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Lotto MAX Once again Makes the Ordinary Purchases Extraordinary

Lottery winnings over the past few days were more than eager to reach their winners and change their lives for the better. A lottery enthusiast from Puslinch has recently become the latest lottery millionaire bagging CA$1 million for his Instant $1 Million $ Royale ticket purchase.

Bruce Lajeunesse is ready to make the next move with his lottery jackpot but the initial shock is still there. Lottery ticket purchases can happen anytime, anywhere and every purchase puts the lottery enthusiasts on the path of success giving them the opportunity to win big.

The Puslinch player who recently bagged his CA$1-million prize made his winning purchase in Guelph. The ticket that transformed his life cost some CA$10, coming with the top prize of CA$1 million. Because of the instant gratification factor, scratch lottery tickets are becoming more popular by the day.

Lottery Players Win More

The 55-year-old player is warehouse shipper who has always dreamed of winning big and living the good life with a hefty prize. Kitchen Food Fair on Clair Road in Guelph was where the winning purchase was made and the player was quick to contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation that he has a winning ticket.

Every winner has some 52 weeks to claim their prize before it goes away. Now Mr. Lajeunesse plans on purchasing a bigger house in the country for his family and spending more quality time with them. Instant lottery offerings might have become more popular due to their quick nature.

Nevertheless, regular weekly draws would always have their charm with the anticipation and the tension they create ahead of the set day and time of the lottery draw.

This thrill and the factor of the unknown is what attracts millions of Canadian players to traditional lottery offerings such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 that have a combined four draws a week. One Coquitlam player could confirm that this is among the most appealing things when lottery gaming. Marvin Mitchell is now CA$500,000 richer as a result of it.

Two Extra Generous Draws in B.C.

Lotto MAX is among the generous lottery offerings that also have bonus offerings up for grabs. The Coquitlam player knew that the Extra draw is a rather appealing addition to the Main prize in store, which is why he gave it a chance. September 20 would forever be remembered as a special day, as it brought him a cash prize of CA$500,000 after the matching of four numbers coming with the additional draw.

His expectations were low, as he was thinking that a single dollar prize might be the case. Regardless, he had a feeling that the ticket is a winning one. As it turned out, the lucky piece of paper guaranteed him quite the prize part of which would now be used for a trip across North America and a family reunion.

Another British Columbia players also bagged CA$500,000, but it all started with the need for sippy cups from the local mall. Lea Turner of Surrey needed to make the purchase from the local mall and on a whim, she decided to purchase a Lotto MAX ticket ahead of the September 10 draw. Matching the four Extra numbers once again proved possible and she is already planning the purchase of a new townhouse.