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Quebec Online Player Bags CA$1,004,723, Lotto Jackpots Remain Untouched

Lottery jackpots and grand cash prizes could easily find their way across the provinces with the help of the regular weekly draws and instant ticket purchases. Online gaming is also a popular winning big opportunity. This has been confirmed once again by the most recent payouts that made one person a lotto millionaire and many others much richer than before.

Anthony Paxton of Montérégie played on Loto-Quebec’s when he won CA$1,004,723. It is no secret that the online gaming world is exponentially growing with more and more players turn to it when it comes to regular gaming.

Mobile gaming powered by the Crown corporations powering the provincial fields is one of the secure ways in which players could enjoy legal online gaming while being protected from harm and predatory tendencies. In addition to that, they are also able to support their province, as the lottery corporations give back to the communities and charitable organizations.

Quebec Players Gamble Online

Loto-Quebec is among the provinces seeing increased online gaming activity, evident by the growing popularity of its Mid-June the lottery corporation revealed its financial performance over fiscal 2018, highlighting online gaming.

It witnessed a 23.2-percent jump in comparison to the previous fiscal year. This meant that Quebec players poured some CA$105.4 million into the Crown corporation’s online offering. Mr. Paxton is among the people that have enjoyed the Powerbucks Wheel of Fortune Hawaiian Gateway online, ultimately winning a stellar cash prize.

Neither he nor his wife were able to believe their eyes once the webpage announced his cash prize. Mrs. Paxton was quick to call Loto-Quebec and confirm the good news. Plans for the foreseeable future include a trip to Greece with the family, as well as making long-anticipated purchases for the kids.

Conflict of interest could be a concerning topic especially when it comes to lottery winnings. In order to maintain everything as transparent as possible, any personal relationship between lottery winners and employees of the Crown corporation must be publicly disclosed.

Lotto MAX Jackpot Grows

When such a link is discovered, the winner has to take two extra steps that would ensure a fair prize claim. Gregory Donaldson of Hanover is eligible for a CA$250,000 Instant Crossword Deluxe prize and his sister is known to be an OLG employee. Monday saw the first step of the process completed, meaning that his prize claim was evaluated and inspected.

It has been confirmed that he is, in fact, eligible for the prize and now it is time for the mandatory 30-day period during which anyone could express a position on the cash prize. If nobody comes forward, he would be allowed to bag his prize on September 10. In Ontario’s Greater Sudbury, a group of players became the winners of a CA$100,000 Encore windfall that would now be split four ways.

Mary Ellen Shepley, Ari Pyykko, Christine Stumpf, and Annu Lindroo are planning a trip to Disneyland, as well as more celebrations. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX’ most recent CA$15-million jackpot remained untouched by the August 13 draw. Lotto 6/49 would return for the August 17 draw with a CA$7-million Main prize.