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CA$26M Lotto MAX Jackpot Flies to St. Thomas, More Cash Bagged in Quebec

Lottery jackpots have been a topic of wide discussion over the past few weeks, as the popular lottery offerings consistently grant their Main prizes as soon as they ripen. Lotto MAX is among the most popular games guaranteeing its hefty jackpots, such as this week’s one.

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that a single winning ticket worth CA$26 million had been sold in St. Thomas ahead of August 6 regular Lotto MAX draw.

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are the two lottery offerings eyed by everyone interested in lottery gaming, as they feature the highest caps and have two regular weekly draws. Their affordable ticket prices make them an appealing opportunity of winning big in a matter of minutes. Tuesday brought the latest draw with a jackpot reaching approximately CA$26 million and players were eager to find out whether there is a winner.

Lottery Jackpots Galore

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation announced that there is in fact, a single winning ticket sold in St. Thomas. All local lottery enthusiasts that had purchased a ticket prior to Tuesday’s draw are considered potential winners.

The lottery corporation recommended that every lottery player checks their pockets for misplaced lottery tickets that could change their life. This week’s Lotto MAX draw was also generous for a single ticket sold in Sudbury that matched the number needed for the Encore draw.

This means that whoever is in possession of it could very soon receive their prize of CA$100,000. While the OLG awaits brand new winners, a group of nine individuals came forward to bag their prize of CA$250,000 from the April 20 Lotto 6/49 regular draw.

The last days of April brought Lotto 6/49 draws including ten Guaranteed Prize Draws reaching CA$250,000 each. The single ticket purchased by a group of individuals bagged one of those. This is a common practice across Canada. Edward Lebar of Brampton led the group of nine to Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation Prize Center in Toronto where they collected their prize.

Banco Also Grants Winnings

They purchased the lucky piece of paper at Petro Canada on Kennedy Road in Brampton and as a result of that, each of them would bag a slice reaching about CA$27,780. The major lottery offerings such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are not the only capable of changing people’s lives, as there are other games up for grabs. Banco is among them, proving it is more than ready to change more lives.

August 1 was a lucky day for one Banco enthusiast hailing from Matanie, Quebec. Benoit Rouleau became eligible for a windfall of CA$200,000 as a result of the lucky draw and he could not believe his eyes when he checked the ticket via the Loto-Quebec mobile app. Another Quebec resident also tasted the opportunities with some fresh lotto cash this week.

Laval resident Jean-Luc Vallée participated in Lotto Poker action and purchased a ticket for the July 30 regular draw. As a result of this small investment, he recently had to make his way to Montreal to bag CA$39,941. Plans for the foreseeable future include spoiling his wife and children.