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Players across Canada Find Lotto MAX, Lotto 6/49 Windfalls Hard to Believe

Both instant scratch tickets and the traditional lottery draws are able to make one’s life much easier and hassle-free. Almost all Crown corporations praised winners bagging their prizes, such as the Manitoba couple winning some CA$111,069.10 and finding it hard to believe.

William and Margaret Dumas hail from Thompson and are now much richer than they were at the beginning of this summer. As it often happens with larger cash payouts, the couple decided to take some time for consideration, reevaluation, and mental preparation for the grand prize coming their way.

The lucky Lotto 6/49 draw the two of them benefitted from was the July 27 one. As a result of their small ticket purchase, they became much richer, but the good news seemed quite unreal at first. Mr. Dumas found out about the prize and was quick to tell his wife, who refused to believe him.

Enthusiasts Celebrate Jackpots

Mrs. Dumas said that she needed another coffee before she was able to comprehend the amount of money she saw. A couple of months later, the two of them contacted the Western Canada Lottery Corporation and claimed their prize. It would be used for covering some outstanding payments and planning a brighter future.

Another couple, this time from British Columbia recently received a Lotto MAX Extra jackpot reaching CA$500,000. Tammy and Herb Bahm of Terrace are the fortunate winners that have Lotto MAX to thank for their hassle-free future. The two of them were among the regular players eagerly anticipating the August 16 draw bringing many prizes.

Mrs. Bahm was the one sharing the good news, as she was scanning the lottery tickets she had purchased earlier. The innovative British Columbia Lottery Corporation mobile app allows players to scan their tickets and quickly find out whether they had won or not.

Such scanning eliminates the possibility of seeing the wrong numbers and wasting time comparing the drawn numbers with those printed on the lottery ticket. In Mrs. Bahm’s case, it served as a shortcut to happiness.

Many of them Rely on the Lotto Apps

Mr. Bahm was at work when his wife called him and told him they are much richer now. Now it is time for planning, as the two of them would make a trip to Nashville, Tennessee with their motorcycles. The two of them have a Harley Davidson Road King and a Classic Heritage, which would be taken on an adventure in the foreseeable future. Their retirement would also benefit from the major windfall.

Lotto MAX was also generous to a player from Ontario, who has the September 6 draw to thank for his heftier bank account. Robert Reid of Barrie recently bagged his CA$188,207.50. He was able to match the six winning numbers of that draw, as well as the bonus one, which resulted in a generous slice of the overall prize.

He recalled that the lucky purchase was made at the local Young Convenience on Minet’s Point Road. Quebec also had a winner to brag about, this time hailing from Laval. Ghislaine Germain won some CA$157,668 for her Lotto MAX ticket purchase ahead of the August 27 draw. The special ticker was bought at the Jean Coutu pharmacy in Sainte-Rose.