Did You Know You Can Play Craps sans Dice?

Craps gaming is renowned for being so versatile that anyone could find something they like around the craps gaming table. It welcomes individuals ready to try their luck and bet on one of the myriad possibilities available in the form of wagers on different numbers and combinations. Craps variations are what makes this game even more special.

There are many facets to this traditional casino game, as its travel around the globe brought the simple concept it has โ€“ two dice. Every region attempted to reshape it and mold it so that it better reflects that particular area and the people willing to play craps. By trying to make the game more appealing to the people, people have often created a rather exotic new offering.

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Craps Variations 101

Learning everything there is to know about craps gaming is important for the people willing to make good use of this gambling offering and change their life for good. Today we are going to look into the diverse craps variations available out there and give recommendations on whether they are good for you.

Craps variation is what spices things up around the craps gaming table. Before getting down to business, one should always be acquainted with the particular craps variation played in the area and the details coming with it. This could prevent misunderstandings and miscommunication while gambling, as the player would be aware of the particular rules coming with this variation. It will also make the gambling session much more positive and productive when all is said and done.

Every region has come up with something unique making the gambling offering more appealing to the local players. This approach makes it possible for the local players to feel part of a community, while outsiders have to quickly learn the basic rules coming with the local style of craps gambling. It allows each craps variation to be tweaked and improved with time, further differentiating it from the original craps variant.

What if We Exclude Dice?

Delving deep into the craps variations world reveals the versatile nature of this game and the many ways in which it could surprise players. In its traditional form, craps gaming requires the use of dice propelling the gaming action forward. However, gaming enthusiasts should keep in mind that some jurisdictions frown upon gambling offerings involving the use of dice. There are ways in which some casinos avoid these restrictions and still offer their patrons craps gaming.

One of those approaches involves gaming cards used for all kinds of card games around the globe. In order to implement the cards in an appropriate manner, casinos use two shoes coming with 44 decks. They feature only Ace through six cards. What should be noted when it comes to this craps variation is that it gives players a certain advantage over the casino and they should use it for their benefit when they have the chance.

Card counting could take place during this diceless craps variation and the careful observant could actually take advantage of the situation. Casino locations want to prevent this from happening, which is why their management often resorts to dealing approximately half of the decks. Next up we are going to review a sort of hybrid craps variation between the traditional Bank craps and the diceless craps.

Best of Both Worlds

For the individuals of spicing things up, there is a sort of mix between the two variations allowing them to get the best of both worlds. It includes both gaming cards and dice. This means that the craps gaming table welcomes two decks of cards, as well as two dice. In order to distinguish between the four parts of this craps variation, they could be colored differently. Once this condition is present, it is time for the casino to bring out the technology.

Continuous shuffling machines are usually part of this craps variation, making it possible for the cards part of the gaming action to be properly shuffled. The craps gaming table then sees six cards dealt. Each of the cards is positioned in the special areas part of the table layout with the numbers 1 to 6 written on them. Individuals should pay close attention, as the next step involves the roll of the dice and its value is important.

This eventually determines the card that wins this roll. Using both cards and dice on the craps table gives the dealers great freedom to do whatever they please with them. Another craps variation completely changes the perspective and uses card decks with 36 cards with dice combinations that could roll. Along with those, the special dice also adds to the craps table, as it never rolls pairs.

The dice roll determines which card of the two removed from the deck is revealed and becomes part of the wagering. Individuals interested in betting can place a wager on the possible situation in which one of the cards has 1-1 printed on it, while the second one comes with a 6-6 pair. The chances of this happening are quite slim โ€“ 647:1. Nevertheless, the payout coming with it amounts to 500:1.

When all is said and done craps variations deviating from the traditional Bank craps setting bring something new to the table, but often they also leave players at a disadvantage. Swelling the house edge is usually one of the ways in which that happens, eventually making traditional craps gaming with its most basic wagers available more beneficial. We have tons of reviews on each bet coming with the traditional Bank craps and there are more to come, so stay tuned.