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Canadian Provinces Praise Fresh Lotto Millionaires Bagging Hefty Jackpots

This week would go down in history as yet another successful one for lottery enthusiasts across Canada and it is barely hump day. The cash prizes paid out by Loto-Quebec, British Columbia Lottery Corporation, and Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation range between CA$100,000 and CA$1,000,000.

It also appears that this week was a special one for instant lottery tickets fans, as they also bagged substantial cash prizes. Canada has two new millionaires that have the lottery to thanks for their transformed life.

The stars aligned in the best way possible for two Lotto 6/49 players hailing from Quebec, one from the July 17 draw and another from the August 3. The month of July was a generous one for Lotto 6/49 players, which could be confirmed by Catherine Lemaitre, one of the millionaires. She purchased the lucky ticket ahead of the regular draw at Jean Coutu in Magog.

Quebec Sees Two Millionaires

The July 17 regular draw came and at first, she did not realize the grand win, but the guaranteed CA$1-million prize awaited her. Jean Coutu’s point of sale is about to bag CA10,000 of this jackpot. Rouyn-Noranda is where the second millionaire is hailing from, once again a Lotto 6/49 enthusiast.

Vincent Chamberland-Cliche, 24, would have his life much easier from here on out thanks to the CA$1 million he just bagged. August 3 saw the regular draw bringing guaranteed CA$1-million prizes. Mr. Chamberland-Cliche had previously purchased the ticket at the Petro-Canada gas station located on Quebec Boulevard.

His patience paid out immensely as soon as he received the cash prize. Lotto 6/49 proved generosity in British Columbia too, as a Kamloops player recently became CA$500,000 richer.

Apart from the Main Prize and all smaller cash windfalls, Lotto 6/49 offers more opportunities for winning big. The guaranteed CA$1-million prizes and the Extra draw are the second and third chance this game gives. Doris Costain could confirm that this is all to be reckoned with and not a joke.

Scratch-Off Tickets Are Popular Too

She was jokingly conversing with a friend of her that she might be the mysterious winner from Kamloops. Little did she know that this was in fact the case. Upon checking the lottery ticket, she realized the Extra draw has brought her good fortune that would change her way of living.

She said that for the longest time she had been wanting to go on a trip to Ireland, an adventure that could easily happen now. Ontario also saw big winnings over the past few days and the lucky players have already felt the hefty lottery cheques. Rocio Plata Zaldivar of Stittsville received CA$100,000 from the Lotto MAX Encore draw. It took place on July 16, but the woman took her time to contact Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation.

The life-changing purchase was made at Ultramar/Express Mart on Main Street in Stittsville. Another Ontario couple would forever associate crosswords with a better life, as they won CA$100,000 from the Instant Crossword Tripler scratch-off ticket. Ciaran and Renee Griffin are both retired, meaning that they are going to spend their fresh cash in the best way possible – with their family.