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Long-Distance Friends Split CA$70m Lotto MAX Jackpot

Lotto MAX has always drawn the attention with the help of its premium Main prizes coming with every weekly draw. July 31 was a special day for David Overall and Donna Williamson who became eligible for a cash payout of CA$70 million with the help of a lottery ticket purchase. The two friends were finally rewarded for more than a decade of lottery gaming.

Many Canadians purchase tickets religiously ahead of every draw. This amounts to two weekly draws and some of the players become especially active when the lottery jackpot has surged significantly. The last days of July witnessed the Lotto MAX Main prize surge to its cap, amounting to CA$70 million. Once this amount is reached, the jackpot cannot swell further.

CA$70m Jackpot

The only thing changing is the number of Maxmillions prizes coming with each following draw until a ticket becomes eligible for the cash payout. The Lotto MAX ticket purchased by David Overall and his friend Donna Williamson is what has changed their lives, as the two of them became eligible for the ultimate cash payout coming with this lottery draw.

Both of them hail from Ontario, but Mr. Overall hails from Oakville, whereas Ms. Williamson is a Thornhill resident. This is the reason why when the news about Canada’s latest lottery millionaire was announced, the Crown corporation pointed out that the single ticket eligible for the jackpot had been sold in Thornhill. Ms. Williamson made good use of the free play the two of them were eligible for.

She was determined to win and even sent her friend the scanned ticket in an email, making it clear that those were the numbers for the CA$70 million jackpot. And she was very much right about that. Ms. Williamson was also the one that found out the good news about the jackpot and she thought her eyes were deceiving her.

Lotto 6/49 Jackpot

She was quick to call her friend and fellow jackpot winner with the good news, but he could not believe either. Mr. Overall pointed out that now it is time for some relaxation with his family and setting their priorities for the future. A cottage purchase might also be in the plans. In the meantime, Ms. Williamson wants to travel the world once life gets back to its normal pace.

In the meantime, a Lotto 6/49 ticket sold in Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia became eligible for the Main prize amounting to some CA$17,405,149. Atlantic Lottery Corporation recently made it clear that this Saturday was a special day for an individual hailing from the region. They have a total of 52 weeks to make a move and claim their jackpot in time before their ticket expires.

August 15 brought the numbers 06, 07, 11, 18, 22, 43, as well as the bonus one 09. Whoever is in possession of the winning ticket has managed to match the first six numbers in order to become the sole eligible ticket for this prize.