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Lotto MAX Winner Held on to Ticket for 10 Months, Checked it Every Now and Then

Lotto MAX and Lotto 6/49 have been among the most popular lottery offerings for many years now, probably due to their generous nature and the progressive jackpots they feature. They also have the capacity of uniting people through pleasant memories, such as the Vernon pharmacy workers that are now CA$500,000 richer as a result of a ticket purchase.

Matching the Lotto 6/49 Extra draw in its entirety resulted in a cash payout for the people that usually take care of other individuals. Now it is time for them to make the best of the situation while splitting the cash prize seven ways. Tina Gauvin, as well as six other coworkers recently became eligible for a cash payout reaching CA$500,000. The winning Lotto 6/49 draw took place on September 25, making it a special day for all of them.

Lottery Jackpot Split between Coworkers

British Columbia Lottery Corporation revealed that the group of eight people is preparing to split their cash prize in a fair manner. Participating in lottery offerings as a group is a common practice among Canadians, as it makes for a bonding activity.

Mrs. Gauvin was the team captain and she told her colleagues the good news that they are much richer now. She used a self-serve terminal in order to check the winning ticket, while she was picking her mother up from the airport. Upon revealing the great news, her coworkers could not believe their ears and thought she was playing tricks on them.

Each participant would have the opportunity to make their dreams come true very soon. In the meantime, a Saskatoon lottery enthusiast waited about 10 months to bag his prize.

Duc Tran is known for her passion for Lotto MAX tickets. She purchased a ticket ahead of the November 23, 2018 draw and waited patiently for the draw to take place. Soon after that she checked the winning numbers and compared them to those printed on her ticket. As it turned out, she was eligible for a cash payout of great magnitude.

Saskatoon Player Receives CA$248,296.10

The draw guaranteed Mr. Tran CA$248,296.10 but she failed to believe it was really happening. The winner had to scan the ticket a couple of times before coming to terms that this is her future now. Eventually, she went back home without collecting her prize or contacting Saskatchewan Lotteries.

This went on for about 10 months, as she recently collected the cash prize coming with the winning ticket. Every ticket has an expiry date giving the player some 52 weeks to claim their prize and invest in various projects. The Saskatoon player took her time but kept checking on the lottery ticket and processing the information. Only recently, she bagged her prize already planning to share it with her family.

In addition to that, she also wants to support her temple and give some of it for charity. Lotto 6/49 is about to return this Wednesday with a Main prize reaching CA$25,000,000, joined by one Guaranteed CA$1 Million Prize. Meanwhile, Lotto MAX is bound to have its October 11 draw with a hefty CA$22,000,000 Main prize.