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OLG Keeps Upwards of CA$156m in Lotto Jackpots Safe

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation had to close its Prize Center earlier this spring and ever since then, many Ontario lottery enthusiasts have won great prizes coming with the most popular draw-based gaming offerings. Upwards of 130 individuals are eagerly anticipating the prize center to reopen, so that they could get a chance to collect their prizes amounting to a combined CA$156 million.

The whopping amount comprises of some of the largest lottery jackpots to be captured within the Canadian province. People from all corners of Ontario are currently unable to collect their substantial jackpots coming following a successful lottery draw. They are unable to lay their hands on the cash piles, as they amount to more than CA$50,000.

OLG Price Center Closed

As many local businesses commence their opening process, its Prize Center remains closed for lottery winners. However, the lucky individuals that have won a prize could still receive it, if it is below CA$50,000. The lottery leader aims to stay flexible. Following a collaboration with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission, the limit for the prize that could be sent via mail was increased to CA$49,999.90.

Lottery enthusiasts eligible for a cash payout below this amount have the chance to claim their prize, authenticate the ticket and receive their payout in a safe manner without making their way to Toronto and the closed OLG Prize Center. This new measure made it possible for many people to safely claim their money and receive them in a timely manner without having to wait for too long.

Ever since mid-March, land-based casinos in Ontario have been closed for business, as the lockdown was a mandatory step across the province. Gaming halls have also been affected by the closure and local players were left with only online gaming and lottery ticket purchases when it comes to legal gaming activities. Those two segments had to support the entire lottery corporation.

Reopening Expected Soon

The total winnings that are yet to be collected amount to CA$156.5 million and lottery jackpot winners all across the province have contributed to its amassing. This amount includes seven of the greatest lottery Main prizes to be claimed by tickets sold in Ontario. Individuals eligible for those larger prizes have more time to prepare for the eventual bagging and make some useful consultations with finance experts.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation spokesperson Dita Kuhtey stated that winners will soon be able to claim their prizes in-person, but first, the Crown corporation has to implement all mandatory health protection measures. This is going to protect both the people working at the Prize center and the individuals eligible for a great cash prize.

The Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX Main prizes still to be bagged range from CA$6.5 million to CA$70 million. All 130 individuals in question have already contacted the Crown corporation and they have validated their winning tickets. Keeping them safe is going to ensure that they receive their prize and have their life changed forever.