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Torontonian Unites Neighbors with a Simple Lotto MAX Ticket Purchase

Lottery jackpots have a way of changing people’s lives like nothing else, but also uniting them when facing a greater cause and mutual benefit. A Torontonian lottery enthusiast has a way of uniting his CityPlace neighbors.

He purchases a CA$5 ticket when a jackpot begins swelling and all people commenting under his post on Facebook could take a slice of the overall prize if the ticket matches all numbers drawn.

Have you ever wondered what life would be if you took a chance and participated in something truly unique on a whim? Doing it for the story is a motivation enough for entering the initiative started by Alphonse Nguyen of Toronto. The only condition for claiming a slice of the generous jackpot pie is to be a permanent resident of the CityPlace neighborhood in Toronto.

CityPlace Residents Could Win Big

Ever since 2013, when Mr. Nguyen relocated to the neighborhood, he has followed lottery draws with a fervor. Whenever a jackpot swells to an impressive amount, the TTC technician purchases a lottery ticket and posts a photo on his personal Facebook page.

His neighbors eyeing the prize could comment under the photo and express their desire to have a slice of the prize if the lottery ticket ends up being a lucky one. The special offer is open for CityPlace residents solely, making it a rather exclusive offering, but nevertheless a truly uniting one.

This week is a special one, as Lotto MAX could very soon reach its CA$70-million cap. Mr. Nguyen purchased a ticket ahead of the Tuesday draw with the same caption inviting his neighbors to chime in and claim a share of the CA$60,000,000 jackpot.

Unfortunately, the numbers printed on the ticket were unable to match the drawn 01, 15, 19, 31, 40, 41, and 43 for the Main prize. The intentions are good but this would not make the task any easier, as dividing the jackpot would mandate a place of residence verification. Nevertheless, it is a special event that further popularizes the lottery offering.

Lotto MAX Reaches CA$65M

The hype is great over the past few days, as October 1 saw a swelling jackpot. Not a single lottery ticket came close to winning the Lotto MAX Main prize, meaning that this Friday would be a special day. The overall jackpot is estimated to reach CA$65,000,000, joined by eight CA$1 Million MAXMILLIONS that could change more players’ lives. However, October 1 came with a smaller payout.

The additional MAXMILLIONS draw saw three tickets matching the seven numbers drawn, eventually resulting in a payout of CA$333,333.40 for each of them. One of the tickets was linked to a purchase made in Manitoba. In addition to that, two more tickets matched another number combination, eventually becoming eligible for a CA$500,000 payout, halving the CA$1-million prize.

Meanwhile, Lotto 6/49 also climbs towards its Main prize cap slowly but surely. October 5 is about to bring a regular draw featuring a jackpot reaching nearly CA$21,000,000. Meanwhile, the additional draws would feature a single CA$1 Million Prize for the individual lucky enough to match the needed numbers.