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Landscaper Put CA$60M Lotto MAX Ticket in a Safe instead of Cashing It In

Lottery games have a lot up for grabs, especially when it comes to their Main prizes and the stellar figures they could reach. An Edmonton player has something to say about grand lottery jackpots, as he recently bagged his CA$60-million Lotto MAX windfall.

Bon Truong is a 55-year-old resident of Edmonton that waited around ten months to claim his prize but finally did so before the expiry date. This Wednesday was a special one for him.

All winners have the opportunity to bag their lottery winnings within 52 weeks of the special draw that changed their lives. This gives them the time to evaluate their decision and everything that could happen once they receive the amount of cash they are eligible for.

This could change their relationships with some people or they could decide to retire earlier than projected. While winners are taking their time, gaming experts speculate whether or not they are ever going make the move.

Lottery Jackpot Matures for 10 Months

When it comes to this particular CA$60-million Lotto MAX jackpot, some 10 months after the winning draw last fall Alberta residents were already starting to lose hope they would see the fortunate lottery player. Mr. Truong decided to finally change his life following months of consideration and weighing all possible outcomes.

Such a coolheaded approach is rarely seen in lottery winners, as many of them were eager and impatient to receive their prize. Meanwhile, Mr. Truong waited some 305 days to contact the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis Office and make it known that he is the winner they have been searching for. He pointed out that he found out about the grand win a day after October 26.

Instead of cashing it as soon as possible, he decided to wait a while and think about it. Putting the ticket in a safe was the first step, followed by 10 months of weighing all pros and cons of such a windfall. Mr. Truong’s wife also knew about the lottery jackpot and he supported his decision.

Mortgage Payment and Holiday in Plans

The Vietnamese winner has three children but for the time being, he does not plan on telling them about the entirety of the prize, as he wants to instill a sense of responsibility and a hardworking ethic. Reminiscing on his past and on his first days in America after the Vietnamese war, he said that this is what taught him how to persevere and build a life for himself.

Mr. Truong made his way to the Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis office in St. Albert yesterday to share more details around his winning purchase. He bought the Lotto MAX ticket ahead of October 26 at Pure Casino Yellowhead and in order to make it a special one, he used his trusty number combination. For the longest time, he used numbers with special significance to him and his family.

At last, they did the trick making Mr. Truong eligible for a cash payout of CA$60,000,002. Upon bagging the prize, he stated that the first thing he would do is cover his mortgage and start planning a holiday for the entire family. His job as a landscaper makes him happy and he pointed out that he would not retire, at least for now.