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Nepean Attracts Combined CA$40m in Lotto MAX Jackpots

Lottery enthusiasts across Canada have been intrigued by the generous offering coming with the draw-based lottery products for years now. Two individuals from Nepean are among Canada’s latest lottery millionaires, but they do not know each other. Two separate Lotto MAX Main prizes from May and June were recently bagged, as Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation revealed.

At this point, Ontario’s gaming field has been in lockdown for more than four months and lottery gaming has been one of the popular gaming products during these months. Only recently the Crown corporation overseeing the field announced the brick-and-mortar venues eligible for a relaunch with the mandatory safety measures implemented. Some of them will wait for better days, but the lottery payouts abound.

CA$15-Million Jackpot

The two Lotto MAX jackpots recently bagged amount to CA$15 million and CA$25 million, both generated via Lotto MAX ticket purchases. We’re going to review them in chronological order. The first jackpot came with the May 12 Lotto MAX regular draw and amounted to some CA$15 million. Kenneth Donald is the lucky winner who became eligible for it soon after the draw ended.

He used the premium OLG Lottery App offered by the Crown corporation in order to scan his ticket right after the numbers were drawn. This is when he found out that he is the winner of a windfall, but he could not believe his eyes. He thought he is eligible for a CA$15,000 prize and only a later scan made it dawn on him that he’s a millionaire now. Then his body had a physical reaction caused by the adrenaline rush taking over him.

He could not sleep for the nest 51 hours straight and his family was still unwilling to believe him that they’re rich. He purchased the winning ticket at Circle K on Moodie Drive and the retailer is now eligible for a one-percent share of the jackpot. Mr. Donald is going to boost his business and invest.

CA$25-Million Jackpot

Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation also unveiled another lottery winner, once again thankful for the Lotto MAX gaming offering. Garry Comber hails from Nepean and he is the winner of the Main prize coming with the June 9 draw. It amounts to CA$25 million and he is the sole winner of it. The 74-year-old lottery enthusiast purchased the lottery ticket online.

The online gaming platform allows the online purchase of lottery tickets. When the ticket is a winning one, the Crown corporation emails the winner promptly and notifies them that they’re eligible for a cash prize. Mr. Comber was unsure what to do once he received the good news that h and his wife are millionaires now.

He told her and she could not believe him. Now it is time for plans for the future and the latest millionaire wants to support their children and grandchildren. He will also need some time to get used to the new reality and the hefty bank account.