MasterCard Casinos

mastercard_casinosExploring online casinos to join, and looking at the payment methods they offer, you will certainly find MasterCard among the options. This is a player-favourite, one of the most popular credit cards available across most, if not all, Canadian online casinos. This worldwide-recognized card offers security, safety and convenience, and above all, fast transactions. What else can MasterCard offer and why choose it as your online casino payment method?

About MasterCard

MasterCard is a credit card program created in the US, launched way back in 1966. It is one of the longest-running credit cards the world has ever known, with a rich history of processing payments and an excellent reputation on the finance scene. A membership organization created by the Bank of California, Crocker National Bank, Wells Fargo Bank, and the United California Bank, called Master Charge, was the mastermind behind it, which previously named the card BankAmeriCard, only available in the US. But, considering over 25,000 financial institutions took a share of it, and the organization behind it partnered with basically all banks across the globe, they renamed it MasterCard Worldwide, and the card became available beyond the US and all over the world.

With global recognition now, billions of users and a massive network, the MasterCard credit card became available across all industries. As a direct competitor to VISA, it had to start offering other products, too, to keep up with the competition. So today, you can apply for debit and prepaid cards, too, but the credit card product is still the leading one offered by most, if not all, banks and financial institutions globally.

Every single human being has at least heard of, had or still has a MasterCard credit card, considering it is one of the leading cards with global coverage. You can use it for everyday purchases and payments, both offline and online. And, of course, you can use it across online casinos. As introduced, this is a card you’ll find across most, if not all, Canadian casinos, and the very best ones are certainly your options. Therefore, stay with us to learn how to get started with it and use it for seamless deposits and withdrawals.

Getting Started with the Solution

One of the main reasons why users choose to go with MasterCard for everyday payments and purchases, and online casino transactions for that matter, is its ease of use. Getting started with it is a piece of pie, and you can do it in a few easy steps. So, let’s get started.

If you’ve ever applied for a credit card, any credit card, you’d know what to do. First, you’d need to go to your bank. Considering most, if not all, banks in the world are your options, you can just go to the bank you have an account with since it will probably be a bank authorized to issue cards on its behalf. Once there, get your application form and fill it out. After entering the personal details required, specify the type of card you’ll apply for. On its official global website, you’ll see the many options, prepaid and debit cards, but also different credit cards, such as the World Elite, World and Standard. Each card comes with its special perks, fees and purposes, so make sure you explore the options to get the best one for you.

Submit any needed ID documents, proof of income and address, too, and with them, submit your application. Considering you’re applying for a credit card which is a card using which you can spend more than you have and stay in debt with the bank, the bank will take its time to go over the details you provided in your application form before it approves or denies it. Assuming it approves it, your card will be ready to be picked up at the bank or sent to your home address. It will arrive in an envelope containing the needed validation and authentication codes which you need to keep safe. And as soon as you have it, you can start using your MasterCard credit card right away, at your favourite online casino!

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Depositing and Withdrawing

depositing_and_withdrawingAs said, MasterCard is a card that is accepted across most, if not all, Canadian online casinos. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is to explore a few options, check their games selections, see whether blackjackslots and Live Casino games are available, whether they are licensed sites and legal in Canada, and double-check whether MasterCard is an option for deposits and withdrawals. Choose the best site for you and register your account with it.

To make a deposit with MasterCard, you would need to go through the following steps:

  1. Visit the casino’s Cashier/Banking/Deposits page.
  2. From the list of accepted methods, find MasterCard’s logo and press it.
  3. In the new window, enter your name as the cardholder, the 16-digit card number, and the other card details such as the CCV2 code and expiry date.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to fund your online casino balance with and confirm the transaction.
  5. In an instant, the money will arrive in your balance.

It should be noted here that some sites may require the PIN or CCV2 code, or both, but some won’t. MasterCard takes great care about security, so it has implemented these codes for a reason, in addition to other two-factor authentication tools. Either way, provide all the codes needed for the transaction to be successful and instant.

For withdrawals, you’d need to go through pretty much the same procedure. Only this time, after you choose it as your withdrawal method and you enter the needed card details, you’d need to specify how much you’d like to cash out. After you confirm your request, the casino will review it, making sure you’ve met wagering requirements if you’ve claimed any bonuses. And, of course, whether you can withdraw as much as you requested. Assuming all is in order, the casino will send your winnings to your card, which should arrive in a matter of days.

Applicable Fees

Just like with VISA or any other credit card brand for that matter, MasterCard comes with fees. These fees would depend on the issuing bank and its policies, so before you apply for one, you better check the fees out.

Remember that all it takes to apply for a MasterCard card is an active bank account, so if the fees charged by your current bank are too high, you can always open an account with another bank and apply for your card there, to pay lower fees.

Accepted Currencies

This is, as said, a global credit card which is gets issued by virtually any bank in the world. Therefore, you can rest assured that since you’ll apply for it in a Canadian bank, the Canadian dollar will be your default currency.

For a currency conversion fee, though, you can use any other fiat currency available across the globe, as MasterCard supports them all. US dollars, euros, Australian dollars and UK pounds are just some of your options.


It cannot be emphasized enough how widely available MasterCard is. Its global coverage literally means all countries and territories across the globe. Except, of course, countries where credit cards are banned altogether, such as Myanmar (Burma) or North Korea.

Bear in mind other restrictions when it comes to online gambling transactions, though. Transactions with credit cards are not allowed across some jurisdictions, like the UK. Even though accepted in Canada, there are still some banks that refuse to process credit card online gambling transactions, such as the Royal Bank of Canada or the Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Customer Support

One of the first things you should know when it comes to Customer Support is that MasterCard has launched a Canadian website where you could get first-hand assistance.

The first thing you’ll notice on its Get Support page is the FAQs section. You can go through it in search of answers. Below this button, you’ll see a notification informing you that the brand does not issue the cards but your bank. By selecting your bank and pressing the Go, MasterCard will connect you to your bank to look for assistance. However, in case your card got stolen or lost, you can contact the brand’s Support team at 1-800-307-7309. They’ll be happy to assist you.


One cannot deny all the perks MasterCard offers. This is a truly global credit card program that has reached billions of users all across the world, is offered by most, if not all banks, and has an impeccable reputation. As a Canadian user, you can rest assured that you’ll be able to get issued with your card in no time, as the brand is available across most leading Canadian banks. As a Canadian online casino player, the choice of casinos you could explore is absolutely massive, so just choose the one to go with and start making instant deposits and seamless withdrawals using your own country’s currency, the Canadian dollar.


Is MasterCard’s website for Canada available in English only?

No. The website is available in Canadian English but also in Canadian French. There’s a button at the bottom of the homepage where you could select your country and language available, so just choose Canada and then whether you’d like to explore the site in English or French.

Can I cash out my winnings after they arrive on my card at any ATM?

Sure thing! Once your winnings have been sent by the casino and have arrived on your card, you can cash them out at any ATM, even overseas! The Canadian website offers a tool called Locate an ATM, where you can enter your address and it will generate the nearest ATM locations to your current location.

Are there any special Canadian MasterCard credit card types I should know of?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can apply for the Rewards & Cash Back card, the Low Rate, the Student and the No Annual Fee card types. These are all different cards with different perks, fees and conditions you need to meet, so explore your options and apply for the one that suits you most.

How big can the fees go actually?

The fees, as said, depend on the issuing bank and its policies, but they are usually 2% to 8% per transaction. Therefore, choosing the right bank to go with would be of paramount importance in case you wish to get the lowest fees.

Will I be able to make a deposit with it using my mobile device?

Sure. This is a credit card that can be used both offline and online, as all it takes is providing the card details and confirming the transaction in order for it to be successful. And you can certainly do that via your mobile device. As long as the casino you joined is compatible with mobile devices, you’re good to go.