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Lotto 6/49 Confirms It Keeps on Giving with Three Multimillion Main Prizes Claimed

This week was a special one for several Canadian lottery enthusiasts, as they bagged their hefty lottery jackpots reaching several millions of Canadian dollars. The most recent Lotto 6/49 jackpot made its way to Mattawa, as Robert Jupp was the lucky individual bagging CA$5 million.

The player made sure that he wastes no time and swiftly claimed his prize, as September 11 brought his lucky draw. The Mattawa resident is now richer than he was a week ago, as his regular Lotto 6/49 ticket purchases resulted in a cash prize reaching CA$5 million.

The Ontario man has three children and as many as seven grandchildren that would also benefit from the grand windfall. Ontario Lottery and Gaming offers a premium mobile app that that allows players to scan their tickets and find out whether they win or not in a matter of seconds. Mr. Jupp used this approach.

CA$9M Jackpot Goes to Brampton

Another Ontario player recently received his CA$9-million jackpot once again thanks to the Lotto 6/49 lottery game. Robert Clements hails from Brampton and he is an avid lottery enthusiast. The Main prize he bagged amounts to CA$9,000,000 but his selection also added CA$10 to the overall prize.

He made the winning purchase that changed his life at Petro Canada on Hurontario Street in Caledon Village. Jesse Logan and Teresa Winters Day of Nanaimo claimed another Lotto 6/49 Main prize. The two of them succeeded in matching all six numbers of the regular August 21 draw, which resulted in a grand prize they would now have to slice in half.

They took their time before bagging the prize but this allowed them to thoroughly consider it and make some plans for the future. The Mini Dip ticket pack is about to make their dreams come true, as Mrs. Winters Day said that a Disneyland visit is in the works. Meanwhile, Mr. Logan has a dream of having his very own music recording studio, a dream that could easily come true with his slice of the jackpot.

Instant Gaming Also Makes it Rain

September 7 was another special day for Lotto 6/49 players, as a ticket sold in Flesherton snatched a CA $5-million jackpot. Sandra Green is the lucky purchaser that recently received her prize and is now lotto multimillionaire. The special purchase took place at Top O’ The Rock on County Road 13 putting her on the road to success.

There is an obvious pattern of Lotto 6/49 Main prizes being claimed over the past few weeks. Brampton Instant Cash Out Multiplier fan recently bagged her prize of CA$250,000. Sandra Fratelli was fortunate enough to become eligible for a hefty pile of cash following her purchase on Becker’s convenience store.

While Lotto 6/49 is the gift that keeps on giving, Lotto MAX has also been generous to some players. A group of 20 players sprinkled across Ontario recently won some CA$129,722.70. They hail from Brampton, North York, Shelburne, Mississauga, Beeton, Newmarket, Barrie, Toronto, Oshawa, Hillsburgh, and St. Catharines.