More of the Craps Single-Roll Bet’s Secrets

Craps gaming introduces a whole new world of wagering opportunities to its players ready to win big and they have the chance to explore it whenever they feel like it. It is important that they get to know each and every craps wager available ahead of their actual gaming session.

This might sound like a laborious task at hand, but it will eventually give them the freedom to be the masters of craps gaming and make swift moves on the gaming table. Today we continue reviewing the vast palette of single-roll bets offered by most premium casinos out there. Those offer players the freedom to find out whether they win or not in an instant, but they are also considered quite risky.

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The Hop Bet

When it comes to single-roll wagers, those are resolved within a single roll of the dice, and individuals that have placed them get the chance to learn whether they win or not as quickly as possible. It is all in the hands of the shooter and the pace of the game is quicker than ever. Such wagers make this particular casino offering so riveting.

The Hop bet is one of the ways players can get to experience this exciting game in a whole new way. Most of the casino venues accept it, but players should keep in mind the craps gaming table layout. There is no particular area they should place their chips at when they want to place a Hop bet. This means that players should identify their desire to place a Hop bet by attracting the boxman’s attention.

This bet is unique in a sense, as only that member of the craps table team has the right to place it. However, gaming enthusiasts are advised to stay away from it, especially if their bankroll is not substantial because the risks it brings to the table are also substantial. The payout coming with a pair Hop wager amount to 30 to 1. There is also the house edge of 13.26 percent, considered one of the larger ones.

If the player opts for a non-pair Hop bet the payout would go all the way to 15 to 1. The house advantage coming with ever craps bet will also drop to 11.11 percent, improving the overall situation. The overall recommendation is that players refrain from placing this particular type of bet if they feel uncertain about their finances.

Horn Bet

Craps enthusiasts that are closely following our weekly guides are probably acquainted with the Horn bet available on the craps gaming table. It makes it possible for the players to learn whether they win or not over a single roll of the dice. It is similar to the existing Yo-leven bet and it also covers the craps numbers every player is familiar with.

This means that by placing it, the craps fan wagers on the numbers 2, 3, 12, as well as 11. The fact that it includes four numbers means that the player’s stake is going to be equally divided between those four numbers in a so-called “around the horn” fashion. Each of these numbers will get a $5 bet placed on it. It should be pointed out that if one of those is winning, the remaining three would be losing.

The payouts coming with this bet also depend on the particular numbers rolled during the next dice roll. For the numbers 2 and 12, the payouts are 30 to 1 since is only one dice combination that could roll either of those – either two sixes or two ones. For the numbers 3 and 11, the payout amounts to some 15 to 1, as each of those comes with two dice combinations. Rolling any of these numbers does not happen that often and players end up losing in most of the cases.

The house edge coming with it is also considered a rather high one, amounting to some 11.11 percent. It could swell all the way to 13.89 percent in some cases. Individuals planning on placing this bet should memorize these percentages and keep them in mind while doing so.

Whirl Bet

The last wager we are going to review today is the Whirl bet which is also commonly referred to as the World bet. This double name comes as a result of the similarly sounding words which could be misheard during the live craps gaming session. Nevertheless, players should be acquainted with the specific lingo craps gaming comes with, in order to be in the know and to appear even more weathered on the craps table. This wager is intriguing, as it combines two bets we have already discussed. Those are the Horn bet and the Any Seven bet, both single-roll ones.

It involves five numbers, further elevating the risk coming with the craps game. The Whirl bet includes the numbers 2, 3, 11, and 12 coming with the Horn bet. It also involves the Any Seven part with its number 7. Now let’s look at a possible situation on the craps gaming table. The craps enthusiast places $5 on the Whirl combined bet. Only one of the five numbers involved in this wager could be rolled in the next dice roll, meaning that the remaining four will be considered losing ones.

If 3 or 11 rolls, the player would bag some $11, whereas rolling 2 or 12 will eventually result in a payout of $26. When the number 7 is rolled, the Any Seven portion of the Whirl bet is considered a push. As for the house edge coming with this craps wager, it amounts to some 13.33 percent, also considered one of the higher ones which should be avoided especially while a player is still learning.