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Lotto MAX CA$15m Jackpot Snatched Once Again

Lotto MAX has once again attracted a crowd of individuals ready to see their life change in a matter of seconds. Its Main prize managed to reach CA$15 million before it was snatched by a lottery ticket sold in Brampton. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the winner has 52 weeks to bag their jackpot and change their life.

Draw-based lottery gaming has always been among the popular gaming offerings for many Canadians, as it gives them the thrill of the unknown with the anticipation of the upcoming regular lottery draw. They purchase their ticket religiously and often use the same number combination for years because they have a special significance to them.

Main Prize

For some of them the numbers they choose eventually have the power to transform their lives and make them Canada’s latest lottery millionaire. An individual hailing from Brampton could confirm that this is the case. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed that the latest Lotto Max jackpot is about to make its way to the area, as this is where the lottery ticket has been sold.

May 26 brought the latest Lotto MAX draw coming with a Main prize of CA$15 million. All eyes were set on it, as the jackpot had been accumulating over a couple of weeks. It could be recalled that the beginning of May witnessed a CA$55-million jackpot being snatched by an individual in the Prairies. Once again, it was a single ticket that became eligible for the cash payout, but a winner has not claimed the prize as of now.

This week was a special one for the Lotto MAX enthusiast who managed to match the winning numbers drawn on May 26. They were 5, 27, 34, 37, 39, 41, and 47. The bonus number of this draw was 20, but it is not needed for the Main prize. Whoever is in possession of the ticket is eligible for precisely CA$15,000,000.

More Lotto MAX Prizes

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation advises all players to check their tickets and see whether they win the jackpot. Misplaces or lost tickets are among the main reasons why a winner fails to claim their prize within the mandatory 12-month period. They could do this via the optimized OLG mobile app allowing players to scan their ticket.

Players could also check the official webpage of the Crown corporation but they would have to wait until they get the chance to bag their prize, as the OLG Prize Center is currently closed. May 29 is about to bring the next Lotto MAX draw coming with a Main prize of CA$10 million. The beginning of March brought some good news to an individual from Whistler. Francis Masculino managed to win some CA$500,000.

He bagged the amount only recently, as he took his time to process the win. British Columbia Lottery Corporation confirmed that the prize was won one day before Mr. Masculino’s birthday and this was a special moment for him. Now it is time for some plans for the future, as Mr. Masculino wants to purchase a home for himself and pay off some debt.