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Lotto 6/49 Player Uses Birthday Charm for Ticket Purchase, Wins CA$1M Guaranteed Prize

Canadian players are fond of the lottery offerings they have up for grabs and the opportunities they have of winning big on a regular basis. Lotto 6/49 and Lotto MAX are the two most popular lottery games featuring weekly draws and several players would forever remember this week as a generous one.

One of the latest lotto millionaires of Canada is Pietro Cioffi, hailing from Mono, Ontario. He recently bagged CA$1 million as a guaranteed prize part of the Lotto 6/49 draw.

Canadians are aware that lottery jackpots often reach their winners when they least expect it, but their amount has the potential to change people’s lives and make achieving goals much easier. One of the newest lottery millionaires that has the lottery to thank for his brand new life is Pietro Cioffi of Mono, who has been fond of Lotto 6/49 for quite some time.

Guaranteed Prizes Offer More Chances

The Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize he received recently was part of the August 31 regular draw of the Lotto 6/49 which was quite the generous one. The draw came with a Main prize reaching CA$9 million but as many as three lottery tickets became eligible for the jackpot by matching all six needed numbers.

When all was said and done, some 147,121 players received a cash prize for their Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase. The Guaranteed Prize draw saw only one winner matching the needed number combination 55059987-02, ultimately making the ticket eligible for a cash prize reaching CA$1 million.

The 40-year-old Mono resident made the lucky purchase at his daughter’s birthday and this spelled good luck for him. The purchase was made at Mono Mart on Highway 10 in Orangeville. His plans for the CA$1-million prize include mortgage coverage, as well as planning a vacation in the upcoming months.

Ottawa is the home of another lotto winner, this time linked to one of the most popular instant lottery offerings. Nora Kuniliusie made a lucky The Bigger Spin purchase which guaranteed her CA$150,000 windfall.

Lotto MAX Reaches CA$27M

She bought the ticket and scratched the highlighted areas, eventually seeing she is now eligible for a bonus spin of the wheel at one of Ontario Lottery and Gaming points of sale in Ottawa. This makes the game even more exciting, as it elevates the experience and gives the player one more chance of winning big. Upon spinning the wheel, she won CA$150,000 finding it hard to believe that her day turned out this way.

The Ottawa resident wants to purchase her very own house and this amount would cover part of the investment. An ambitious business plan is also in the works. Loto-Quebec announced that a Laval couple is also among the recent lottery winners, receiving their CA$75,000 prize. Michelle Gratton and Gilbert Tremblay participated in the regular Quebec 49 draw taking place on August 31 and were quick to claim their prize in Montreal.

For the time being, they do not plan any big changes to their lifestyle, as they are going to use the amount for any unexpected payments they might have to make. This Saturday is about to bring the weekly Lotto 6/49 draw with a CA$5-million Main prize and one Guaranteed CA$1-million Prize. Friday comes with the next Lotto MAX jackpot reaching CA$27 million.