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Lotto MAX CA$55m Winner Expected to Contact WCLC

Lotto MAX is once again changing lives with its Main prizes and generosity, as the latest regular lottery draw managed to make one enthusiast the latest Canadian lottery millionaire. Western Canada Lottery Corporation announced that a ticket sold in Yellowknife has become eligible for a cash payout amounting to CA$55 million thanks to the latest Lotto MAX draw which was among the heftiest in its history.

The lottery jackpot has been growing over the past couple of weeks and many individuals felt compelled to purchase their lottery ticket and try their luck. They have the chance to do so online as well as in person, but the Crown corporation recommends that social distancing is being practiced. Regardless of the preferred purchase method, all players had an equal chance of winning big.

Lotto Winner

Western Canada Lottery Corporation made it clear recently that there is a player hailing from Yellowknife who is eligible for the Main prize in its entirety, as their lottery ticket matches all the needed numbers. Lotto MAX was among the hot topics, as its Main prize was once again increasing progressively with each passing draw. This increased the number of tickets sold too.

May 1 brought the latest Lotto MAX draw coming with a jackpot of approximately CA$55 million and all eyes were set on the prize coming with it. A ticket sold in the Yellowknife region ahead of the regular draw is now eligible for the largest prize coming with the draw, but for the time being, nobody has contacted the lottery leader claiming they are in possession of the winning ticket.

The winner has 52 weeks to get in touch with the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and claim their prize. This would happen in a safe manner protecting the winner’s health. It could be recalled that back in April, the Lotto 6/49 winner received their novelty cheque on a hockey stick.

More Prizes Coming

Tibor Tusnady hailing from White Rock was the lucky lottery enthusiast who recently became eligible for a cash payout surpassing CA$16 million thanks to his Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase ahead of the April 15 draw. During the special ceremony, BCLC Interim President and CEO Greg Moore handed the winner his novelty cheque on a hockey stick. The Yellowknife winner would also have their time to shine while bagging their prize.

The numbers drawn during the May 1 Lotto MAX draw were 03, 12, 25, 36, 37, 42, 49, as well as the bonus one 09. The winner has to match the first seven numbers in order to claim the big prize. British Columbia Lottery Corporation also confirmed that a local player is eligible for the runner-up prize of that draw.

Someone in B.C. managed to match six of the numbers plus the bonus one and this made them eligible for CA$1,052,328.10. That individual also has 52 weeks to claim their prize. Along with the hefty draw, this latest Lotto MAX also brought three additional prizes of CA$1 million but no players became eligible for them. May 5 is about to bring the next Lotto MAX draw with a Main prize amounting to CA$13 million.