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Atlantic Canada Lotto, Horse Racing Enthusiasts Face Challenges

Atlantic Lottery Corporation made it official that lottery players would have to hold onto their winning lottery tickets for a little longer, as the prize collection centers across the Atlantic Canada provinces have been closed. Individuals that have checked their physical or online tickets and are certain they are winners could contact the Crown corporation at 1-800-561-3942. Adjustments to the prize collection would be made down the road.

Lottery offerings across the Canadian provinces and territories are among the most popular gambling offerings. The Crown corporation makes their purchase easier both vie the retail locations and the special kiosks, as well as via its online platform allowing ticket purchases. Right now, players are encouraged to make their way online and utilize the optimized ticket selling process.

Online Ticket Purchases

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are among the most popular draw-based lottery products out there and many players ease into the lottery world with the purchase of their tickets. Lotto MAX had its Main prize reach its cap amounting to CA$70 million earlier this month and the only thing left for it is to see its additional CA$1-million prizes multiply.

Players have the chance to make their way into the upcoming draw with an online purchase. Spokesperson Greg Weston made it clear that the Crown corporation wants the best for both the players and the employees closely working with them. As a result of that, the prize collection centers were closed indefinitely. For the time being, players eligible for larger cash prizes would have to wait until the prize centers reopen.

It could be recalled that mid-March a ticket sold in Sydney became eligible for a cash prize of CA$1 million. A couple of weeks later, no winner has contacted the Atlantic Lottery Corporation. Meanwhile, Allan Kelso, owner of A&B Variety in Norris Arm, expressed his concerns with the remaining lottery tickets blocked in his retail location. The Central Newfoundland store would have to pay for all of the unsold tickets.

Racetracks Announce New Season Launch

Following the recent decision of the Crown corporation to shut down ticket sales, his store was left with many lottery tickets. Mr. Kelso would be unable to sell the specific quantity he has up for grabs, but the Atlantic Lottery Corporation informed him that he would still have to pay for them. The inventory is still there and it would remain until the unprecedented situation is over.

However, Mr. Kelso believes that the Crown corporation has to support the retailers across Atlantic Canada in these trying times and pay for the lottery tickets up for grabs in the store. For the time being, no solution to the controversial situation has been found. Atlantic Canadians are fond of lottery gaming but they are also eager to watch live horse racing this spring.

Truro Raceway eyed its previously announced opening date on April 10, but last week an official announcement made it clear that the Bible Hill location would launch its 2020 season on May 8. The situation would once again be reviewed at the beginning of May for more clarity. In the meantime, Northside Downs and Inverness Raceway have not announced new opening dates for their live racing seasons. The former would open on May 9, whereas the latter would launch on June 7.