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British Columbia, Ontario Lotto 6/49 Enthusiasts Expect the Unexpected

The past few days have been more than generous to lottery enthusiasts across Canada, as many of them were quick to bag their lottery jackpots and cash prizes. A couple hailing from British Columbia was among the lucky individuals to bag a prize. Mark and Rosslynn Denton recently bagged their CA$500,000 after a fortunate Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase.

Their life would never be the same after a windfall of this magnitude but still, they took their time and weighed all options ahead of them. The Langley couple is ready for a new beginning now that they have the prize in their hands. Mr. Denton is a regular lotto ticket purchaser but he became even more motivated to win big once he realized that Lotto 6/49 has reached CA$25 million.

Grand Prizes Go to B.C.

He purchased a ticket ahead of the hefty draw with the Extra option. Once again, he went for the usual numbers he uses in every single lottery draws. Sticking to them gives players the secure feeling that their loved ones and the symbolism of the numbers would secure them a spot among Canada’s lotto millionaires list. Mr. Denton made the winning purchase at the Walnut Grove Pub only minutes ahead of the draw.

As it often happens with lottery jackpots, Mr. Denton decided to check his ticket upon hearing a Langley resident is eligible for the cash prize. His wife refused to believe him and had to check for herself with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app. A new house is among the planned purchases for the foreseeable future. Their current home would also be posted for sale.

Ontario players have also celebrated grand wins over the past few days thanks to both Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX. Kitchener was the region both of them hail from, one of them claiming the prize after nearly half a year of waiting. Swabia Allen of Cambridge received the CA$250,000 she became eligible for on April 20. Back then, the Lotto 6/49 draw she participated in highlighted her ticket.

Ontario Players Celebrate Wins

However, she took her time before she collected her prize. The winning ticket purchase was made at T&T on Warden Avenue in Markham. Glenn Wilkinson is the second Ontario individual to celebrate a lottery prize. The Kitchener resident who received his CA$271,449.10 prize was ecstatic and claimed it in the quickest way possible.

Lotto MAX was generous to him within the first weeks of this month. Mr. Wilkinson is preparing to cover some of his debt with the grand prize. In the meantime, a Lotto 6/49 Super Draw ticket is about to reach its expiry date and there is still nobody claiming it. October 28 is set to bring the deadline for a CA$100,000 ticket sold in Ottawa last fall.

This guaranteed prize would come as a result of the match made in heaven between the ticket and the winning selection 493728707–01. Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation reminds all players that they have to check their pockets, bag, and drawers at home for any misplaced tickets that might bring them an unexpected cash pile.