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Lotto 6/49 Millionaires Celebrate Jackpots in Alberta, Ontario, Main Prize Swells

Canadians are fond of lottery offerings featuring regular draws, as well as those featuring instant gratification up for grabs. This is evident by the ever-growing popularity of lottery tickets and the grateful winners bagging their payouts.

Calgary and Georgian Bluffs recently congratulated a couple of new lotto millionaires that have Lotto 6/49 to thank for their grand windfalls. Now it is time for the plans and life upgrades. Celebrating a CA$1-million prize claimed after a single lottery ticket purchase might be among the most unexpected celebrations one could have.

Lottery winners across Canada check their tickets after every weekly draw and trust their gut when it comes to purchases. A couple hailing from Calgary could confirm the amazing feeling of seeing several zeros on the lottery screen and knowing that they are all meant for you.

Calgary Winners Could Not Believe Their Luck

Larry and Glenda McBride are the two lucky lottery fans that recently received their jackpot following several weeks of contemplation. The winning Lotto 6/49 draw for them took place on August 28, however, they needed some time to prepare for the CA$1-million prize coming with it.

The responsibilities it creates and all the changes that would have to happen called for preparation in advance. The couple found out about their jackpot when they checked the numbers printed on them and they matched with the ones listed on the Western Canada Lottery Corporation webpage. After that, they wanted a second opinion, so they made their way to a retail location in Calgary.

The self-checking station available there confirmed they were winners and their excitement skyrocketed. The winning ticket purchase was made ahead of the August 28 draw at the Shoppers Drug Mart in the Northland Village Shopping Center, which is also going to receive a percentage of the overall payout, in accordance with the provincial regulations.

Mr. and Mrs. McBride love traveling and this financial boost would certainly help them broaden their horizons. Mrs. McBride said they would continue exploring new destinations with their Lotto 6/49 prize.

Ontario Winners Celebrate Too

Another Lotto 6/49 millionaire recently bagged a prize and took it back to Georgian Bluffs. Anneke Van Den Heuvel received her CA$1-million prize part of the June 22 Lotto 6/49 draw. In addition to this payout, she managed to bag CA$2 from the Lotto 6/49 Main prize, adding to the guaranteed prize.

The 63-year-old woman has children and grandchildren that would now benefit from the grand windfall and have their dreams come true. She also said that the charity organizations she supports would bag a fair share of the jackpot, while the remainder is going to guarantee her a pleasant trip to an exotic destination.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation confirmed the winning ticket purchase was made at the Foodland in Wiarton. Another Ontario player, this one hailing from Brampton, bagged some CA$100,000. Krishna Singh recently received the Lotto MAX Encore payout and he could not believe his eyes. His plans include the purchase of a new home and creating a comfortable hassle-free future for himself.