PugglePay Casinos

Across Canadian online casinos, you will find many foreign-based payment methods worth considering; PugglePay is one such solution. It is a mobile payment solution from Sweden that is listed as an accepted method across many Canadian sites. It allows players to make smooth deposits which are not charged on their monthly mobile bills like with similar products, but sent on a separate invoice, that needs to be paid in a given period of time. As such, it is super-effective and practical to use for online gambling transactions, and that’s why many players choose to use it over any other. What is PugglePay and why choose to use it as your online casino payment method?

About PugglePay

As introduced, PugglePay is a mobile payment method that comes from Sweden. It was launched in 2012, by a group of experts on the financial scene and entrepreneurs, willing to facilitate online transactions to Swedish users. These people with different experiences and backgrounds in online sales and payments managed to create the most perfect, most practical and easy-to-use solution that we know of, which was an instant hit with Swedish users.

The team behind it made it incredibly user-friendly, but also pretty unique, compared to other methods of its kind. In fact, while with other similar products, you get charged on your monthly phone bill for any transactions you make, with this solution, a separate invoice is sent to you via phone, email or regular mail, which needs to be paid later. As such, the solution is perfectly suited for online gambling transactions, considering your online casino deposits won’t be added to your monthly phone bill but sent separately. That way, you’ll have better money management and control over your online gambling transactions.

Add to that the fact that you can deposit any time and pay for the deposit later is what made PugglePay particularly popular among Swedish online casino players. You don’t have to have money in your bank account or credit card to start playing your favourite games; with this solution, you have money at your disposal at any time, which you can pay off later. It is perfect for those players that don’t have money at the moment at their disposal but would like to engage in a round of roulette or blackjack now. Then, after they played and enjoyed their time, and when the invoice is due, can actually pay for it.

This is why you’ll find the solution across the top sites that accept Swedish players; but also, across leading Canadian casinos. You’ll certainly find it at JackpotCity Casino and Crazy Vegas Casino, so if eligible to use it, continue reading to figure out how to get started with it.

Getting Started with the Solution

The two conditions you need to meet in order to start using the solution are to be a Swedish citizen with a valid phone number with one of the many Swedish network providers. As long as you do, as said, you don’t need to create an account with it to use it, but you can proceed with the steps we’ll explain next.

You’d need to go to your chosen eCommerce platform, or in this case, your chosen online casino, and select it as your payment method. As you’ll see, since no login is required, you’d just need to specify how much you’d like to deposit with it and request the transaction as easy as that. As soon as your transaction has been confirmed, the solution will send you a special code on your mobile phone so that you validate the transfer. With that, your transaction will be completed and the money will successfully arrive on your online casino balance.

Before sending the money, of course, and before sending you the special code, the solution will run a background check to see whether you’ll later be capable to pay the invoice that you’ll receive. Since this is a trusted and legit solution, it will identify you through your mobile phone number and make sure you have enough money to pay the invoice later, before it actually loans you the funds to start playing at your chosen casino. So, if all is in order, the transaction will be successful.

The invoice will arrive by SMS, email or regular mail, as previously mentioned, and once it does, you’ll have to pay it within 14 days. If the loan is paid off within the given 14 days, no fees will apply. But, if not paid in due time, you should expect fees, which we’ll go into details about later. Now, let’s see how you can actually use the solution as your deposit method at an online casino.

Depositing and Withdrawing

PugglePay is certainly a solution offered across many awesome Canadian online casinos; we already mentioned two that you could explore, reviewed here on our site. But make sure you do your own research and you’ll see that there are plenty of other great options to consider. Choose the site you’d like to go with and make sure you create an account with it.

To make a deposit with PugglePay, you’d need to go through these steps:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Banking/Cashier/Deposits page.
  2. On the list of accepted methods, look for PugglePay’s logo, and when you find it, press it.
  3. In the pop-up, just enter the amount you’d like to deposit and make sure you specify your correct mobile phone number.
  4. Confirm your request and wait for the special code to arrive via SMS.
  5. As soon as confirmed, the transaction will reach your online casino balance instantly!

As previously noted, you should expect the invoice to arrive separately from your mobile phone bill; make sure you pay it on time if you don’t wish to pay extra for delayed payment fees.

When it comes to withdrawals, as you’d deduce from what you’ve read so far, they are not possible with this solution. Since it is a mobile payment solution, and you never had to create an account with it, there’s no address to which the operator could send you your winnings. That’s why this is a method for Swedish citizens to make deposits with only, and not an option for withdrawals.

You’d need to look for an alternative option to cash out your winnings; you might want to consider using an eWallet or some cryptocurrency, for the most seamless and fastest withdrawals.

Applicable Fees

We just mentioned, when we talked about invoice payment, that fees would be charged in case you don’t pay it in due time. Before we get into all that, you should know that the solution comes with no fees at all, if all is in order; not even a SEK1 extra will be charged for making transactions with it.

But, if you weren’t responsible and you are late for your invoice payment, you will first be charged a “reminder fee” worth SEK66, charged by the solution for reminding you that you have to pay. If you still do not pay the loan off after that reminder, an 8% interest rate will start applying. And, if there’s still no payment after all of these warnings, the final step would be collectors appearing on your doorstep. The solution is transparent when it comes to invoice payments; you have to pay it on the due date if you wish to avoid complications and extra charges.

Accepted Currencies

As you would expect from what you’ve read so far, the Swedish Krona is the default and only currency you could use when transacting with PugglePay. This is a solution that is available to Swedish players with an active phone number with a Swedish network provider, so it was expected.

Therefore, even if you wished to use a different currency, you won’t be able to. By default, if playing at an online casino that does not support Swedish krone, you’d need to pay a conversion fee when transacting with the solution.


PugglePay is a solution available only in Sweden; that was pretty evident from the very beginning. Therefore, even if available across Canadian casinos, its service is not available to Canadian players.

You’d need to look for an alternative similar mobile payment solution to use available to Canadian players, like Zimpler or Boku, to get a similar mobile experience.

Customer Support

Given the fact this is a solution that functions through mobile network providers, there’s no separate Customer Support team offered by it that you could get in touch with in case you have some problems or questions.

That’s why the wisest thing to do when using it for deposits across online casinos, is to contact your chosen casino’s Support team, to find the answers you were looking for. Or, in case you wish to know more about the invoice, make sure you contact your mobile phone network provider.


PugglePay is a really convenient solution to use if a Swedish player with an active phone number. It is easy to use, and practical, since you can deposit right now and pay later, and is offered across many casinos. Sadly, it is not an option for Canadian players, even though offered across Canadian casinos; the pre-conditions to use it just don’t fit your profile. But if a Swedish player playing at a Canadian casino that accepts it, you can rest assured you’ll have a seamless depositing experience with this solution.

PugglePay FAQs

Online casino Support teams are usually available via many communication means, and in most cases, around the clock, so you would probably be able to contact them via a phone line, email, Live Chat and on-site contact form, if not with other options, too.

We cannot say with certainty, but PugglePay is a solution you’ll find across many casinos. It is certainly offered across at least two sites reviewed on our site, but when you do your research, you’ll find many others.

Well, no. But this is expected since this is a mobile payment solution that functions through a mobile phone number and you never have to create an account with it; by default, there’s no way to use it on a desktop device. While we cannot guarantee that it will succeed, you may try joining a casino and requesting a deposit with it via your desktop device by entering your phone number in the designated field, to see what happens.

Given the fact you’ll never be sharing banking or credit card information when using it, the solution is incredibly safe to use for deposits across online casinos. Plus, you’re never sharing any sensitive details when transacting with it, only your phone number, and your money is not actually circulating online when paying with it but you pay for your deposit later in a separate invoice, so you can rest assured that it is completely safe.

The name associated with PugglePay is Kristofer Ekman Sinclair, who has a background with another popular Swedish payment method, Klarna. But, as said, a group of experts in finance and online sales made a joint effort to launch it.