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Lotto MAX Latest Millionaire Bags Hefty Cash Pile Every Ten Years

Lottery enthusiasts across the Canadian provinces have been eagerly anticipating every upcoming Lotto MAX draw, as it brings hefty Main prize payouts. It appears that when it comes to the winner of the latest jackpot, this is not his first rodeo. Michel Bordeleau is the lucky player who became eligible for a payout of CA$15 million, but he once bagged a portion of a CA25 million Main prize.

Some people are born with luck and the good fortune follows them wherever they are and whatever they might be doing. Canada’s latest lottery millionaire is a fair example of a person who has trusted their gut and made a purchase of a lifetime.

Michel Bordeleau

Lotto MAX had its latest draw on June 16 and all eyes were set on the prize of CA$15 million. Soon after the draw was over and the database took its time to scan all tickets sold, one winning piece of paper was located. Loto-Québec announced that a ticket sold in Mauricie is now eligible for the grand payout coming with the draw.

However, at that point, it was unclear whether it is an individual or a group of friends that is winning the prize. The Crown corporation advised all individuals that have purchased a ticket for the June 16 draw to check their pockets, bags, and drawers for any misplaced ticket that might be their one-way ticket to the lottery riches awaiting one of them. The winner was quick to scan his ticket and learned the good news.

Michel Bordeleau is Mauricie local and he had made the special purchase at Dépanneur St-Narcisse right before the draw was scheduled to take place. Then it was time for the regular draw and the positive emotions coming with it. Mr. Bordeleau found out he is the winner on the following day. As it often happens with lottery winners, he could not believe his eyes when he saw the numbers are matching.

Grand Jackpot for the Second Time

He had to scan the ticket together with his wife and this happened several times. After the thorough check, both of them came to terms that this was a Lotto MAX winning ticket and they were millionaires. Mr. Bordeleau was quick to contact the retailer where he had purchased the ticket and tell them the good news that he is going there to claim a jackpot.

This is not the first time he has become eligible for a grand payout thanks to a lottery ticket. About a decade ago, the Mauricie resident purchased a winning ticket with 10 other locals. That ticket became eligible for a cash payout of CA$25 million and each of the individuals bagged a CA$2,500,000 slice of the overall prize.

Upon realizing that the recent jackpot is all his, he could not believe this is happening once again. The jackpot will now be shared with his family and children – Annie Bordeleau, Sonia Bordeleau, Stephane Bordeleau, and Jeannine Veillette. The retial location where the ticket was purchased is about to get one-percent of the jackpot for the second time in a decade.