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Lotto 6/49 Proves Generosity with ENCORE Draw Making Lotto Fans Filthy Rich

Lottery jackpots and hefty prizes never seem to take a day off, as there are new winners bagging their prizes on a daily basis. This applies to both instant lottery tickets and lottery offerings having regular weekly draws, such as Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49.

The latter gaming offering recently made an Ontario player the next lotto millionaire ready to change his life. Donald Pilon of Eganville bagged his CA$1,000,000 prize of the ENCORE draw. For many people lottery gaming is among the preferred pastime activities that also have the potential to change their life.

They support their local communities and the province as a whole, as Crown corporations give back in many ways. Lottery gaming is also considered to be a safer alternative to full-fledged casino gaming, as its problem gambling rate is lower. This is the main selling point for many lottery games offered across the provinces.

Lottery Winnings Galore

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation recently welcomed a winner that is now Ontario’s newest lotto millionaire. Mr. Pilon hails from Eganville and he recently bagged the windfall that a lucky ENCORE draw brought him.

August 10 was the special day of the Lotto 6/49 draw that made him much richer, but it was not the Main prize he became eligible for. Instead, his winning ticket managed to match all seven numbers needed for the ENCORE draw prize which resulted in the grand windfall making it to Eganville now.

The 64-year-old player made the winning purchase at Giant Tiger in Renfrew ahead of the winning Lotto 6/49 draw. Now he is making plans for the CA$1-million prize, including investing in some personal projects. Loto Quebec also saw grand cash prizes being bagged over the past few days, the first one thanks to the 1 Million $ Royal ticket.

Over the past few months, this offering has gained wider popularity and more and more players purchase it on a regular basis. Diana Lamenta recently became eligible for a windfall of CA$100,000 and she said that all she did was listen to her inner voice.

Quebec also Sees Winners

Trusting your intuition might be the best approach to life and more people should listen to the gut feeling one gets. It is the immediate understanding of something that could be overlooked is overthinking is something we tend to do. In Diana’s case, she trusted her gut and purchased the winning lottery ticket in time for the winning draw on August 23.

Several days later while she was taking a photo with the hefty cheque she was still in disbelief. A regular question many lottery jackpot winners hear is related to the planned purchases and vacations. Mrs. Lamenta said that for the time being she wants to take time for herself.

Another Quebec player made a winning purchase of a Banco ticket and this made him CA$30,000 richer. Real Faille made the winning purchase at Dépanneur des Patriotes on Boulevard Cadieux in Beauharnois. The special Banco draw took place on August 26, making Mr. Faille much richer. He stated that the cash prize is going to cover personal expenses down the road.