Voucher Casinos

voucher_casinosOn the list of accepted methods across most, if not all, Canadian online casinos, you will find at least one voucher that you’ll be able to use to make instant and cardless deposits. Some of the best brands available out there even offer the withdrawal functionality, which paired with anonymity, ergo the fact that you never need to share any credit card or bank account details with the operator makes this the perfect solution to use for online gambling transactions. What is a voucher and why choose to use it as your payment method across Canadian online casinos?

About Voucher

Looking back in history, one cannot really say when did the first voucher cards appear since there are records of them for ages. But, we do know that across the online gambling industry, the first such cards that were offered as payment methods emerged around two decades ago. So, you’ve been able to use this solution as your deposit method for years now, yet it is still one of the most preferred options to use by players, even though so many more innovative, modern and easier-to-use-solutions exist today, like eWallets and cryptocurrencies.

So, what is this solution, really? It is a card, either a paper card or in a virtual form, which you fund with money, meaning purchase, usually at a land-based branch/store/spot, with cash or card, and use anywhere where prepaid methods are accepted for payments, online casinos included. As such, it is particularly safe to use and quite popular, for that matter, across online casinos, since your funds are stored on it and you can use them as it suits you, without ever having to share your banking or credit card details with the online casino.

Upon purchase, you get a receipt which contains a code, which is usually with 12 or 16 digits, which you need to keep safe and use only when you wish to make a transaction with the solution. This code is basically everything you need to use the card; you never need to share any personal or banking details across eCommerce sites if not needed, contrary to credit cards and bank account details which always include your name as the cardholder or bank account holder.

But the thing that draws players into this solution most, aside from the anonymity, is its speed. Transactions are instantly transferred from the solution to the online casino balance. Since the funds are stored on the card itself, as soon as you enter the needed code, the transfer happens immediately. That’s why many casino players choose it over any other, for making the smoothest, most private and fastest deposits ever.

Now that you’ve seen all the reasons why players love it, by now, it should probably be clear to you why the solution is accepted across most if not all, Canadian online casinos. There are many brands you’ll find at the best Canadian casinos, at least one that’s for sure, which you can effortlessly use to make the smoothest deposits, and in some cases even withdrawals, with it. So, if interested in knowing the exact getting started procedure, continue reading as we’ll explore that next.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionMost of the leading brands, like CashToCode, PaySafeCard, Jeton, Neosurf and Flexepin are super-intuitive to get started with and use. Most of them offer slick websites you could visit to discover more about their service and the steps you need to make to get started with them; they even offer a locator tool where you could easily type in your address and find the nearest branch to your home to complete the purchase. With some slight differences depending on the brand you go with, you’d need to basically go through the same steps, as we’ll explain next, to actually complete the purchase.

Now first, we must make things clear right away: most of the popular brands give you two, and sometimes even a third option, when it comes to purchasing the card. Number one, you can do it offline at a land-based authorized store, gas station, restaurant, or branch. Number two, you can do it online on an authorized eCommerce reseller site. And number three, you can visit its website and create an account with it, to fund it like you’d do with an eWallet; in this case, you might even be able to withdraw your casino winnings with it, but more on that later.

Once you’ve provided cash at land-based, or chosen a method you use every day for online payments to purchase it online, you will get the receipt we mentioned, containing the 12 or 16-digit code. This code is basically your address, your account, your key to transacting with the solution. It must be kept safe and away from third parties, as it would be the mandatory thing you need to provide when transacting with your card.

Due to its prepaid nature, as said, this solution is excellent for online casino payments, and one of the safest solutions to use, because even if you purchased it online with a credit card, the credit card details will never be shared with your online casino operator. If you’d like to, indeed, give it a try, next, we’ll explain to you the steps you need to make to do it.

Depositing and Withdrawing

As said, most if not all, Canadian online casinos offer at least one voucher brand you could use. Here at casinoreports.ca, you have the very best sites reviewed, most of which accept at least Neosurf or Paysafecard, if not other brands, too. Just check out Win Windsor, Lucky Clover Spins, BetiBet or Playfina, and you’ll see that at least one brand is available for you to select and use for the smoothest deposits.

On that note, once you create an account with a casino of your preference, to make a deposit with a voucher, you’d need to go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to your online casino’s Deposits/Payment Methods list.
  2. Look for the brand or simply locate the Voucher logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, just enter the code and if needed, the amount you wish to deposit; with some brands, the entire amount must be deposited, so you won’t have a choice and you’ll have to use all funds unless you wish to lose them.
  4. The money will instantly arrive on your casino balance.

To elaborate on step 3 a bit, the funds you have on some vouchers must all be used when making a transaction, since if you leave any funds unspent, they’ll be forfeited and the money will be lost for good. Other brands allow you to spend a chunk of the money you have and leave the rest stored on the card to be used later. Make sure you consult with your brand about the type of voucher you’ve been issued when it comes to this matter.

As far as withdrawals go, as said, due to the nature of the solution, with most vouchers, they will be impossible. Since there’s usually no return address where the operator could send the winnings, this is usually not an option for withdrawals. And although some brands like Neosurf and Jeton do offer the withdrawal functionality, most vouchers, like Flexepin and CashToCode do not. In that case, you’d need to look for an alternative to traditional vouchers to cash out your winnings from an online casino.

Applicable Fees

Transactions with most, if not all, vouchers are fee-free; however, fees do apply depending on the methods used to fund them.

For instance, land-based cash purchases are free of charge, but online purchases are subject to fees, varying from method to method used for the purchase. You’d need to get in touch with your chosen brand’s Support team to discuss the fees.

Accepted Currencies

While many of the brands offered across online casinos are global, giving users the chance to use their native currency, regardless of which currency that would be, there are such which are limited to one or a few countries offering its/their currency only.

However, expect a default currency to be selected for any brand you decide to go with; therefore, as a Canadian player, you better explore one of the brands we mentioned earlier, as they all allow you to use Canadian dollars. Many other brands exist, of course, which you could consider using, to play using Canadian dollars across your favourite casino sites.


Most of the brands offered here at casinoreports.ca, if not all, are available to Canadian players and accepted in Canada. What’s more, there are even such brands like Flexepin, which are only available in Canada or in two-three countries and that’s it.

You’d want to stick to such brands, as on top of everything mentioned so far, will probably offer some other perks to you as a Canadian player.

Customer Support

As you will see when you start your decision-making process on which brand to go with, most of them offer their dedicated, expert Support services.

With most, Support is available via an on-site contact form and email.; many also offer Live Chat, and while rare, there are such that even offer a toll-free phone line you could use to get in touch with an agent.

Of course, if you went with a brand that does not offer Support, you could always contact the agents at your chosen casino, should your question revolve around deposits or withdrawals with this solution. They should be able to help you out with anything related to your online casino transactions.


There is no doubt that choosing to use a voucher would certainly change your online banking experience for the better. The next time you go out on a walk, remember to purchase your card at the nearest outlet, with cash, or simply go online and purchase one using your everyday-used method, and in an instant, you’ll be making swift deposits across Canadian online casinos, in your own currency even. Make sure you try one at least once, and you’ll see that you’ll absolutely love the solution and use it again in the future.


Yes, they do. Most, if not all, have expiry dates, presented on the card itself, at the front side, just like on credit cards. You must have the date in mind always since once expired, the funds expire with it.

You must share the card number and the code to make a successful deposit at an online casino if the voucher comes with a card number; with some, only the code is needed.

Unfortunately, in most cases, no. Since the money was already processed and received by the destined recipient, the brand won’t be able to do anything about it; plus, there’s usually no return address to where the recipient could send the money back.

As a matter of fact, yes. With most brands, you’ll be able to choose the language that would work for you from the many offered; such brands are usually global and wish to cater to their global user base in the best way possible.

Yes, of course. All modern and innovative brands know how important social media is for marketing and networking, and that’s why they all have at least one active profile with any of the giants Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, for instance.