Nordea Casinos

nordea_casinosSome European payment methods have reached North America and are providing Canadians with the smoothest transactions, like Nordea. This is an international bank network that offers its online banking services to players from over 20 different countries across the globe, allowing them to make the most effortless payments and purchases in many currencies. You might be interested in using these services, since Nordea is offered across many Canadian online casinos, or in collaboration with other European alternative methods, to provide you with seamless online banking. Why choose to use Nordea as your online casino payment method at Canadian casino sites?

About Nordea

Nordea’s roots date back to 1820, so this is a bank network that has been operating and helping users realize their dreams for over 200 years. It all started with the launch of Denmark’s Sparekassen in 1820, then Sweden’s Wermlandsbanken in 1848, followed by the Norway’s Christiania Kreditkasse and then the Finland’s Suomen Yhdyspankki/Föreningsbanken I Finland in 1862. These are the first banks that joined forces and created the banking system that we know now as Nordea.

Its history speaks volumes; rare are such networks with such a long history. Throughout the years, thanks to its reputation and trustworthiness, the network became one of the leading banking solutions for millions of users in the Nordic region. And even though most popular in the four home markets, the network continued expanding its reach, and went global, marking its footprint in North America in 1979, becoming available to Canadian and US users, too, followed by its expansion to Asia.

Today, the system is offered in over 20 countries globally; by 2019, the universal bank had total assets of 554.8 billion and an operating income of €8.5 billion. Based on market capitalization, it strengthened its position as one of the top 10 financial services companies in Europe, which went global, while maintaining its mission of providing users with high-quality, smart solutions that would meet all of their needs in terms of online banking.

This is a system that really offers all of the banking services you could think of; in its home markets, it offers insurance and pension, investment and saving, everyday banking and loans, for instance. It also offers mobile solutions provided via its Mobile Bank app, which can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store, but at its core, you’ll find the transfer service.

Since it has partnered with leading, modern FinTech companies that offer alternative payment products, like the mobile solution Siirto, the eWallets Skrill and Neteller, BankID, Klarna, SOFORT, Zimpler, Euteller, Brite, Paytrail and so many others, it has made all of these incredible solutions even more accessible to Canadian users.

And since the banking network is available in Canada, and offered across many Canadian online casinos, it certainly is a solution you might want to consider using. Opening an account with it would open so many doors for you. Figuratively, we mean it would allow you to use all of the just-mentioned alternative solutions in just a few taps on your device, for the smoothest deposits and withdrawals across Canadian online casinos. If interested in knowing how to start using it, stay with us, as we’ll go through the steps next.

Getting Started with the Solution

getting_started_with_the_solutionOne of the greatest things about this solution is that you could use its services without registering an account with it; through its open banking system, as long as you have an account with any of its partnered banks, you can just choose it as your payment method on the eCommerce site you’re visiting and request a transaction through it.

But, in case you wish to become a bank account holder, and be able to, on top of using its services, use the services of the mentioned alternative methods that have partnered with it, you’d need to open an account. The best thing is, you can do that both offline and online. Offline, you’d need to visit a branch and ask the desk clerk to provide you with the application form. Online, you’d need to visit its official website and go to the Personal page, then press the Become a Customer Online button. You can open banking services and order a card via the internet, within just a few minutes, without having to physically visit a branch. You’d need to fill out the same application form and provide the needed ID documents, to successfully register your account and/or order a card.

Once your application is approved, you will immediately be given access to many services, but you’d need to call its Customer Service to activate the banking services and get your access codes. And once you’ve done all of that, you’ll be ready to use all of the services offered by this incredible solution. Let’s see next how you could use it for making instant deposits and fast withdrawals with it.

Depositing and Withdrawing

As mentioned previously, Nordea has managed to expand to North America and that’s why it is available to Canadian users. We also said that it has managed to get on the list of accepted methods across many Canadian online casinos. Among them, we can mention Winota, 888 Casino, Luxury and Huikee Casino.

You find Nordea itself on these sites, but you have plenty of other casinos to consider where you can use the alternative partnered solutions like BankID, Euteller and SOFORT, for instance, sites like Guts Casino, BitStarz, and Casino Luck. Any of these sites would be a suitable option for you, so just choose one and create your account with it.

So, to make a deposit with Nordea, go through the following steps:

  1. Head over to your chosen casino’s Deposit Methods page.
  2. Look for either Nordea’s logo or choose any of the mentioned alternative methods.
  3. In the pop-up, either enter the respective credentials to enter your banking profile.
  4. Specify how much you’d like to top up your casino balance with.
  5. Confirm the transaction and the money will reach your account in an instant.

We should mention here, that with some of the alternative partnered methods, you might need to create an account before you can use them to access your online banking profile. Make sure you check the method prior to using it at an online casino, to see which terms and conditions you must meet to use it.

To make a withdrawal with the solution, you basically need to go through the same steps, only this time, you’d need to request a bank transfer specifying how much you’d like to cash out from your online casino balance and receive on your bank account. You’d need to wait for the casino’s approval, so as soon as you get it, you’ll see the money available in your bank account, within a few days.

Applicable Fees

Nordea charges no feesfor some of its services but charges some for others. For the basic banking services, like transactions with it in your native currency and the issuance of cards, no fees are charged.

But for transactions in foreign currencies, some intermediary services as well as basic transfer costs are charged by it; so, you’d need to get in touch with its Customer Support or check out its official website to discover more about the fees involved depending on the services you’d like to use.

Accepted Currencies

Nordea supports all of the currencies of the countries it is active in. By default, it also supports Canadian dollars. If you opened your account in CAD, you can rest assured you’ll be able to use your native currency without having to pay any conversion fees.

But since it is a method coming from Europe, of course, the euro is the most used currency. The US dollar is offered, too, as are Swedish, Norwegian and Danish krone, and so many other worldwide used currencies. Keep in mind that, holding and using foreign currency is subject to conversion fees.


Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland may be the four home markets, but as said, the solution has spread its wings and is now available in 20 different countries, Canada included.

Other countries we can mention whose users enjoy its services are Spain, Germany, France, China, the UK, Switzerland and Portugal, to name a few.

Customer Support

When you visit its official website, you’ll see that there’s a variety of options you could consider to get in touch with its Support agents. You can use the Search and Find button to find its headquarters, branches and offices, you can follow it on social media, and you can find links to the dedicated Customer Service in all countries where it’s active, among other options. Naturally, you can also always visit one of its branches to get in-person assistance, if you’re already out on the streets, passing by one of the locations.

You can also always contact the Support representatives at your chosen online casino, especially if experiencing issues or having questions about your deposits/withdrawals. They are usually available via Live Chat and email, but many casinos also offer phone Support. So, do not hesitate to connect with them in the way it suits you.


Nordea is certainly a method worth considering since it gives you access to a wide range of payment products and solutions to choose from and use to receive impeccable online banking. You can use it or one of its partnered alternative solutions to get the same effortless services, meaning get instant deposits and fast withdrawals across Canadian online casinos. You can freely use your native currency without having to pay conversion fees, so in case you haven’t tried it yet, make sure you put that on your to-do list. The solution is accepted across the leading Canadian casinos, so you’ll have plenty of options to consider to join to get the most seamless transactions with this solution.


It is active on LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Follow any of its profiles to keep track of any new developments and news regarding its services in Canada.

The official website is available in Svenska, Danks, Norsk, Suomi and English; if you were hoping for French, that’s not an option, unfortunately, but you can still explore it in English.

The North American branch is located in New York, and the phone line to contact Support is +1 212 318 9300.

Unfortunately, no. At the moment of writing, the only options you could use to contact its agents are those mentioned here in this article.

No, it is not mandatory to use an alternative partnered solution to use its services. You’re free to use its own services, even though the others are your options in case you cannot find Nordea itself on your chosen online casino’s list of accepted methods. With this method, you have plenty of options, and that’s the beauty of it.