bank send the card to you on your doorstep or pick it up at the bank. The card will arrive with an envelope containing verification passwords and codes, just like any other card with other brands. The minute you get your card, you can start using it across Canadian casinos. We’ll cover that next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We mentioned that JCB is offered across many international online casinos, most of which accept players from Canada. Therefore, the first step you need to make is to look for a proper casino for you to join, of course, which accepts it. You’d need to create an account with that casino, and you’ll be ready to make your first deposit with your chosen card.

To make a deposit with JCB, go through these steps:

  1. Go to the casino’s Payment Methods/Cashier page.
  2. From the list of available methods, find JCB’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter all the needed card information.
  4. Specify how much you’d want to transfer to your balance.
  5. Go through the mandatory authentication procedure.
  6. Confirm your transaction and watch the money arrive in your balance instantly!

When it comes to withdrawals with it, these are, of course, possible, and requested pretty much the same way. Naturally, the only difference is that, in step 4, you’d need to specify how much you’d need to withdraw. The casino will check out your request and if everything is in order, it will approve it. The money will be available in your bank account and card in no time.

Applicable Fees

One of the main perks when it comes to using JCB is that its cards come with no fees! That’s really incredible, considering the fact that all card processors charge fees.

With this brand, no transaction fees, no annual fees, and no maintenance fees apply! Seems impossible, but trust us, you’ll be able to use this solution without paying any fees.

Accepted Currencies

Considering it works like any other card, and your card will be issued by your bank on JCB’s behalf, it means that you will be using your local currency, the Canadian dollar, when transacting with it.

Since the Canadian dollar is the currency of your bank, you will avoid paying any conversion fees that are usually charged for using a different currency than your native one.


Even though based in Japan, as said, JCB is available all across the globe. Canada is on the list of accepted countries, but so are many other countries across most of the continents.

The Netherlands, Spain, the UK, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland are just some of the countries where you’ll find this card, but the list of accepted countries is really huge since the solution is truly global.

Customer Support

When you visit its official website, at the bottom of the homepage, you’ll find the Contact page. Once there, you’ll find three different tabs, one for customers wishing to join, one for cardmembers and one for queries related to corporate partnerships. Pressing the first tab, you’ll find a list of card issuers, to find yours and get in touch with it for any questions or issues you’re having with your card.

Since the card is actually issued by the bank, make sure you get in touch with the bank’s Customer Support team to get a solution to your problem or an answer to your question related to your card.

Naturally, your casino’s Customer Support team should also be able to help you with any inquiries regarding deposits and withdrawals, so try them, too. The team members are usually available via phone, email and Live Chat, so you’ll get several means to use to get in touch with them, as it suits you. Since they have experience in answering all kinds of questions about payment methods, they’ll surely be able to help you out with anything you might need.


The fact that no fees are charged with this card is what makes it stand out from the rest. But the many other perks the solution comes with, such as bullet-proof security measures, trip benefits, availability in native currency, and availability for both deposits and withdrawals across many international casinos, are what make JCB the perfect solution to use as a Canadian casino player. Make sure you apply for your card in the nearest bank and start using it right away for instant deposits and swift withdrawals across Canadian casinos.


Well, not really, no. Since this is a solution based in Japan, of course, the site is available in Japanese. But since it went global, it actually translated its site to English as well. Unfortunately, other languages are not an option, so do not hope to be able to explore it in French, for instance.

Sure thing. This card functions just like any other card, like VISA and MasterCard cards, for instance, therefore, you can rest assured that you can link it to any account you want, where cards are an option.

No, not really. Since this is a card brand and the card is actually issued by the bank, with transactions processed via your bank account, if you wished to have an app on your phone to use, you better download your bank’s app, if any is available. You can check your balance on the app, as long as your device is connected to the internet, whenever you want.

No, not really. As said, the solution is completely fee-free, and no charges are made upon issuance. You won’t be paying any maintenance or transaction fees, either, therefore, you can rest assured that this is one of the most cost-efficient cards to use across online casinos.

While you won’t be able to do it on its official website, since the bank is the one that issues the card, in case your bank allows for online card applications, you could do it. Most banks, though, would require a physical visit to the bank facility to apply for a card, so don’t get your hopes up.