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Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corp. Welcomes New Leader

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently announced the official appointment of its new Chief Executive Officer and President. Duncan Hannay will be the individual leading the gaming corporation in its future endeavors, as his official appointment will become effective October 26. Projections are that his extensive experience in the banking world will positively impact the Crown corporation.

The past few days have been quite eventful for the gaming leader of Ontario, as it witnessed the announcement of its new leader. Most recently, Mr. Hannay has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Street Capital Group Inc. seeking ways in which individuals could benefit from its residential mortgages. Deposit and loan products are his areas of expertise giving him the skills needed.

Duncan Hannay

Peter Deeb, Chair of Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation, highlighted the recent appointment and provided a perspective on it. The Crown corporation has worked hard to find the most suitable and experienced professional to lead the company towards better days. Mr. Hannay was pinpointed because of his extensive expertise and knowledge of the digital innovation and banking fields.

His progressive approach towards business and company management is expected to have a positive impact on the gaming leader of Ontario. This could further boost the corporation by introducing new elements to it and a new outlook on the gaming field. Mr. Hannay has been chosen for his experience to manifest the next phase for the Crown corporation’s daily operation and achieve all of its goals for the upcoming years.

The new Chief Executive Officer boasts B2B skills acquired through its daily operation up until now. Re-shaping businesses via technology are in his area of expertise, as it has become evident throughout the years. He once served as Chief Operating Officer of Finastra. This position gave him the knowledge of software solutions linked to retail banking, transaction banking, lending, and treasury and capital markets.

What’s to Come?

Mr. Hannay was also once President of Global Lending Solutions, and President of D+H Canada, further enhancing his professional experience. He pointed out that he is ready for the next chapter for the Crown corporation and everything he could do to enhance and improve it. His entrance in its structure comes at a dynamically changing period of time, as the unprecedented situation has taken its toll on the gaming field.

Mr. Hannay intends to work with the Ontario Lottery and Gaming’s partners and guarantee better days for the corporation. It could be recalled that the first days of March saw the exit of its President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Rigby following a total of five years of successful operation.

After a conversation with the Board of Directors, the current leader has agreed that he would remain in his position until a new Chief Executive Officer is appointed. The severance package Mr. Rigby became eligible for amounts to CA$847,000 which is an amount equating to 12 monthly salaries. The special benefits coming with them are also included in this severance package.