What Each Player Needs to Know About Online Lotto in Canada

With-the-impressively-huge-number-of-both-land-based-and-online-facilities-image1With the impressively huge number of both land-based and online facilities offering a variety of lotto games in Canada, one could easily assume this game is one of the most-played in this region. The truth is that so many variants are offered, not just the local ones, but some worldwide famous games like U.S. Powerball, Euro Millions, and similar.

Why do players from Canada like online lotteries?

The huge diversity in both formats and odds is just some of the many reasons why Canadians like playing both real-life and online lotto. They are designed to cater to various types of budgets and preferences, which is why everyone can find something suitable for him/herself.

If you want to take a closer look at online lotto options in Canada, we’ve prepared some excellent suggestions for you, so stay tuned and enjoy!

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The Popularity of Online Lotto in Canada Goes Upwards

A couple of years ago, authorities in charge of regulating lottery worldwide had their concerns that gaming revenues will keep on diminishing because, as they strongly believed- Millennials were not interested in purchasing lottery tickets. But they were so wrong in their assumptions, at least that’s what the 2018 figures show:

  • Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) saw a Q on Q growth of 15.1%
  • British Columbia’s BCLC reported a Q1 sales boost of 2.9% over the previous year’s sales during the same period

The fact is that regardless of where you are located in Canada, some form of lotto games will be available to you. And this goes not only for local gaming products but for some internationally popular games such as U.S.Powerball, Euro Millions, El Gordo, and many more.

And that’s all thanks to internet gambling, which made it possible for players from every single corner of the world to play whatever they like and want. People from every Canadian province can purchase lotto tickets and participate in the biggest jackpot drawings in the world.

Of course, as long as the local laws approve it.

The options here are abundant, the least to say. From the comfort of one’s home, punters can choose between provincial lotteries, lottery messenger services, bookmaker or insurance models, as well as online options.

which-are-the-most-popular-online-lottery-games-image2Before we get down to purchasing/ claiming options, we shall introduce you to the most played lotto variants in this country.

Like we mentioned earlier, there is a diversity of options, tailored for various types of players and prize ranges, but we’ve compiled the selection of 7 most popular ones, along with two additional games that belong to a couple of lotto versions.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

This is, without any doubt, one of the most famous lottery variants in the Great White North. Perhaps one of the reasons is the fact that this one has paid the highest JP in Canada — CAD$63.4 million.

What does it look like and how does it work?

Players should pick two sets of digits from 1 to 49. These two combinations of 6 numbers have different roles. One combo is eligible for the main JP drawing. With the second set, you can pick ten numbers, qualifying yourself for the CAD$1 million Guaranteed Prize Draw.

The max amount of jackpot is not predetermined, which means that the amount goes up and up after every draw until it’s hit.


Entering the stage as the replacement for Lotto Super 7 in 2009, this version came with a similar system like its predecessor, but with a couple of modifications.

In the older version, punters could select 3 combinations of 7 numbers out of 49, plus one more, but in the newer format of Lotto Max, one can pick the desired set out of 50 numbers.

Aside from ordinary drawings, this one also offers an additional draw called the MaxMillions. This one takes place the moment the main JP reaches the amount of CAD$50 million. All three combos of numbers you pick are included in this special drawing.


If you are on the lookout for something which offers the most extraordinary prizes, then this one could be the right choice.

Those who buy the ticket enroll in the contest which has quite a juicy big reward- CAD$1,000 daily for the rest of your life. There’s also a consolation reward, which lacks no “juiciness”, to say so- CAD$25,000 a year for life.

How to play?

Punters need to select two different combos of digits. Five of them are those from 1 to 49, plus a grand number from a range of 1 to 7. Do note that this one features a Quick-Pick option that auto-selects combos for those who cannot make up their mind.


As you probably assume from the name, this one is not available across entire Canada, it’s for those who live in British Columbia.

What a player should do is pick 6 numbers of 49, with a max of 10 combos per ticket. By doing so, one has the opportunity to hit the CAD$2 million jackpot, or an additional extra prize of CAD$500,000.

Moreover, there’s a double play option, allowing you to participate in Lotto 6/49. In this one, punters have the possibility to pay for up to 28 consecutive draws. This is made possible using the Advance Buy option.


Similar to the previous format, this variant is not available in all Canadian provinces, it’s meant for residents of Ontario.

A punter can select two combinations of six digits from 1 to 45. Each of those combos is valid for two drawings — the Main Draw and Early Bird Draw. To take part in Early Bird, where the reward is CAD$50,000, one is supposed to purchase the ticket before 11:59 PM on Friday.


What if…

…you just cannot make up your mind between poker and lotto? You simply feel like playing both of them at the same time. No problem- Poker Lotto saves the day!

This one provides several options- punter can win either at the moment of purchasing the ticket or be part of the draw which takes place at night. A poker table serves as a display, and one should create a hand consisting of 5 randomly selected cards out of 52. To win, a player has to match at least 2 cards- JP prize is CAD$10,000.


Powerball is a well-known lottery in the United States, but Canadian players can try their luck with this one. Although a bit pricier than other lotto variants available in this region, it also offers more in return. The max JP has so far reached CAD$1.58 billion.

A punter needs to pick five white balls from 1 to 69, and one red ball from 1 and 26. Even if one doesn’t grab the main prize, the reward for guessing 5 white balls is more than great- CAD$1 million prize.

and-now-the-extras-lotto-extra-image4And now- the extras!


This one is some sort of a bonus mission of previously described variants, Daily Grand BC/49, Lotto Max, and Lotto 6/49. A computer assigns those additional digits, and the code a punter gets for this session is valid for single use.


This version follows more or less the same principle as Lotto Extra — it is not considered a separate one but also an add-on for the main lottery games.

How do you opt for this one?

Quite simple, all you need to do is ask the retailer to include this “side mission” to the game you have already selected.

How Do Provincial Lotteries and Lottery Messenger Services Work?

how-to-play-lottery-image3Now that you know all the different variants of lotto games available in Canada, let’s discuss the buying options. How do players obtain tickets for these sessions, how do they enroll to play some of these interesting games?

Let’s find out!

One of the options is provincial lottery providers, which sell tickets online. Certain rules require that you be in-province to buy tickets, and those, of course, differ a lot from one province to another.

Even though some globally famous lotteries come with significantly huger pots and even better odds, still these local variants are more than okay- in terms of rewarding.

The other option is lottery messenger services, where a punter has the agent purchasing the ticket for him/her. But why would anyone have someone else buying the ticket, when you have the Internet?

Obtaining tickets like this makes sense if you want to play some specific variant that is not available in your region, so the agent, who lives in the lottery’s country of origin, needs to do that for a player.

However, if one is lucky enough to hit the JP, one would have to travel to that country and collect it him/herself.

Do note that…

…each of these messenger services has a different way of functioning, but the most common procedure goes somewhat like this:

A punter picks the desired number of lines, quick-picks or plays his/her own combos, pay for the desired number of tickets and an agent purchases those.

Then they scan the tickets and upload them to a punter’s online account. There’s an option to set alerts for any level of win- the e-mail or SMS notification is sent. In case the ticket is a winning one, the player will receive it via insured mail.

One of the most popular messenger services in Canada is TheLotter.

Insurance Model VS Bookmaker Model- Differences and Similarities

insurance-model-vs-bookmaker-model-differences-and-similarities-image5In the case of the insurance model, the online lottery site will offer virtual play slips. A player selects the desired game and purchases a virtual betting ticket. When the combo is announced, the winnings are paid right into the online account with the operator. Then, a punter can withdraw them from there.

As for the fees, some operators charge the specified commission for the service, while the others decide to withhold whatever sum would have been withheld in taxes.

On the other hand…

…bookmaker model follows a rather similar procedure like the insurance model, but with the following exception- the procedure is backed up by that particular operator, not an insurance pool.

These facilities are usually approved by Curacao authorities. After analyzing the probabilities of any given lottery draw, the bookmaker sets the odds and then allows the online retailer to sell them. In case of winning combos, the bookie settles the bet with the game provider and then the retailer gives the punter the money.

What is Syndicate Play and How Does It Work?

The syndicated play resembles a lot of those home or office lottery pools. The only difference (but a big one though) is that the syndicate can be much larger and buy a wide variety of different tickets.

By joining a syndicate…

…your odds of winning are drastically increased, but the amount you win will be shared equally among other pool-mates. Some people believe that the overall opportunities of scoring more cash are higher when playing in a syndicate. This makes sense if a player rolls the money back in after a win. Of course, those numbers cannot be changed, but the truth is that syndicate play provides more room for potential strategies.

How so?

When a punter boosts the odds and plays a variety of games, one increases the opportunities to win more small and medium rewards as well. If one purchases a single ticket, then there are fewer chances to reinvest smaller winning amounts.

So, the whole point is in reinvesting the winnings, within some reasonable limits of course. After all, the logic says- more tickets mean more chances to score JP, isn’t that so?

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there’s a wealth of internet lotteries in every part of Canada, and based on their immense popularity, their number is only going to increase. And with all those internationally popular games like U.S. Powerball, Euro Millions, punters from this part of the world are simply spoilt for choice.

So, all there’s left to do is check out the timetable of drawings, and enroll in one of the numerous lotto games. Of course, always take time to go through the accompanying Terms and Conditions and make sure you understand them well.

Gamble responsibly!