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visa_debit_casinosOnline casino players from Canada have the opportunity to use all kinds of local and global payment methods for seamless transactions, but VISA debit is one that stands out from the rest in its convenience, the speed with which processes deposits, and above all, the security it implements to protect your funds. This is a debit card issued by none other than the globally-recognized brand, VISA, which is popular across all kinds of industries, the online gambling industry included. If interested in using it for effortless deposits and withdrawals, continue reading to discover all about it. Why choose to use VISA debit as your payment method across Canadian casinos?

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About VISA Debit

VISA is one of those brands operating in finance that needs no formal introductions; it is a brand that has been recognized worldwide, used by billions of users from all around the world. It is a global financial company offering all kinds of products for decades, and one of the longest-standing, leading financial companies that cater to users from any place in the world, offering them debit, credit and prepaid cards, among many other services.

It was created way back in 1958, by a US company, which started out as a credit card program. Offering one of the most renowned credit card programs in the world, the company built a great reputation, mainly due to the security measures it implemented. As it took off, the company started launching all kinds of other products, the VISA debit being among the first after the credit cards.

With credit cards, you can use only the money you have on your bank account linked to that card, and not a cent more. But with the debit product, you can spend more than that, in an overdraft agreement you sign with your bank. This is something like a loan the bank gives you, which you’ll owe and need to return in a given period of time, as agreed on in the document you both signed. With that, you can have more money to spend when you need it, even if you don’t have sufficient funds at the moment, and then pay the money back to the bank, in the agreed period of time.

That’s why the debit card is one of the most popular solutions used by Canadian players across online casinos. With it, players can continue playing when they’re on a winning streak, even if they ran out of money at a given moment. Then, whenever they are ready, as agreed with the bank, they can pay the money back. This functionality is pretty convenient for online casino operators, too, as it keeps players on their websites longer. And due to this player retention, many Canadian online casino operators are offering the solution on their lists of accepted methods. Stay with us to learn all about it and how to use it across online casinos.

Getting Started with the Solution

visa_getting_started_with_itIf you’ve ever used a debit card, or a credit card for that matter, you’ll be familiar with the getting started procedure with the solution. To get issued with your VISA debit card, you’d need to visit your bank and apply for one, attaching the needed documents to the application. Most, if not all, banks across the globe issue VISA cards. VISA makes sure to license the banks that wish to issue VISA cards, so if you see its logo in your bank, you can rest assured that your bank issues its cards.

You’d need to have an active bank account in order to apply for the card, so assuming you already have one with a bank that issues VISA cards, you’ve met the first pre-condition. The next step would be filling out the needed details on the application form. You’d need to enter some personal details, including date of birth, full name and address, and attach the necessary Proof of Income and Address documents. That way you’ll give the bank a guarantee that you can return the money you owe in case you wish to overstep your limit and take a loan.

The bank will take some time to review your application, and once it approves it, you’ll need to either have the bank send the card to your doorstep or physically visit the bank to claim the card yourself. Nevertheless, expect the card to arrive in an envelope containing the necessary codes you’ll need for verification when paying across all kinds of land-based and online stores, as part of the “Verified by VISA” protocol.

About the protocol, we mentioned that VISA is known for its impeccable security measures, and this is one of the main ones, which ensures all your transactions are 100% secure. There’s also an authentication process involved, the 3-D Secure, which is another layer of security added to your transaction, ensuring that the transaction goes from the control server to the intended site’s VISA plug-in securely and safely, thanks to its acquirer, issuer domains and interoperability.

If already convinced that this is a solution you’d like to use for your deposits and withdrawals across Canadian online casino sites, continue reading, as we’ll be covering these processes next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

visa_depositing_and_withdrawingOne of the things VISA debit stands out in comparison to other brands of its type is that it is accepted across most if not all, online casinos. Here at alone, you’ll find at least two dozen casinos reviewed by our teams that sure accept it. Some are RedAxePlay, KingdomAce, SlotsNinja, 21Bit Casino and Spin Palace Casino. Plenty of other options are at your disposal, but these are some of the top sites you could join right away to start depositing with the solution immediately.

You’d need to register an account with your chosen casino and then you’d need to make a deposit with VISA debit, following these steps:

  1. Go to your online casino’s Banking page.
  2. From the list of accepted methods, locate the VISA debit’s logo and press it.
  3. In the pop-up, enter the required card details, such as cardholder name, expiry date and card number.
  4. Enter the amount you wish to deposit.
  5. Go through the 3-D Secure authentication procedure and confirm your transaction.
  6. The transaction will immediately go through after being properly authenticated and verified, and your funds will arrive on your balance instantly.

While not all online casinos accept VISA debit for withdrawals, many of them do, like Sloty Casino, for instance. The solution offers the functionality, without a doubt, but it is up to operators whether they’d offer it for withdrawals or not.

Assuming you’re playing at a casino that does accept it, to make a withdrawal with VISA debit, you’d need to go through pretty much the same steps as described for depositing. Only this time, you’d need to specify how much you’d want to cash out and wait longer for the funds to arrive on your card. The casino will need to approve the transfer, and this might take up to 5 business days, so it will be a few days before the funds arrive in your account.

Applicable Fees

As you would expect, since all cards do, VISA debit comes with fees. These are, however, not charged by VISA itself, but by the issuing bank.

You’d need to get in touch with your bank, and its representative will tell you all about the fees involved regarding the issuance, maintenance of the card and any transactions with it. In case you’re not satisfied with what that particular bank charges, you can always open an account with a different bank that charges lower fees.

Accepted Currencies

Since this is a global solution, offered all over the world, Canada included, you can rest assured that Canadian dollars would be your option for transacting with it. The card will be issued by a Canadian bank, so your bank account will be in Canadian dollars and consequently, so will your card.

You should know, though, that if you have a foreign bank account active, you can also connect your card to it, but conversion fees might apply. You’d need to contact your bank to find out more about this.


VISA is available all across the world, without a doubt, and provides its services to billions of global users. Canadian players can certainly use it since Canada is on the accepted countries list.

While in some countries the card is no longer available for online gambling transactions due to regulatory reasons, Canadian players can sit back and relax knowing that it is perfectly legal to make deposits and withdrawals across Canadian casinos with this card.

Customer Support

On its official website for Canada, there are several options you could go with in order to contact its well-trained Customer Support team, in case you have any problems or questions. There’s an on-site contact option where you’d need to fill out the inquiry form to get a response within 48 hours. You also have the Chat option and the 1-800-847-2911 (1-800-VISA-911) phone line. Whichever you go with, you can get the answers you needed as the team is at your disposal whenever you need them.

In case you’re having any technical problems with your transactions, you’d need to contact your bank’s Support team. They are available via many means, too, and they are the ones that can actually give you answers and solve any transaction problems.

If you’re having issues with your deposits and withdrawals, though, you’d need to contact your casino’s Support team. The agents are usually available via chat, phone, email and even social media, so as you can see, you have plenty of options to get the assistance you needed.


There’s no doubt that VISA is one of the most trustworthy card brands, so if in need of a debit card, VISA debit is the card you should go with. Even though some fees would apply when using it, the perks you’re getting with it really compensate for the charges. It is accepted in Canada, offered for deposits and withdrawals across top Canadian casinos, and it even has a Canadian-based website you could explore. You will be able to avoid conversion fees as your native currency is accepted, so what else could you ask for? If you already have the card, try it out across any Canadian casino and you’ll see that you’ll love using it for seamless online casino transactions.


Can I use the card to make online casino transactions via my smartphone?

Sure thing. You can use the card via any mobile and desktop platform. All you need to do is get your card and type in all the needed card details upon making a transaction with it, and regardless of the device you’re using, the same security measures will apply and the transaction will be processed successfully and safely.

Are there any special bonuses for Canadian players that use VISA debit?

You might find some special bonuses across the top Canadian casinos for VISA debit depositors. These are rare offers but may appear from time to time. Be ready to go through an extensive search to find one.

If available for deposits, is it by default available for withdrawals?

No, not really. Even if accepted for deposits, the card may not be accepted for withdrawals, since many casinos only offer a few withdrawal methods. So, before you decide to use it, make sure you double-check with your casino first, to see whether it is a withdrawal option.

Is the Canadian website offered in French?

Sure thing! The website is available both in Canadian English and Canadian French, so you could explore it as it suits you.

Is the solution available on social media?

VISA is on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, so whenever any novelty about VISA debit is introduced, you’ll be the first to hear about it on these social media platforms.