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When online casino players are choosing a payment method to use to fund their accounts and cash out their winnings, they want to choose a method that would provide them with the most convenient online banking. That would include a quick getting started process and cost-effective and instant transactions.

But Canadian players are facing an even greater issue, as they need to find a method that would provide them with all of that, plus accept Canadian users. If you are such a player who is in the pursuit of such a payment solution, let us present to you iDebit. It is the perfect option if you’re looking for a seamless online banking experience across Canadian online casino sites. Why is iDebit a great option to use at an online casino?

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Introduction to iDebit

how idebit works

If you’re looking for a payment method that would allow you to fund your online casino account with a direct debit from your bank account without much effort on your side, meet iDebit. It is a payment solution that uses online banking technology and has partnered with numerous banks to make payments effortless and easy using your online banking login details. Or by creating your eWallet account. Essentially, it can function both as an eWallet where you can store, send and receive money, or as a direct intermediary between you and your bank. It is up to you whether you’d like to use it one way or the other.

Ever since it first appeared…

…it caters to Canadian players only. It has since improved its availability across online casino sites and is now used by millions of players from all across the country. As such, it has partnered with numerous leading banks and financial institutions in the country and has integrated with many e-commerce platforms to cater to users from Canada. Therefore, as a player from Canada, you will have a huge choice of online casino sites to join to enjoy its services. You need no credit or debit cards to get started with it, and all you need is a bank account in one of the eligible banks and financial institutions to get started with.

One of the reasons why many online players prefer to use iDebit as a deposit option is the fact that transaction via the service are usually very fast and casino members can see their money in their gaming account almost right away. The speed of iDebit combined with its safety makes this service a perfect payment option for Canadian players, as well as virtual gamblers from other countries.

Getting Started

As long as you are 18 or older, and hold a bank account with one of iDebit’s partnered banks and financial institutions, you can start using the solution right away. But since you have two options to get started with it, let’s check them out.

The first option…

…is to visit an online casino which accepts it, and proceed as a guest. You don’t need to register an account at this point, and you’ll use its services as a payment facilitator, an intermediary. You would do that by requesting a payment via your online banking account. This option, however, goes with fees, since iDebit charges for its services as a facilitator. The fee is only CA/US$1.50 – AU$/£/€1, therefore, it is a really low-cost option.

The second option…

…and the fee-free one is the eWallet service. You would need to create your personal account by visiting its website and providing basic personal details such as name, address, last digits of your social security number and date of birth. You can fund the eWallet with money from your bank account, and have the funds on standby to use them whenever it suits you. Therefore, you would need to enter the number of your bank account. After that, you’ll only need to establish your credentials, ergo, username and password, and you’ll be ready to use it.

The difference…

…is that the first option is quicker, since the money transfer is more direct, even though it comes with fees. The second option, however, provides an additional layer of protection, since you won’t be exposing any bank account details to the online casino.

And, you should know that the money transfer from your online casino to your eWallet account would be free, as will payments from your eWallet. Transferring the funds from your eWallet to your bank account, however, would be subject to a CA/US$/AU$/£/€2 fee.

Depositing and Withdrawing

idebit deposit

Regardless of the option…

…you choose to use, you should know that you will be able to find this payment solution across hundreds of online casino sites, and the number keeps growing. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you, and you can start using it. You’d need to sign up at your chosen casino and visit its Banking page. Look for iDebit’s logo, and click on it.

If you go with the first option…

…the intermediary, the direct debit transfer option, from the list of accepted Canadian banks, choose the one you hold an account with. Log in to your online banking account, and specify how much you would like to deposit. Confirm the transfer, and for a CA$1.50 fee, the money will be transferred to your online casino account. If you go with the eWallet option, the second option, you would have to log in to your eWallet account using your credentials and transfer the money you wish to deposit from there, fee-free. Approve the transaction in both cases, and you’ll see the money transferred on your casino account immediately.

Withdrawals with it…

…are even easier. All you need to do is log in to your online casino account, go to the Banking/Cashier page, and find its logo. Click on it and enter the required details, along with the amount of money you would like to withdraw. Then specify whether you’d like the money to be sent directly to your bank account or to your eWallet. The casino, as soon as it verifies and approves your withdrawal, will send it on the desired destination.


idebit securityWhen you create an account with iDebit you will be asked to provide some personal information, as well as entering your banking details which will help you to make payments from your bank account. You can be sure, however, that no one will be able to abuse the details you have provided.

All of the information that you agree to share with iDebit is used solely for the purpose of providing the service of the company and preventing any frauds. You can be sure that only the staff of iDebit and its affiliates will have access to the details you have provided. This information will be used in order to improve the quality of the service and avoid any fraudulent actions.

Whenever you use the service of iDebit to transfer funds from your bank account, you can be asked to provide some information which will help you to log into your online banking profile. The details that you will be asked to fill in, will be the ones your bank asked you to provide. This may include secret questions and answers, personal identification number (PIN), mother’s maiden name, password or anything else you are using for your online banking. This type of details is not stored by iDebit. This way you can be sure that any sensitive information will not be shared with no other third-party. Since iDebit is only a mediator, it uses such information to connect you to your bank account and will not save your banking details.

Providing a high level of security is a top priority for iDebit which is why users can be sure that their personal information is always protected. All the data collected by the company’s customers is stored on computers which are not connected to the Internet. Only employees who are properly trained to handle security information and are well aware of privacy policy, have access to the data stored by iDebit.

As mentioned earlier, your banking details are not saved by iDebit when you are using the service for your payments via your bank account. All the transactions and the information that you provide in order to log into your online banking, are protected with SSL encryption which guarantees that no one will be able to take advantage of any sensitive information.

High levels of security are definitely among the strongest appeals of iDebit. After all, it works with some of the most trustworthy banks in Canada, as well as in the other countries where it offers its service. This is why when it comes to managing their gaming funds, virtual players can rely on iDebit anytime.

Customer Support

idebit supportIf we are talking about online payments, it is only natural that customers may experience some issues or they might have some questions related to the service they are using. This is why it is important to have someone to talk to and ask for a competent opinion. Since iDebit knows how to provide a top-notch service, it provides its customers with the option to talk to the Customer Support agents of the website. This will help them solve any issue in a timely manner.

If you happen to have any questions about your account or any other aspect of the service that iDebit offers, you can always contact the Customer Support team of the company. There is also an FAQ page at the official website of iDebit. There you will be able to read the answers to many questions that are common among users of the service.

Customers can send any enquiries that they might have on iDebit’s e-mail address. Those who want to contact the Customer Support experts can send their questions to In order to provide answers to customers any time they have an issue or an enquiry, there is also a Live Chat option which will allow you to communicate directly with one of the Customer Support agents. Canadian users can also opt for calling the company’s representatives and ask them directly about the issues that concern them.

Advantages of Using the Service of iDebit

idebit advantagesIn order to make a decision whether it is worth it to use the service of iDebit or not, you should first check its positive and negative sides. There are most certainly a lot of positive sides of utilising this company’s service, especially when it comes to making deposits to virtual casinos. There are plenty of players who have decided that uploading funds via iDebit is convenient and safe and they can only benefit from choosing to trust the company.

Although iDebit was created to provide its services in different countries across the world, it is mainly the Canadian public that is the main target of the company. Since the majority of online players who reside in Canada are having a hard time to find a safe, fast and convenient payment solution, they often cannot enjoy their virtual gambling adventures. However, web-based casinos that accept payments via iDebit can help Canadian players boost their gaming balance and withdraw their funds in a hassle-free and secure manner. Since iDebit works with some of the biggest banks in Canada, virtual gamblers will have an easy time to use their bank account in order to upload money to their gaming balance.

When it comes to online gambling it is only natural that players will want to make real-money bets as soon as they boost their gaming balance. This is why a lot virtual casino members appreciate the service of iDebit which allows fast transactions. If you opt for a deposit via the service of iDebit, you will be able to enjoy your interactive casino adventure almost right away. Since the transactions take only a couple of minutes, your money will appear in your gaming account in no time and you will be able to enjoy favourite casino games.

Another great advantage of using iDebit is the safety that the company offers to its customers. If you choose to make a deposit or withdraw your funds via this service, you will only be asked to enter the banking details that will allow you to log into your online banking account. Since iDebit is only an intermediary party, it will not actually save your banking details which ensures your security. All of your funds and personal information will be protected with the help of SSL encryption technology which guarantees that any sensitive data is well-protected. Since iDebit works only with trustworthy banks, you can be sure that your money is always kept safe.

The service of iDebit is very cost-effective and this also a reason for its popularity among virtual players. Not only creating an account is extremely easy bit is also free. This means that you will have no issue becoming one of iDebit’s customers. All that you need in order to use iDebit as a deposit and withdrawal method in the virtual casino of your choice is for your bank to offer online banking. This is how you will connect your bank with the virtual casino. Withdrawing funds via the service will cost you no additional charges and if you want to transfer your money to your bank account, you will be charged only $2.

Since online players are essentially using their bank account to make a payment in the virtual casino where they gamble, they are allowed to make iDebit deposits only if they have a sufficient amount in their personal bank account. This way they do not have to worry about spending more than what they actually afford. Thanks to that, players will not be able to get into debts and deposit sums that they are not able to repay. This feature of iDebit is a great way to avoid getting addicted to virtual gambling and spending way too much.

In addition to the fast transaction, iDebit is also a very convenient service thanks to the fact that it uses directly your account in the bank you know and trust and allows you to make quick deposits. It does not require any credit cards and this means that players will not have to provide any information such as expiration date, card number or any other credit card details. This is a feature that a lot of players appreciate as it spares a lot of time and it also provides a higher level of security.

You can check your iDebit balance anytime you find it convenient. All you need to do is log into your account at the official website of the service and you will be able to see your latest transactions, history, as well as balance. This will give you a better control over your money and you will be able to manage your funds in a hassle-free way.

Last but certainly not least, is the fact that iDebit offers its services in many countries across Europe. This means that not only Canadians but also players who reside in other countries will be able to utilise the service of iDebit and enjoy fast and safe transactions.

There are definitely a lot of advantages of trusting iDebit and using it for your deposits and withdrawals in an online casino. If you want to manage your gaming balance in a fast, safe and convenient manner, then you should try the service of iDebit. After all, you can even make your first payment via iDebit as a guest and create your account after the transaction is over.

Pros and Cons

idebit disadvantages

iDebit’s unrivalled speed, security, reliability and intuitive use are just some of the reasons why Canadian players choose it over any other payment solution. It employs an encryption certificate and uses top-security storage of all the funds you want on your eWallet.

It is available…

…across so many online casino sites, and it is intended to cater to Canadian players. It is actually one of the most popular withdrawal methods, the ones that work best for Canadians. Some of its partnered banks and financial institutions include the National Bank, Bank of Montreal, Scotiabank, Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Simplii Financial and TD Canada Trust. Therefore, if you have an account with these banks, you can start using it in an instant. Even if you don’t want to play using Canadian dollars, you have the option to convert your money into multiple currencies.

The fact…

…that it eliminates the need for credit cards to fund your online casino experience only makes it easier for you to use it. As part of the convenience it offers, it allows you to transact directly to and from your bank account. Add to that the fact that it is pretty user-friendly and easy to get started with, and you’ve got yourself an excellent solution to use across online gambling sites.

As for disadvantages…

…we would have to mention the fees, even though they are really, really insignificant when you consider the value of the service. As another inconvenience, we must mention that when depositing with it, you can only spend the funds you have on your eWallet or your bank account, so you cannot combine funds or sum up the balances from several accounts in order to deposit more than you have. Other than these two, there are no other downsides to this amazing payment solution, so if you’d consider using it, you’d make a wise choice.


When it comes to online virtual casinos, players are always concerned with their payment options. Fast transactions, security and convenience are definitely the features they are looking for. Unfortunately, uploading funds and cashing out winnings is not the easiest thing for Canadian interactive players. Even though their banking options are limited, they can still rely on iDebit. It is a service that allows them to make deposits straight from their bank account in a safe and fast manner.

When it comes to the positive and negative sides of iDebit, there are certainly more attractive points than negative ones. It takes no time for your money to appear in your gaming account and you can start playing almost right away. Security is also an important feature of iDebit. Since your banking information is shared only between you and your bank, you do not have to worry about protecting any sensitive information. When it comes to availability, it is true that there are not that many virtual casinos that accept iDebit payments. However, as the popularity of the service grows, more and more web-based casinos start allowing their members to upload funds and withdraw their gaming funds via iDebit. This is great news, especially for players who reside in Canada.


No, unfortunately, its official website is available in English only. The Customer Support agents also speak English only.

Of course, as long as they are eligible banks. You can add multiple bank accounts, and link them all to your eWallet account by entering your account and going to the “Register a bank account” section.

Sure, you can track your transactions, as they are all neatly recorded on your account. You can review them on your eWallet account or your online bank account platform to check them out.

As a processing facilitator, transactions with it are irreversible. However, you may try and file a complaint with your online casino and ask for your money back. Considering the casinos that offer it are legit and trusted ones, they should give you a refund without any problems.

Yes, and a great one. In addition to a whole useful Demo page that could help you get started using the service, its Customer Support team has created a useful FAQs page you can explore. Plus, the team is available via Live Support, the email address and the phone number +1 855.443.3248.

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