Craps Lay Bet Details

The popular game of craps is among the most popular table games bringing together like-minded people seeking the thrill of the classic game of dice which could end up changing players’ lives. Knowing its diverse and multifaceted nature is essential for a better understanding, as it allows players to make more informed choices once the game is in full swing.

Today we are going to reveal everything the Lay bet has in store for the players ready to give it a try while they are around the craps gaming table or while they are practicing craps online. Those interested in placing it should know that this wager is considered a polar opposite of the already discussed Buy bet.

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Craps Lay Bet

Players making their first steps in the craps gaming world should familiarize themselves with every wager available, especially with the more lucrative ones among them. This usually happens ahead of an actual game, allowing the player to feel more confident once they make their way to the table. The Lay bet is a dynamic one and it could be used on some special occasions.

Those willing to place this bet essentially wager that the number 7 will roll before one of the point numbers. Those are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 and players should also keep them in mind in relation to all wagers available on the craps table. Using this bet the smart way is essential since it could boost the gaming experience immensely. One of the clever ways it could be used is following a close observation of everything taking place on the table.

If you keep a close eye on the numbers rolling, you can adjust your strategy accordingly and place a Lay bet, for example. Evaluating the chances of it rolling in the following seconds is of utmost importance for the sustainability of this wager. Players ready to place it should know that this is not a self-service wager they could place themselves.

How to Place it?

Instead, they should seek the assistance of the dealer taking care of it all on the craps table. They should initiate contact and indicate that they want to place a Lay wager. Then they will have to place their chips in the Come area of the table layout and indicate the particular sum they want to bet.

Then they choose the number they would like to bet on. Taking into account the most recent dice rolls could be useful for the people making this wager, even though there is no mathematical pattern guaranteeing that a particular situation will continue taking place on the table.

Once the chips have been placed in the Come box, the dealer takes them and moves them to one of the boxes corresponding to the player’s position at the craps table. Then the special button Lay is placed on top of the chip stack, to indicate that the wager has been placed. Players should keep in mind that there are more lucrative and less lucrative ways in which they could implement this particular bet.

Lay Bet House Edge

Wagering on the numbers 4 and 10 is considered the best approach while the game of craps is in full swing at a brick-and-mortar casino or online. This is the case since players should also consider the house advantage coming with each and every craps bet. It should be beneficial to them and its percentage should not be too high, as this would eventually harm their bankroll and limit the time they spend around the craps table.

When placing a Lay bet on the numbers 4 and 10, the player takes advantage of a house edge amounting to some 2.44 percent. For the people acquainted with the Buy bet, there is a similarity between the two wagers, as they both come with reduced house edge for these numbers.

Individuals interested in implementing this approach while craps gaming are advised to reserve this wager for when they feel confident that this is the right thing to do. In addition to that, they should also wager around the casino maximum, in order to obtain the minimum commission. It is the so-called “vig” tax coming with some wagers that do not feature a house edge and it amounts to some 5 percent. The principle is similar to the Buy bet one.

True Odds Associated with Lay Bet

When we take into consideration the odds of winning while playing craps, there are the true odds and the payoff odds we should take into account. The former is the actual odds of winning, showing the number of ways in which this bet could lose versus the number of ways to win. As for the payoff odds, the difference between it and the former is where the house edge enters the stage.

The house edge is essential for the survival of any land-based or online casino, as it helps it make a profit and continue its operation on a daily basis. It also guarantees that it will continue providing a premium setting for everyone interested in gaming in-person. Staff members also benefit from it. In this sense, the Lay bet comes with different odds for its three varieties – Lay bet on 4 and 10, 5 and 9, or 6 and 8.

In the first case, the odds are 1:2 making it the most favorable one among them. Placing a Lay bet on the numbers 5 and 9 comes with the true odds of 2:3. When it comes to the last option – 6 and 8, the true odds amount to 5:6, making it the least favorable among the three options available. Players making this move should keep in mind that they should proceed with caution with this wager.