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We Know Who Won Lotto MAX CA$60M but Who Will Bag CA$26M in Ontario?

This week was a special one, as following weeks of waiting the winner of the Lotto MAX CA$60-million Main prize came forward to bag his prize. His identity was revealed to be Joseph Katalinic of Richmond, a retired fisherman who had been dreaming of this moment his entire life.

He is the winner of the largest lottery jackpot to be bagged in British Columbia, which came with the July 26 Lotto MAX regular draw.

Over the past few weeks, British Columbia has been eagerly anticipating the winner of the CA$60-million cash prize, as this is a major milestone for the province. The July 26 Lotto MAX Main prize was the largest lottery prize to be bagged within the province and as such, it called for a celebration.

Lotto MAX Came with CA$60M Jackpot

Days after the winning draw, British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed that the winner hails from Richmond, as this is where the lucky ticket purchase was made. Mr. Katalinic made the purchase at the local Seafair shopping mall eventually setting himself for success.

His ticket matched all needed numbers for the Main prize win but still, he found himself unable to believe he is the winner. The Richmond resident scanned his lottery ticket at a 7-Eleven convenience store, but all the zeros of the Lotto MAX jackpot seemed too unreal to be true.

In order to avoid any confusion and to double-check, he went to another convenience store and the figure displayed remained the same. Mr. Katalinic said that he needed a shot of whiskey to celebrate the win and to calm down at the sight of the grand prize.

He hesitated to bag the cash prize for almost four entire weeks, as he was planning how to arrange his life after that. His daughter was the first person to find out her father is now a multimillionaire. The long weeks in which the prize remained unclaimed, field experts were concerned that when all is said and done, nobody would come forward to claim it.

Ontario Sees Winners of CA$26M Jackpot

Now that the jackpot is in his hands, the winner wants to go on a vacation to Hawaii with his family, as well as go to Europe and explore the homeland of his parents. While British Columbia has been hyping over the winner’s identity, the world would soon learn the names of the Lotto MAX CA$26-million winners.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced this Thursday is about to see the prize claim. A St. Thomas couple became eligible for the Lotto MAX Main Prize on August 6 and ever since then, the entire province has been checking their lottery tickets in hopes of being the winner. This week is going to see their faces revealed, as they bag their prize at Toronto’s OLG Prize Center.

Ontario has also recently congratulated another winner hailing from Bracebridge who is now CA$10,000 richer. Doug Dureen played the Double Diamond lottery game and became eligible for a cash prize reaching CA$10,000 making him yet another fortunate Ontarian that could thank instant lottery for his transformed life.