Paytrail Casinos

paytrail_casinosPlayers across Canadian online casinos continue getting new payment methods to explore and use for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals, and there’s one European-based solution that has been attracting more and more players recently, Paytrail. This is a cloud-based eWallet that originates from Finland, offering players the most convenient banking, as they can connect all of their everyday-used payments into one account. As such, it is particularly useful for online casino players who wish to use different solutions to fund their online gambling time and cash out their winnings. What is Paytrail and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About Paytrail

Part of a powerful, well-established and esteemed financial group in Europe, Nets Group, Paytrail is a cloud-based eWallet that was launched way back in 2007. Almost two decades in, this is still a solution that is incredibly popular with users in Europe. It was established in Finland, though, offering users what they all dreamed of, one online payment solution that would connect all of their everyday-used payment methods into one place, one single account. Once users connect their most used solutions to it, they can use all of them whenever they want through the account they create with it.

Headquartered in Jyväskylä, the solution was first available to Finnish users only and known as Suomen Varkkomaksut. But, since its network grew, as well as its user base, and it partnered with over 20,000 online retail companies from a bunch of European countries, the solution became a huge hit on the entire European market. It started cooperating with major brands, financial companies and banks, including leading names like Nordea, S-Pankki and Danske Bank. Since it proved safe and legit to use, supervised and licensed by the Finnish Supervisory Advisory, it gained an unrivalled reputation on the market and continued spreading its reach all over the region.

The fact that all users with an account with some of the alternative methods, bank account or card by brands like MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay and VISA can connect their methods to it, and pay online with, in the most effortless way, is what made it a rising star in the region. Add to that the fact that it is extremely cost-efficient, and there you have it; a method you’d want to try. Thanks to its collaboration with Nordea, a bank network available in Canada, and MasterCard, American Express, Google Pay and VISA, you can try it out yourself, even though you’re not from Finland or Europe for that matter.

And considering how convenient it is, you’ll probably want to try it out across online casinos. Luckily for you, this is a solution offered by many Canadian online casinos; you’ll even find some reviewed here on our site. So, if eager to get started with it and use it for the most seamless deposits and withdrawals across Canadian casino sites, continue reading to find out the steps you need to make.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionSince this is an eWallet at its core, as you’d probably imagined, you’d need to register an account with it, and then connect your favourite methods to it. However, don’t worry; this won’t be a lengthy, exhausting process, since no long verification processes are required. You’d need to provide only a few basic personal details about yourself and continue with the next step.

The next step is connecting your most-used payment methods to your new eWallet account. As said, you can connect as many bank accounts, eWallets and cards as you may have to its platform, and use all the money you have on them, whenever you want to, as they’ll be stored for you to use whenever you need them. This means that all the funds you have will be in one place, one account, and that’s actually one of the biggest perks you’ll get for using this solution. Without going through the boring process of logging in with each solution to make a transaction, thanks to Paytrail, you can just select the one you’d want to go with easily from your one eWallet account.

Now, to protect your funds, whenever you try to make a transaction with it, the solution will send you aone-time PIN code. This code is used as an added layer of protection and transaction confirmation. It will arrive via SMS or email, so you must enter it in the designated field to confirm that you’re the one requesting the transaction. So, the code reduces the risk of unauthorized account access to zero, and no wrongful transactions can ever be made.

You can use the solution for all kinds of payments and purchases, invoices, for paying bills, etc. But, of course, you can use it for making seamless transactions to and from online casinos with it; since that’s in our interest, let’s go over the depositing and withdrawing procedure across online casinos next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

depositing_and_withdrawingConsidering the solution is so convenient to use and easy to get started with, you should not be surprised to find it across many Canadian online casino sites, like 21 Casino, for instance. When you go to its official website, you’ll notice that it gives both users and eCommerce platforms detailed explanations about everything it offers and how it functions. That’s why many online casinos have chosen to include it on their lists of accepted methods. You’ll have no issue finding it across online casino sites with great reputations, so explore a few you might like that offer it, and join the best one for you, to register an account with it.

After you’ve joined a proper casino, to make a deposit with Paytrail, go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Deposts/Banking/Cashier page.
  2. On the list of accepted methods, look for Paytrail’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter your eWallet address using your credentials.
  4. Specify how much you’d like transferred to your casino balance and wait for the unique code to arrive via SMS or email.
  5. Insert the code where needed to confirm the transaction and watch the money arriving in your account in an instant.

Given the fact that this is an eWallet, one that has partnered with major financial institutions, banks and brands, you have probably gathered that it is an option for withdrawals. What’s more, you should have no issues finding a casino that accepts it for cashouts. While it is not a withdrawal option by default wherever offered for deposits, you will certainly find it offered for cashouts across at least several casinos.

The withdrawal procedure is basically the same as the one we just described, with one major difference, of course: this time you should specify how much you’d like transferred from your casino balance to your eWallet. Once the casino checks whether you have cleared all wagering requirements, in case you’ve claimed bonuses, it will approve your request. And that’s when Paytrail will ensure the money arrives safely in your eWallet account.

Applicable Fees

We said from the very beginning that Paytrail is really cost-efficient for you as the end user. In fact, even though it charges transaction fees, these are really small, depending on the methods used. That’s actually one of the best things about it, the fact that only $0.15 to $0.40 per transaction is charged, based on the methods used.

But, since it charges operators for using its services, a monthly charge of $59, as well as a transaction handling fee of $0.05, that’s why it is not an option for withdrawals across too many casino sites. Not all operators are ready to handle such fees, and that’s why they choose not to offer it for withdrawals.

Accepted Currencies

As far as accepted currencies go, it goes without saying that the euro is the default currency, considering the solution’s primary market is the European.

However, thanks to its partnerships with major international brands and banks that are available outside Europe, it gives you the chance to use other currencies, too. Transactions with other currencies, though, will be subject to a conversion fee; that is, unless the bank account/card you’ve linked to your eWallet account is in a foreign currency. So, Canadian dollars will be your option, after all, since you’ll probably be using methods in CAD to connect to your eWallet account.


Even though based in Finland, as said, Paytrail has expanded its reach all over Europe, most precisely, countries in the European Economic Area.

So, it is particularly popular in France, Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Sweden, to name a few countries. But, thanks to its collaboration with Nordea, VISA, American Express, Google Pay and MasterCard, it is accessible by Canadians, as well. So, you should have no problem accessing its services.

Customer Support

Paytrail offers around-the-clock Customer Support. Its agents are at your disposal 24/7 via Live Chat, the email address and the phone line +358 20 718 1830. There’s also an on-site contact form you could use, and you can even reach them on Twitter.

However, its Support team has also prepared a detailed Help Center page that you could go through to find as much as you can about it, how it works and get answers to questions you might have right there.

You can always get in touch with your online casino’s Customer Support, too. Their agents are available via the same communication means, so you can reach out to them in the way it suits you.


While Paytrail might not have been the first solution that pops into your mind when thinking about payment methods to use across Canadian online casinos, considering you have plenty of local options to choose from, you can consider using it, since you can connect many of your payment methods to its one account and make deposits and withdrawals with it across many sites. When you come across a site that accepts it, make sure you give it a try; it is easy to get started with and use, so why not?


Since you’ll be using your bank account through the eWallet service, there won’t be any information about the casino operator on your bank statement; the transaction will appear as a Paytrail payment, and that’s one of the biggest advantages you’ll get with it.

If you cannot find its logo on the casino’s homepage, you’d need to look for it on the Payment Methods page, in the Withdrawals section. If info is unavailable, make sure you contact the casino’s Support team to double-check the fact.

Sure. As long as you were able to join the casino via a mobile device, you can certainly use the solution via any tablet or smartphone, regardless of the operating system it uses, as this is an online payment solution that facilitates payments over the internet via any device.

If you were hoping for French, sadly, it won’t be an option. Its website is available in English, though, although it also offers the Finnish option.

The solution rebranded from Suomen Verkkomaksut, the name given to it by its founders Niko Lehtonen and Lennu Kainanen, to Paytrail in 2013.