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Quebec Lotto Millionaire Couple’s 4-Year-Old Reassures ‘It Will Be Okay’

Lottery winners have some of the most riveting stories around the day they found out about their giant cash prizes. They are sometimes inspiring or hilarious, but never fail to move people.

This could be confirmed by a couple hailing from Saint-David-de-Falardeau that recently bagged their CA$1-million jackpot and thankfully had their 4-year-old kid reassure them everything is going to be alright.

Canadians are fond of lottery offerings and the generous cash prizes they have up for grabs. More often than not, the story around them finding out they are the winners is even more exciting than the actual lottery jackpot.

Such is the case with the couple that recently became the latest lotto millionaires in Quebec. Pamela Fradette and Michael Lapointe are the two individual that recently bagged their CA$1-million cash prize and are already planning the various projects and activities they would fund with it.

Lottery Jackpots Galore

The couple has three children who are about to have their future much brighter as a result of the windfall. Mrs. Fradette was the one to find out about the win as soon as she saw the news issued by Loto-Quebec. She could not believe her eyes when she saw the matching numbers but luckily her 4-year-old son was there to reassure her everything would be alright.

Mr. Lapointe stated that for the time being he is not planning to quit his job as a forestry worker, and he is going to remain busy. The two of them want to get married in the foreseeable future and guarantee a good education for their three boys.

Speaking of Quebec, Banco was especially generous to two players hailing from Monteregie and Lanaudiere. The former recently bagged CA$25,000 just like the latter.

This month was a special one for British Columbia players too, as the Extra lottery game changed life for two Brazilian siblings. Christian Stanislawski and his sister Caroline recently received their CA$500,000 jackpot that they would have to share now.

More Jackpots across British Columbia

Mr. Stanislawski used the British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app to check their ticket, which is when he realized that it is in fact a winning one and their lives would never be the same again. The winning ticket has been purchased at Your Local Convenience Store and Internet Cafe in Vancouver prior to the regular draw.

It had all four needed numbers matching the ones drawn during the Lotto MAX Extra draw. The two of them have already made plans for the jackpot, including a trip to Asia, as well as a financial cushion that would support their family. Another great cash winning for a British Columbia player was the CA$675,000 Set for Life jackpot bagged by David Milligan.

The player hailing from Vancouver was surprised by the news he was the winner of a grand fortune, but he was also coolheaded enough to evaluate the two choices before him. One of them was to bag the cash as soon as possible, while the other was to have financial support for the rest of his life. Now he wants to purchase an investment property, as well as cover his debt, while also continuing working.