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Lotto MAX CA$50M Jackpot Snatched, Three Other Slice CA$9M Lotto 6/49 Pile

Lottery jackpots have seen more attention than ever over the past few days across Canada, as both Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 managed to find their respective tickets. A Calgary player is now eligible for a cash payout reaching CA$50 million, which was possible with the help of a single Lotto MAX ticket purchase ahead of the draw.

Two more Albertans are now eligible for a cash payout of respectively CA$3 million, while a third winner hails from Ontario, slicing the Main prize three ways.

The past few weeks have been more than generous for players across Canada, as their lotto ticket purchases have resulted in grand windfalls and great interest in Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 lottery offerings among others.

Alberta might be the jackpot hotspot for the two popular lottery games, as it is home of three brand new lotto millionaires that now have 52 weeks to claim their hefty cheques and take a photo with them.

Jackpots Galore over the Past Weeks

Lotto MAX was the first to prove its generosity with its most recent regular weekly draw that came with a CA$50 million Main prize. In order to claim it, the winning ticket had to match all seven of the drawn numbers, which were 05, 09, 33, 36, 39, 41, and 44.

A Calgary Lotto MAX enthusiast succeeded in doing that and for them said numbers might even have a special significance. Many players play with the same numbers for their entire life and they finally make it to the hefty prizes.

For the time being, the winner has not contacted Western Canada Lottery Corporation, but once they do, their face would be all over the news. Last week saw Edmonton landscaper Bon Truong bag his CA$60-million jackpot ten months after the winning draw, making the province an especially fortunate one.

Ontario is also preparing for a cash prize, as someone managed to match six of the drawn numbers plus the bonus number 27 and this resulted in a cash prize of CA$270,000. Sault Ste. Marie saw a winning ticket at the ENCORE draw, making someone eligible for CA$1 million.

Lotto 6/49 also Changes Lives

Lotto 6/49 is the other extremely popular lottery game for Canadians and it proved its high success rates once again this Saturday. The most recent draw came with a jackpot reaching CA$9 million, but this windfall was not bagged by a single ticket. As it turns out, three players thought alike and picked the same number combination, essentially dividing the jackpot in three.

Aforementioned numbers were 02, 21, 22, 24, 48, 49 and two of the winners have been confirmed to hail from Alberta. One of the winners purchased their ticket in Calgary, whereas the other made the life-changing purchase elsewhere in the province. The third winner, eligible for a windfall of CA$3 million lives in Ontario. British Columbia and Quebec also saw lottery cash prizes going their way. Giuseppe Marotta, a resident of Laval, bagged his CA$50,000 Banco prize.

The August 8 draw was a special one for him, as he bought the winning ticket from a Couche-Tard retailer located on Henri-Bourassa Boulevard East in Montreal. The British Columbian player hails from Prince Rupert and is called Keith Paterson. Blackjack Scratch and Win is his lottery offering of choice, which made him CA$21,000 richer. This would secure the future of the soon-to-be father and his family.