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OLG Seeks Latest Lotto MAX CA$10m Winner

Lotto MAX is once again one of the most popular draw-based offerings across Canada, as the latest draw was a memorable one. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently announced that Canada’s latest lotto millionaire has purchased their winning CA$10-million ticket in St. Catharines ahead of the regular draw. All players are advised to check their pockets and bags for misplaced tickets.

Canada’s millionaires often have the lottery to thank for their fortune, as a simple lottery ticket purchase could end up changing their life forever. Their names quickly become public once they muster the courage to claim their prize by contacting the Crown corporation overseeing their province’s gaming field. An Ontario player now has to contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

New Lotto Millionaires

Lotto MAX had its latest draw on June 19 and all eyes were set on the prize of CA$10 million. Soon after the draw was over and the database took its time to scan all tickets sold, one winning piece of paper was located. It was sold in the St. Catharines region ahead of the latest draw, while all eyes were set on the Main prize.

Now whoever is in possession of the special ticket has a total of 52 weeks to make a move and claim their prize. Some lottery winners tend to take their time and look into finance management. Due to the large scale of the lottery cash prize, some of them carefully plan all the aspects ahead of the actual collection of the jackpot. This paves the way for successful management in the following years.

The special numbers highlighted during the June 19 draw were 3, 12, 17, 22, 29, 31, 48, as well as the bonus one 8. Lotto MAX enthusiasts had to match the seven main numbers in order to become eligible for the grand payout coming with this draw. Now it is time for action, as the upcoming weeks could see the winner contact the Crown corporation.

Main Prize Snatched

This very draw was also rather generous, as two tickets became eligible for a cash payout of CA$74,049.50. They managed to match six of the seven main numbers, as well as the bonus number. Those winners are also expected to keep in touch with the Crown corporation overseeing their provincial gaming field. Ontario was lucky when it comes to the June 19 draw.

Two Encore additional prizes were linked to tickets sold in the region. Each of them is about to make its owner CA$100,000 richer if they manage to claim their prize in a timely manner within the 12-month period. Burlington and Toronto were the areas where these tickets were sold at.

For the time being, the OLG Prize Center in Toronto remains closed, but its opening might come soon. Lotto MAX has been among the generous lottery offerings as of late, as last week Loto-Québec announced that a ticket sold in Mauricie is eligible for CA$15 million. Michel Bordeleau is the lucky player who became eligible for the grand jackpot.