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Lotto 6/49 CA$16m Jackpot Winner Bags Prize with a Hockey Stick

British Columbia Lottery Corporation officially announced the name of Canada’s next lottery millionaire during a special celebration. Tibor Tusnady hailing from White Rock is the lucky lottery enthusiast who recently became eligible for a cash payout surpassing CA$16 million. His Lotto 6/49 ticket managed to match all the needed numbers for the Main prize making him the winner of the jackpot.

Lottery tickets have always been a popular gaming offering for many Canadians, as it bring them two types of emotions. There are the scratch lottery tickets providing them with instant gratification, so they have a quick reaction and possibly purchase another one. There are also the draw-based lottery products increasing the anticipation factor ahead of the regular draw.

He Learned the Good News on the Toilet

Lotto 6/49 is among those popular draw-based lottery offerings that draw the attention of progressively more individuals as its Main prize grows. The most recent winner was Mr. Tusnady who managed to purchase a winning Lotto 6/49 ticket ahead of the April 15 regular draw. The lucky numbers he had to match were 01, 03, 07, 13, 22, and 47, making him the latest millionaire in British Columbia.

The Main prize coming with that draw managed to swell to CA$16,460,052.50 and his single ticket became the only ticket eligible for the cash payout. Mr. Tusnady learned the good news about his lottery jackpot while he was on the toilet and his life quickly changed for the better. At first, the shock was so big that he simply returned to his TV watching, trying to process everything happening at the moment.

The experience itself was surreal, as he puts it, as he had never dreamt of winning the lottery and having his life completely change. In addition to processing it, he also hesitated to share the news with his partner. It should be taken into account that she had no idea whatsoever about the lottery gaming Mr. Tusnady had been engaging in.

Grand Jackpot Changes Lives

To put it that way, it was a great surprise for her as well. The two of them checked the lottery ticket numbers several more times, just to be sure there are no mistakes. A celebration was in order then, as the couple popped champagne and shared the good news with their close friends. The next step for the two of them was to contact the British Columbia Lottery Corporation and report that Mr. Tusnady is the purchaser of the lucky Lotto 6/49 ticket.

This is when the organization of the special event commenced, as social distancing is a practice that could save lives. The Crown corporation wanted to welcome the winner and award him with the prize while also respecting the health recommendations. BCLC Interim President and CEO Greg Moore was there to hand the winner his novelty cheque on a hockey stick.

Mr. Tusnady took a photo with the coveted prize written on the cheque. As for his plans for the grand jackpot, he made it clear that for the time being there is not much you can do. Once traveling is allowed once again, he intends to travel around the province and the Northwest Territories with his partner. South America is also on his bucket list once all borders are open for traveling.