Dogecoin Casinos

Cryptocurrencies are, without a doubt, some of the most used payment solutions across online casinos, and Dogecoin is certainly one that is being offered across most, if not all, Canadian online casinos that have embraced crypto. This is one of the many cryptos which followed Bitcoin’s footsteps and was designed based on the first-ever cryptocurrency’s model, so it functions pretty similarly, but with a much friendlier approach. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that with it, you’ll get fast and secure transactions without much effort. What is Dogecoin and why use it across Canadian online casinos?

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About Dogecoin

Launched several years after Bitcoin, the first-ever cryptocurrency, Dogecoin is a digital currency that was created “by chance”, while two men were playing around with Bitcoin, trying to make it more fun and more user-friendly. Namely, Jackson Palmer, an Adobe manager and Billy Markus, a programmer, two friends with a common interest in cryptos, being impressed by Bitcoin’s unexpected growth, popularity, fluctuations and evolvement, were closely monitoring the first-ever crypto, trying to figure out the secret behind its greatness. They were impressed with the concept behind it, too, but could notice that regular people know little, if anything, about this incredible digital asset. So, they geared up and decided to make a derivative of Bitcoin, a crypto that would be easy for dummies to understand better and be able to use without much effort.

At the time, there was a meme circling across social media platforms, of a Shiba Inus dog, which was associated with funny things. So, on their way to creating one of the world’s most user-friendly digital currencies, the two decided to use that same dog on its logo and finally named the crypto Dogecoin and launched it, on the 6th of December, 2013.

And what a launch that was. The guys wanted to keep the humour going, saying that the crypto was peer-to-peer, open-source and “embraced by Shiba Inus across the globe”. They promoted it as a learner-friendly derivative of Bitcoin, and due to the fun element, it immediately received global attention. It became popular thanks to Reddit, since a community formed right away there, encouraging newbies to get a hold of some coins, and providing all the information necessary for getting started with the crypto.

Two years after its launch, the crypto was a hit, reaching 100 billion in circulation. There was some controversy after one of the co-founders, Palmer, gave up on the project dubbing it “just a dog on a coin” which should not be considered as an asset to invest in like Bitcoin, but only as a store of value, for paying and purchasing digitally. Yet, the crypto managed to get to great heights. 5 years after its launch and it saw a record spike of over 400%. Today, millions of people hold Dogecoin coins, many of which are online casino players. That’s why you’ll find it offered as a payment option across hundreds of casino sites, including Canadian sites. So, if you’re interested in using it, stay tuned, as we’ll take you through the getting started process next.

Getting Started with the Solution

Basically, this crypto functions on the same principle as any other cryptocurrency based on the Bitcoin model. If you’ve ever used one, you’ll know what to do.

First, of course, you’d need to get some coins. You can do that with mining, just like with Bitcoin, or you can purchase them directly from exchange platforms. If you have the resources and patience, you can, of course, mine for your coins. But, the easier way would be purchasing them at any exchange, like WeSellDoge, CoinBase, Binance, etc. You can complete the purchase via world-class payment methods using any mainstream currency.

Considering you’ve obtained your coins, you’d need to create a wallet to store them. You can choose a desktop, eWallet, paper, or hardware wallet for storing, but since you’d want to use them across online casinos, you’d need to be able to send and receive coins smoothly, so we suggest you go with the eWallet. Once you do your research and find the most perfect eWallet for you, create an account with it. Right after you do it, you’ll be provided with your private and public keys, which you’ll need when depositing and withdrawing with the solution. We’ll cover that next.

Depositing and Withdrawing

We should address the elephant in the room right away; many Canadian casinos accept this cryptocurrency, don’t worry. You’ll find it next to Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, which are some of the most popularly offered cryptocurrencies across online casinos. You’ll most certainly be able to use it at Casino, BitStarz, Blazzio Casino, Casino Bull, and Coins.Game Casino, among others, found here at So, finding a safe site to join won’t be difficult at all. Choose the one you’d prefer to go with and create your account with it.

To successfully make a deposit with the crypto, do the following:

  1. Head over to the casino’s Deposits/Banking page.
  2. From the offered cryptos, choose Dogecoin by pressing its Shiba Inus dog logo.
  3. Copy the casino’s public wallet address.
  4. Enter your crypto wallet and specify how much you’d like to deposit.
  5. Paste the casino’s address in the designated field.
  6. Confirm the transaction, double-check all the information first, and watch the coins arrive on your balance safely in an instant.

Keep in mind that the alphanumeric sequence needs to be entered correctly, since one digit or letter entered wrong, and your entire transaction is lost for good. Transactions with this crypto, as with any other, are not reversible.

The same goes for withdrawals; make sure you enter keys correctly. When it comes to the withdrawing process, repeat all steps described just now, only this time copy your wallet address and paste it in the designated field after you specify how much you’d like to cash out. The casino will take a look at your request, and as soon as it confirms it, you’ll get your coins in your wallet.

Applicable Fees

Like with any other cryptocurrency, fees do apply with this digital currency. These fees are only a fraction of the transaction, barely noticeable, but you should be aware that they exist.

Exchange platforms also charge fees for purchasing coins, but you can rest assured that you won’t be charged a dime for using the crypto across online casinos, not for deposits, not for withdrawals.

Accepted Currencies

Any fiat currency would do when purchasing Dogecoin. The variety would depend on the exchange platform you’ve joined, but Canadian dollars are offered across most, if not all, such platforms.

Other mainstream currencies you would certainly be able to use are Australian dollars, US dollars, Swiss francs, euros, UK pounds, and many others.


As with any other crypto, Dogecoin is accepted all over the world. There are no country restrictions on its part, and since Canada has embraced crypto, you can sit back and relax knowing that you’ll be able to use it if you wanted to. Other countries that have accepted and regulated crypto are Denmark, the UK, Spain, Japan, Germany and Switzerland.

Now, some players, even though theoretically the crypto is global, won’t be able to use it, due to their country’s regulations. Crypto is frowned upon in some countries, and even banned in others like China, Saudi Arabia and Qatar, so players from such countries should look for a different alternative method to use.

Customer Support

The best possible support you could get when it comes to Dogecoin is on Reddit, without a doubt. The community is incredibly helpful and could guide you through every single step of the way when it comes to getting started with, buying, selling, storing and using this crypto.

There is a website you could visit, run by a non-profit organization established to provide support for the crypto through advocacy and development, so you can try that too.

And, of course, you can always get in touch with the representatives of the Customer Support team at your own casino, as they are trained to provide any type of assistance you might need with your deposits and withdrawals.


As a Canadian player, you are at an advantage when it comes to cryptocurrencies, as your country is crypto-friendly, so you can choose any digital currency to play with across online casinos, and Dogecoin should be one of your first choices. This is a learner and user-friendly solution you could get started with it in no time, and use it across hundreds of online casinos, many of which are Canadian. You can purchase your coins using your native currency, and you can make the smoothest deposits and withdrawals across online casino sites. The first chance you get, make sure you give it a go.


Sure thing. This is a digital currency, with emphasis on the “digital”, so it can be used via any device, be it a mobile or desktop. You certainly can use it via any Android or iOS-powered smartphone, have no doubts about it. Of course, you’d need to join a mobile casino to be able to make a deposit via your smartphone, so keep that in mind, too, when looking for the most suitable casino to join.

Not really, no. The community site was useful way back when no info existed on how to use cryptocurrencies and people needed to learn for themselves. Today, when there’s so much information on cryptocurrencies, and Dogecoin for that matter, you can easily get started with it just by reading our review, to be honest. You could do your own little research and you’ll see that it is incredibly simple, just like any other crypto based on Bitcoin’s model.

As a matter of fact, you might come across some. Usually, casinos offer crypto promotions, for all cryptocurrency users in general, but you might find a casino that encourages the use of this particular crypto and offers a sweet deal for its users.

No, unfortunately, you can’t. Unlike Bitcoin and several other cryptos that are offered across land-based establishments, you can only use this particular crypto and purchase it digitally.

One of the most evident disadvantages was mentioned, the irreversible transactions. The other one is without a doubt, the fact that its value fluctuates, like with any other crypto. If you could go over them, you’d sure have an enjoyable experience.