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Lotto MAX Brings CA$40M Pot, While Lotto 6/49 Can’t Stay Away from Winners

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 are among the most popular lottery offerings a player could get their hands on, evident by the constantly growing Main prizes and the many additional ones. A Quebec couple is among the most recent winners receiving CA$1,000,000 as a result of their Lotto 6/49 ticket purchase.

This Guaranteed Prize coming with the regular draw was something neither of them could believe. September 14 would forever be remembered as a special day in one Estrie family, as this is when the two locals became the newest lotto millionaires of Quebec.

Raymond Poulin and Francine Tremblay are the couple of lucky players that recently received their windfall following a small investment in a lottery ticket. At first, Mrs. Tremblay found it has to believe that the two of them would soon be millionaires. Her partner revealed the good news late in the evening.

Winners Checked Ticket 20 Times

For many players, lottery offerings are something they follow with religious dedication. Mr. Poulin has been an avid lottery player for many years now, purchasing a Lotto 6/49 ticket ahead of every weekly draw.

Just before bed, he does his usual numbers check and makes sure he has not missed any jackpots coming their way. A couple of days ago, he was about to go to bed when he noticed that a Lotto 6/49 Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize has been won in the province.

This sparked hope within himself and he was quick to check the lottery ticket he had purchased ahead of the September 14 regular draw. The long history he has with Lotto 6/49 made the experience even more special, as he carefully observed the ticket in his hands.

This is when he realized that the number combination matches the one printed on his ticket, making the couple eligible for a CA$1,000,000 prize. Mr. Poulin approached Mrs. Tremblay and she jokingly asked him whether he was about to announce they are millionaires now. She turned out being right, but neither of them could believe their eyes even after multiple ticket inspections.

Lotto MAX Keeps on Growing

The two of them are planning to embark on a train trip across Canada, as well as dedicate some time for traveling across Italy. At the moment Lotto 6/49 is swelling once again, following several weeks of minimalistic CA$5,000,000 Main prizes. The truth is, players could not keep their hands of the jackpot and on multiple occasions they snatched it before it even reached the CA$10-million mark.

September 21 comes with a main prize reaching CA$9 million, coming with a single Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize. September 18 came with the most recent Lotto 6/49 draw, once again offering one CA$1-million prize that was claimed by a single ticket.

In the meantime, Lotto MAX continues swelling and reaching new heights, as players seem to fail to match its number combination. September 20 would see its next regular draw and this time the Main prize is going to amount to CA$40,000,000. Projections are that millions of Canadians are about to buy their Lotto MAX tickets right before the draw takes place.