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King’s Poker Oktoberfest Commences Now

King’s Casino in Rozvadov is preparing for a riveting October filled with various poker tournaments and festivals attracting a crowd of poker fans. King’s Poker Oktoberfest is the exciting offering that will transform the first days of this month, starting October 1. Individuals interested in this gaming bonanza have the chance to now explore everything up for grabs.


Players interested in winning big during live poker tournaments are in for a treat as they are going to enjoy some premium tournaments over the several days of this poker festival. Rozvadov has a premium location in this sense, as it allows both poker fans of the Czech Republic and Germany to make their way there and try their luck at the poker tables.

October 1

King’s Poker Oktoberfest is ready to change people’s lives for the better and expand their poker horizons. Likeminded people will come together for this poker festival in Rozvadov, elevating their poker experience with a thematic setting. October 1 is scheduled to see the very first poker tournament coming with this highly anticipated festival.

King’s Poker Oktoberfest Day 1A is about to launch at 6 p.m. this Thursday and welcome individuals from near and far ready to register for participation in this first starting flight. Each patron has the chance to re-enter the poker field only once. Once they register for participation, they will receive their starting chip stack of 40,000 in chips, giving them the freedom to do as they please with them.

Just like every other poker tournament, this one comes with a mandatory buy-in allowing players to enter while also fueling the overall prize pool to be shared by the top positions on the official leader board. In this case, the first starting flight brings an entry fee of €150 + €25. There will be a total of 16 levels of action and each of those will last some 30 minutes.

Premium Events

Individuals interested in registering for participation will get the chance to do so until the beginning of level 10. October 2 is expected to bring more action to the poker tables at King’s Casino, as it is projected to see the start of the second starting flight. King’s Poker Oktoberfest Day 1B will commence at 5 p.m. on Friday giving players a second chance at entering the first poker festival for this month.

Once again, the entry fee for this second flight amounts to €150 + €25. The conditions for participation and poker action remain the same as Day 1A, with a starting chip stack of 40,000 giving players the freedom to create their own strategy while gaming. They also have only a single second chance to enter the poker field on October 2.

This Friday is also going to bring one of the poker classics at King’s Casino – the King’s Friday Night Tournament. It is scheduled to commence at 8 p.m. on October 2 and come with a buy-in of €100 + €15. This event comes with as many as 31 levels of action and players have the chance for late registration until level 6 of the poker event.