Online Casinos With Prepaid Cards

Gambling enthusiasts from all over the world are having more and more opportunities to enjoy their favourite casino games in the comfort of their own homes. Virtual casinos are all about providing the ultimate fun and a chance of boosting one’s bank account. Thanks to various online casino operators players are allowed to make real-money bets and win impressive amounts of money even without setting a foot into a land-based casino.

Of course, since we have mentioned online gambling, it is only natural to ask yourself how can you actually bet money online. There are several ways to play for real money in an interactive casino and which method is the one you would choose depends on many different factors. For instance, due to the country you reside in, you may not have access to a certain service. This, however, should not discourage you since you are guaranteed to find at least a few reliable online casinos which will help you upload and withdraw funds in a hassle-free and secure manner.

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If you feel like you are running out of payment options, you can always try to pay with prepaid cards. The list of the advantages of this banking solutions is endless and you will be able to enjoy your virtual gambling anytime you would like. As prepaid cards have become very popular among online gamblers, many web-based casinos allow their members to make deposits via various prepaid cards.

Utilising a prepaid card for boosting your gaming balance is fast, safe and extremely easy. This is why it has become a convenient payment alternative for players all around the world and different companies have started offering their own prepaid cards.

How Do Prepaid Cards Work

how do prepaid cards workPrepaid cards do resemble debit cards in a way that they are a convenient and secure alternative to cash and cheques. If you decide to pay for a purchase via a prepaid card, you must first make sure that it is charged, i.e. it has sufficient amount of money in it. This will allow you to complete the payment.

The thing which differs prepaid cards from debit ones, however, is the fact that they are anonymous and they do not contain any personal details about the cardholder. This way you can remain anonymous while paying at the virtual casino where you play.

Since prepaid cards have become a pretty popular method to pay for online purchases, virtual casinos have also started accepting deposits made via this method. This payment solution has helped many players who do not have many options to upload funds to their gaming accounts.

Many banks that issue credit and debit cards can also issue prepaid cards which can be used for online, as well as another type of purchases. However, even if your bank is not issuing prepaid cards, you should not lose hope. There are plenty of companies which offer their own prepaid cards. But that is not all. Players can also find various prepaid cards in convenience stores and other types of local retailers. Some prepaid cards are being sold charged with a certain amount of money, while others need to be charged by you. Make sure to check whether the prepaid card you want to utilise is accepted by the virtual casino where you play.

Since prepaid cards do not allow huge payments, those who are fairly new to online gambling can opt for this method when they make their first deposits. This way they will not risk spending too much money if they happen to make a mistake during the upload of funds. Thanks to the limits of prepaid cards, players also have the opportunity to control their spendings and overall, avoid getting into debts.

The majority of prepaid cards allow several easy and fast options to load them with money and most importantly, you do not have to provide any personal information while doing so. This way you will be able to stay completely anonymous and safe while you are making a deposit to web-based casinos.

Since prepaid cards have become pretty popular among virtual players, you will have no issue finding a trustworthy interactive casino which accepts payments via various types of prepaid cards. This way you will be able to boost your gaming balance in a safe and easy way.

Some online casinos can even help their patrons by selling prepaid cards that can be used for making deposits. This way player will not have to go through the trouble of purchasing a prepaid card from somewhere else. It is worth exploring the payment options of different web-based casinos so that you can make the right choice of where you should enjoy your favourite games.

Depositing via Prepaid Cards

prepaid cards depositIf you opt for using a prepaid card as your deposit method at a virtual casino, you will have no trouble boosting your gaming balance in no time. As usual, the first step is visiting the Cashier Page and selecting the ‘Deposit’ section. Take a look at the different payment solutions supported by the online casino of your choice and pick the prepaid card you would like to use.

After specifying the sum you would like to deposit to your gaming account, you will have to enter some information which can differ depending on what type of prepaid card you are using. For instance, Paysafecard will ask players to enter a 16-numbered personal identification number, while prepaid cards might prompt casino members to fill in details such as card number, expiration date and in some cases even cardholder’s name. All that is left for players to do is confirming the deposit and the transaction will be complete.

If you use a prepaid card for uploading funds to your casino balance, you can be sure that your money will be transferred to your gaming account right away. This will allow you to enjoy your casino adventures instantly.

If you choose to purchase your prepaid card from the virtual casino where you play, you can do that by visiting the Cashier Page again and choosing to pay via a prepaid card which will redirect you to page where you can purchase a prepaid card which will help you to make fast and secure deposits to the virtual casino of your choice.

Unfortunately, prepaid cards can be used only for deposits and virtual gamblers will have to use another payment solution in order to cash out their casino winnings.

Different Types of Prepaid Cards

There can be distinguished three types of prepaid cards. Some of the best online casinos have listed at least one of them as a payment option they accept for depositing funds. Virtual players can upload money to their gaming account without wasting any time or jeopardising their personal information.

Reloadable Prepaid Cards

reloadable prepaid cardsThis type of prepaid cards is pretty popular among virtual players and it is a very convenient method for making deposits. It allows you to make payments using the prepaid card and reload it with money, once its balance starts decreasing. It resembles a lot a typical debit card, however, you charge it with cash, rather than using your bank account. This way you can be completely sure that you are not exposing any sensitive information.

The great thing about reloadable prepaid cards is that you can use them right away after getting hold of them since you do not have to wait for their activation. Once you have used all the money in the prepaid card, you can register it by providing some details such as your name, address, e-mail and date of birth.

If you are looking for a way to recharge your prepaid card, you can go to a retailer that sells and offers the service of topping reloadable prepaid cards. The cashier of the store will swipe your prepaid card on a machine which will add more funds that you can use later on while playing online.

There is also the option of transferring funds directly from your paycheck or your savings/chequing account. Usually, there are no additional fees included when you use a direct deposit for recharging your prepaid card. However, you should keep in mind that there is a monthly fee which is automatically deducted from your reloadable card’s balance at the end of the month. This fee is charged regardless of the fact whether you use your prepaid card or not.

Some of the most popular companies in the world which offer payment solutions are offering their clients reloadable prepaid cards. This is why you can come across VISA, MasterCard and American Express-branded prepaid cards. Of course, the term of use and the fees included may differ according to the company that issues the reloadable prepaid card. Cardholders can shop online, pay utility bills and boost their gaming balance at an interactive casino. Look for a web-based casino that accepts payments via cards from the brand that have issued your prepaid card.

Disposable Prepaid Cards

disposable prepaid cardsThe second type of prepaid card that virtual players may use for deposits is the disposable ones or as some call them pre-dominated cards. Retail shops, big credit card companies and various banking institutions are the places where you can buy a disposable prepaid card.

The great thing about using such type of prepaid cards is the fact that you can make deposits to the online casino of your choice without revealing any personal information. In fact, you do not need to have a bank account in order to utilise pre-dominated cards. You can even visit the website of the company that has issued your disposable prepaid card and get a unique card number which can be used when you are depositing money to your gaming balance. Typically, this type of prepaid cards expires after a period of either six or twelve months. There is also an option to set a transaction limit to your disposable prepaid card.

It should be noted that some gift cards issued by VISA and MasterCard also fall under the pre-dominated cards category. In order for gift cards to be recognised, they have magnetic strips or barcodes, similar to those of credit and debit cards. Once you have picked your gift card, you can head to the cashier of the store who will help you upload funds to the card’s balance.

When you play online, you can use special PINs to upload funds to your gaming account from your prepaid card’s balance. As you are browsing the different virtual casinos, you will see that many of them accept payments via Paysafecard. This type of prepaid card offers PINs which can be bought from various retailers. It is possible to make a deposit to the web-based casino where you play via Paysafecard. All that you need to do is choose this payment method and enter the 16-digit PIN you have purchased and upload the amount you would like. If you happen to use just a fraction of the money in your Paysafecard, you can use the PIN again until you have depleted the balance of the prepaid card.

Virtual Prepaid Cards

virtual prepaid cardsRecently, virtual prepaid cards have also become quite popular among online players. Companies like ecoPayz are among the most commonly accepted virtual prepaid cards at major web-based casinos. These allow players to create an account and purchase virtual cards that will help them shop online and, of course, top up their virtual gaming accounts in a fast and secure way.

The great thing about ecoPayz is that it allows account holders to make one-time payments via ecoVirtualcard. This way they should not worry about exposing any sensitive details while making deposits at interactive casinos. You can also purchase a physical ecoCard which will be sent to you a few days after you have requested it. After receiving it, you will have to activate it in your ecoPayz account and you will be ready to use it for your online casino deposits in no time.

Those who decide to use a virtual prepaid card, should open an account and upload money via a bank account or debit/credit card. This way they will be able to boost their gaming balance in no time and in a secure manner.


prepaid cards securityIf you are on the lookout for a secure payment method while playing online, you should definitely opt for paying with a prepaid card. Making a deposit using this payment solution is definitely a great way to stay anonymous and protect any sensitive data you do not feel comfortable sharing with virtual casinos. As you are not sharing any bank account details or social security numbers, you can be sure that no one will be able to take advantage of any personal information of yours.

Since prepaid cards are not connected to bank accounts, you can also be sure that in case of a lost or stolen prepaid card, you do not have to worry about fraudulent activity, since there is no information available that can be used for malicious purposes.

What is even better about prepaid cards is the fact that they have limits and users can only charge them with a certain amount of money. This way players cannot spend more than what they have in their prepaid card’s balance. This is a great method to avoid getting into debts. Utilising prepaid cards is also a great way for new online players to make their first deposit to a virtual casino. This way even if they make a mistake, they will not be able to spend too much since prepaid cards usually tend to have a limited amount of funds in them.

Advantages of Using Prepaid Cards at Online Casinos

Prepaid cards advantagesThere certainly many advantages of utilising prepaid cards for deposit at virtual casinos. If you are looking for a fast, safe and convenient way to boost your gaming balance, you can definitely try prepaid cards as a deposit method.

First and maybe one of the most important qualities of prepaid cards is the safety that they provide. Since you can load prepaid cards with cash and you do not need to link it to any bank account, you can be sure that any sensitive information that you would like to keep private will not be shared while you are uploading money to the web-based casino of your choice. This way players can be sure that they will not have to worry about identity thefts and they can fully enjoy their online gambling adventures.

Another positive side of prepaid cards is the fact that anyone who is 18 or older can buy a prepaid card. This saves the trouble of waiting in a banking institution where you need to face all sorts of troublesome issues related to issuing a credit or debit card. Even people with bad credit history can buy a prepaid card and use it for their purchasing needs.

The fast transactions are also among the advantages of using prepaid cards. As soon as you confirm the transaction, you will be able to see your funds in your gaming account. This is a great opportunity to enjoy your favourite casino games as soon as you make a deposit.

If you are wondering where you can get a prepaid card, you will be surprised by the various options you will be provided. You can buy reloadable or disposable prepaid cards from convenience stores, gas stations and other retailers, banking institutions as well as credit card companies. Some of the biggest companies that offer payment solutions are also providing their customers with virtual or physical prepaid cards which are accepted in the majority of trustworthy online casinos.

Last but not least is the fact that players who utilise the service of prepaid cards will have the opportunity to control their transactions as prepaid cards have a limited balance. This way players are protected from overspending and getting into debts.

Those who are new to the online gambling scene are also advised to use a prepaid card for their initial deposit at a virtual casino. This way they will be able to learn how to upload funds to their gaming account and even if they happen to make a mistake, they will not be able to spend way too much since the balance in the card will be limited.

As you can see, using prepaid cards for your virtual gaming has definitely plenty of advantages and can help you increase your casino balance in a quick and safe manner.

Disadvantages of Using Prepaid Cards in Online Casinos

Prepaid Cards disadvantagesOne of the biggest disadvantages of using prepaid cards is the fact that they include some additional charges. The fees that cardholder might be charged every month are sometimes quite hefty and virtual players are advised to check properly the terms of use of each type of prepaid card. After all, you should be well aware of the prize you will pay for using this method as a payment solution at the online casino where you play.

If you happen to use your prepaid card for a withdrawal via an ATM, you will also be charged an additional fee. Not to mention that the monthly fee of reloadable prepaid cards is deducted from your balance at the end of every month, despite the fact that you may or may not use your prepaid card.

Since the fees for each type of prepaid card may vary depending on the company that issues it, you will have to check the additional charges you may have to pay for using a certain prepaid card. There are some banking institutions that may charge cardholders a monthly fee if the fixed balance of their prepaid card is not exhausted within the period of six months. There is also the possibility of being charged a “closure fee” if you would like to terminate your reloadable prepaid card.

Before you start using prepaid cards as your deposit method at web-based casinos, make sure that the country where you reside in supports the service of the company that issues the cards. Another thing you may see is that the virtual casino you want to play at does not accept payments via the prepaid card of your choice. This may narrow down the list of good interactive casinos where you can enjoy your favourite games and make real-money bets.

Last but certainly not least, is the inconvenience of looking for a different method when it comes to withdrawing your winnings. Even though prepaid cards may be quite easy for use as a deposit method, they are not accepted as an option for cashing out your casino wins. This is because most prepaid cards are not connected to any bank accounts or credit/debit cards. This way the virtual casino is actually unable to transfer you your money. Many online players find it annoying that they must look for alternative payment solutions when it comes to withdrawals.

As you can see, the disadvantages of utilising this payment method are definitely less than its positive sides. This is why you are advised to research your options and find a prepaid card that offers more reasonable fees and can help you boost your gaming balance in a fast way.


As online gambling has become extremely popular, more and more players are looking for convenient and safe methods to manage their gaming funds. Since players may sometimes feel restricted when it comes to payment solutions, there is always the option of choosing a virtual casino that accepts payments via prepaid cards.

Prepaid cards are praised for being easy to use and they offer players the opportunity to protect any personal information such as address, social security number or banking details. Since some prepaid cards do not require a name or a bank account, cardholders can be sure that they will not be a target of any fraudulent activity. Buying a prepaid card is extremely easy and some online casinos can help you purchase one from their website. This way you can be sure that your transaction will be smooth.

Since many prepaid cards are co-branded by VISA and MasterCard which are widely accepted by the majority of trustworthy virtual casinos, you are guaranteed to find an online casino where you can upload funds to your gaming account via a prepaid card.

Players from different parts of the world are discovering the benefits of using prepaid cards as their deposit solutions. The fast transactions, the opportunity to stay anonymous while playing online and the convenience of utilising this payment method are the factors that made prepaid cards a widely accepted banking solution in many online casinos.