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Lotto MAX Jackpots Change Lives of Co-Workers Spoiling Loved Ones

Lottery enthusiasts across Canada had a very eventful couple of weeks involving both Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX. Two individuals hailing from Quebec recently became eligible for a cash payout of CA$6.5 million coming with the May 5 Lotto MAX draw. The two of them are from the Montérégie region and they recently had the chance to receive their prize.

Canada’s millionaires often have the lottery to thank for their fortune, as a simple lottery ticket purchase could end up changing their life forever. Their names quickly become public once they muster the courage to claim their prize by contacting the Crown corporation overseeing their province’s gaming field. Such was the case with the two Quebec lottery players becoming eligible for a cash payout.

Joint Ticket

The Lotto MAX jackpot the two individuals became eligible for amounted to CA$6.5 million and the lucky draw for the two of them took place on May 5. Claude Léger and James Colin Aiken are the two lottery millionaires that purchased a Lotto MAX ticket together over the first days of May. Mr. Aiken found out first about the good news regarding this substantial payout.

He was quick to tell his friend and the particular hour did not stop him from doing so. Mr. Aiken called Mr. Léger at 5 a.m. with the good news that their joint ticket is now eligible for a great payout they will have to receive. The two of them had a tradition to purchase lottery tickets together and hope for the best. Over the past few years, they had been doing so.

This May was their lucky month, as the most recent lottery ticket purchase ended up being a fortunate one. Mr. Léger said that his co-worker called him at the break of dawn but this early hour did not bother him, as the news was good. Now the two of them are making plans for the future.

Yellowknife Grandma

Mr. Aiken made it clear that he wants to spend his half of the Lotto MAX jackpot by spoiling his wife and purchasing the dream house for her. Meanwhile, Mr. Léger said that he wants to purchase a new car and also treat his daughters to something nice. Another Lotto MAX jackpot was recently linked to its winner ready to bag it. Laura Tutcho is the lucky winner eligible for CA$55 million.

The woman hails from the Northwest Territories, as Western Canada Lottery Corporation initially revealed. Later on, it became clear that the winner has purchased the ticket for the Lotto MAX draw in Yellowknife. May 1 brought the special draw for her. Ms. Tutcho is still unable to fully grasp the reality of the situation.

The winning ticket amounted to CA$11. It was a quick pick one purchased from a Yellowknife Reddi Mart. The retail location is now eligible for a one-percent share of the Main prize coming with the winning draw. Mr. Tutcho is working with a financial adviser in order to be able to manage the jackpot.